Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cooprider 3 - Round 6

Last time Butterfly came to live with her father, Leeland, after college. She found her father was still carrying on with women other than her mother and was very upset by it. Found comfort in Mango Ta Waiata and the two fell in love. They married and quickly had a son, Brett. The couple fought with Leeland constantly for his felandering ways. On a happier note they bred some dogs.

Rachel: Wow I just got here and there are already new puppies being born!

Rachel: Or, puppy, singular. Welcome Syddie.

Rachel: Leeland! What are you doing?
Leeland: Getting a date. What does it look like?
Rachel: Trouble.

Leeland: She looks like the kind of trouble I'd like to get into.
Rachel: *smacks herself in the forehead* This is not going to end well.

Rachel: See?
Leeland: You have the most beautiful cleavage I've ever seen.
Rachel: Does this actually work?
Bryony: Why thank you.
Rachel: WOW.

Rachel: Well that's pretty cool. I guess that cleavage line worked well.

Leeland: *sings* Bryony with the lovely cleavage.
Me: I really don't see how this works.

Rachel: Looks like it worked, again.

Rachel: Sorry Butterfly.

Butterfly: Hussy! How dare you woohoo with my father!

Bryony: Your father has been divorced for years! I have just as much right to him as anyone else. So back off missy!
*After Bryony leaves*

Rachel: Really? Again? This didn't go well last time.

Rachel: Yay! You're pregnant again!
Butterfly: Yes, we would like a girl to carry on the family name.
Rachel: Well, I hope you get one.

Rachel: I'm not even going to try to argue anymore.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Dotty!

Rachel: I wonder what line he fed her.
Me: You really don't want to know.

Rachel: Happy birthday Brett!

Rachel: And what a handsome little boy you are.
Brett: Yay! thanks!

Rachel: Ut-oh Bryony found out about the woohoo.
Me: Looks like she doesn't want to share after all.

Rachel: I wonder if he can patch this up.

Rachel: She looks mad. Are you sure about this Leeland?

Leeland: Come on baby. You've got the nicest cleavage I've ever seen.
Bryony: Save it bucko!

Rachel: Looks like he gave up.
Me: For now.

Rachel: Hurray! Another puppy!

Rachel: Welcome puppy, Chris.

Rachel: Lovely chess table Sandy. Now move along.
Me: I hope she leaves before she sees Ashley. We don't need 2 women mad at Leeland or wait, 3 women. Is Kricket mad at him? I don't remember.

Rachel: Oh no! Butterfly! Why did you get in that thing when you weren't super happy?
Butterfly: I was content. Wasn't that enough?
Rachel: No! Quick get something to eat!

Rachel: Dang it Syddie! Get out of the way! Darn it Butterfly! Step over the puppy!
Butterfly: I can't!

Rachel: Not you too Chris! Get out of the way puppy!

Butterfly: That is refreshing.
Rachel: Now alternate between eating and sleeping for the rest of the night. You should be fine.

Rachel: Taking a break for dating long enough to help your grandson with his homework will not get you grandfather of the year.
Leeland: Whatever.

Rachel: Well that was a brief break.

Rachel: Happy birthday Syddie!

Rachel: Baby time! Think pink everyone!

Rachel: And?
Butterfly: It's a boy. Welcome Driver.
Rachel: I'm sorry you didn't get your girl.
Butterfly: I wouldn't have wanted anyone else than my little Driver.
Rachel: So are you going to go for another?
Butterfly: Nope. There is a strict rule that you get two shots at a girl, that's it. My boys will carry on the family through the women they marry.

Rachel: Of course you did.
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Rachel: Oh look another date. I'm not surprised.
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Rachel: Opps.

Brett: Grandpa look! I got an A+! Look!
Leeland: Thanks good.
Rachel: Wow, way to sell it man.

Rachel: Looks like he had other matters to attend to.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Driver!

Rachel: Another cutie!

Butterfly: Now use the potty like a big boy.

Rachel: Keep moving nothing to see here.

Mango: And up you go.
Rachel: Looks like you are vying for father of the year. You've got a shot at it.

Rachel: Once again, keep moving.

Rachel: Congrats Butterfly!
Butterfly: Thanks.

Driver: Ted-e
Mango: What a smart boy!

Rachel: Looks like Mango got a new job. I this doesn't take him away from his family too much.

Mango: Peek...ah booh!
Rachel: So far, so good.

Rachel: And Brett is making friends with Phoenix Rosada.
Me: I wonder if we're look at future spouses here.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Chris!

Rachel: *shakes head*

Rachel: Wait didn't you woohoo with her daughter?
Leeland: Shhhhh!

Rachel: Oh no. Didn't hit on your one pletonic female friend!

Rachel: I just don't know what to do with you.

May: How dare you cheat on my Aunt Venice!
Rachel: Great. Another woman mad at him.

Rachel: Mrs. Caligula? Come on!
Cooprider3-Round 6-068.jpg
Rachel: Bye doggies!

Points: 1
for Driver they actually lost money tanks to Leeland paying for blind dates


Jenni said...

*Sigh* Leeland, Leeland, Leeland. What WILL be done with you? Well I guess only Rachel knows haha!

Anyway, another good update!! Can't wait for another one!

ASimWen said...

hahhaa I can tell you are havin' fun with Leeland. Pretty doggies! What? Boys to carry on? ;) They are cute boys nonetheless. Hey like the TS2shrit.

Kerry said...

Oh, that Leeland! My Leeland is going to die when I next open his house--I will miss the old meanie. His partner passed the last time I played them, though, and I think he just wants them to haunt together at this point!

Too bad about the lack of a daughter--but the boys are cute, they'll have no trouble finding wives.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Heh, I love Leeland, what a player! And I'm shocked that "cleavage" comment didn't work twice on the same woman! Haha I'm surprised there are any females left in the 'hood! (That don't hate him, that is)

SirenPrincess said...

That house looks really cool.

Sometimes I love it when they break-up or tick-off their many lovers. It's bad for points and playing, but it's fun, and it seems more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Butterfly is my favourite - I was so scared she would die!

Thaks Sim she didn't!


ciyrose said...

Oh good Butterfly made it. That was scary.

Leeland is quite a player....he's an interesting guy, I really want to play their family sometime. :)

The puppies are very pretty doggies, I love to see how all of your pets grow up.

Chrissy Brown said...

Butterfly is a beauty! and the kids are cute :)