Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ziese-Lecy 3 Round 6

Last time this was new house with twin sisters, Erika and Elizabeth Ziese-Lecy. They eat brought their men with them. Elizabeth brought Jupiter and Erika brought Xuane. Erika wants 6 pets to the reach the top of a career so they started adopting right away. The sisters had a double wedding and then started training the pets in their give careers. Elizabeth got pregnant and had natural twin daughters, Flute and Piccolo.
*Note the dog I have labeled as Zoey is actually Freddy*

Rachel: *Looks around* Looks like my girls are all busy right now. I'll hang tight. Maybe play with my grand babies some.

Rachel: Nice job Jaime!

Rachel: Sorry Dear.

Rachel: Nice job Cooper!

Xuane: OK now, play dead. Play dead.

Xuane: Oh dear. Good job!

Rachel: Nice job Sophie.

Rachel: Oh no! I guess a couple of the animals don't really get along.

Rachel: Oh dear. Jaime, don't mess with Tim. Apparently he means business.

Rachel: Nice job Sophie!

Rachel: Wooh! Jaime made it to the top of her career! Way to go girl!

Rachel: Nice job Dear.

Rachel: Nice going Tim!

Rachel: Way to go on the top of the career Jupiter!
Jupiter: Thanks you Rachel.

Rachel: Way to go hun!

Rachel: Wow, finally something not having to do with work. Happy Birthday Flute!

Rachel: What a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see her hair.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Piccolo!

Rachel: Another cutie pie!

Xuane: OK, one foot. There you go!

Jupiter: Now just like daddy.

Jupiter: Good girl. You learn so fast.

Rachel: Normally that's the right answer. I think you did the right thing.

Rachel: That seemed like the right thing too.

Rachel: Way to go getting in the garden club!
Erika: Thanks Mom. This will certainly help Xuane with his 20 best friends dream.
Rachel: That it will.

Rachel: Way to go Freddy!

Rachel: Dang it Jaime! You're a stinky doggie, you need a bath!

Rachel: Double talking lessons. Aunt and Uncle pitching in is very sweet.
Erika: Yeah, they help train the animals plus I love my nieces. We aren't sure if we'll be having our own.
Rachel: Why not?
Erika: Well there is that whole population control thing and the house is always full of animals so there isn't room. We'll see what happens. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Jupiter: Roll over. Rollll oooover.
Rachel: Is a puddle really the best place to train a dog?

Xuane: Come here Sophie.
Rachel: Even more training.

Rachel: Looks like you're doing quite well on you yoga dear.

Elizabeth: Sure am.

Rachel: Wow, that's amazing!

Rachel: Ouch. You'd better keep training.

Rachel: Crap! The butler set the house on fire. Lovely.

Rachel: Making friends Xuane?
Xuane: Sure am.

Rachel: Wooh! Another one down.

Rachel: Bye guys! I hope to see you soon.

Rachel: Nice job Sophie!

Rachel: Potty training.

Rachel: Nice going Tim!

Rachel: Looks like another dog is joining the family.

Rachel: Welcome Bobby.

Rachel: Why are the other dogs so upset?
Me: *Shrugs* No idea.
Jupiter: Now say, "Daddy. Daddy."

Jupiter: No, don't pick your nose. Say, "Daddy."

Rachel: Nice job Tim!

Rachel: Three down!

Rachel: Looks like Xuane is busy making friends again.

Rachel: Thanks Tim. Bye.

Rachel: Welcome Cinnamon.

Rachel: Good job on the gardening honey.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Piccolo!

Rachel: What a pretty grand daughter I have.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Flute!

Rachel: Make that 2 beautiful grand daughters. And that's just in this house.

Rachel: Nice job Bobby!

Rachel: Another batch of friends for Xuane.

Rachel: Hey, you did it!
Xuane: Sure did! Thanks to my wife's hard work in the garden.

Me: *laughing very hard* That's SO not going to happen!

Rachel: Making friends?
Piccolo: Sure am. Leo is nice.
Rachel: Yes, he is.

Rachel: Opps, sorry Jupiter.

Rachel: Nice job Cinnamon!

Rachel: You really are into this outdoors stuff, aren't you?
Erika: I sure do enjoy it.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Great job!

Rachel: You did it! Great job honey!
Erika: Thanks Mom.
Rachel: Now what?

Erika: Chief of medicine?
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: Bye guys! Thanks a lot.

Rachel: But Tim is coming back?
Erika: Yep. He got along well with Sophie. We hope to breed them.

Rachel: Looks like Flute is a little cheater.
Jupiter: Yeah but so am I.
Rachel: Wow.
Jupiter: Only at the game of course.

Rachel: Looks like you mastered it dear.
Elizabeth: Sure did. No more falling on my face.

Points: 4
1 for Jupiter's Top of Career
3 for money

I also full filled 2 LTW including getting 6 pets to the top of their careers which I have never done before. No points for it but I do get bragging rights.


Anonymous said...

Well will all like to do a bit of bragging now and then. It is hard to get the pets up to the toc the career especially with other things going on as well. Lovely two updates

Kerry said...

Another busy house--and you had to cope with some rotten chance cards, too. Tim looks _really_ happy to be back home!

SirenPrincess said...

Sometimes I forget that you aren't that far in the generations, but that you just have so many sims. Erika and Elizabeth are two of my favorite sims of yours. I was so happy to see an update with them in it.

ASimWen said...

Nice update...I have a house where I am workin' 6 pets up. Unfortunately I won't see them again for a while. *sigh*

Minty said...

Flute and Piccolo are both so cute!

ciyrose said...

Very cute little girls! Great job on the LTW, I'm sure the pets one is difficult. It seems like all the pet LTW are kind of a struggle.