Friday, January 23, 2009

Kirkendall 1 - Round 6

5 Generations in the Making
Last time Metro and Temperance returned from college. They were married in a quiet ceremony and adopted some dogs. Temperance started herself on fire and almost died. Luckily she survived because she was pregnant. Marius was born awhile later. At the end of the week Metro asked his brother Navy, Navy's wife Sariss, and their son Daniel, to move in.

Metro: Say Dad. Daaa-aaaad.

Marius: Na.
Rachel: He'll get it. Don't worry.

Rachel: Nice job Sariss!
Sariss: Thanks.
Rachel: How do you like your new home?
Sariss: I like it. It's nice for Daniel to be able to play with his cousin. It's a much healthier environment than having Royal parading dates through the house morning, noon and night.
Rachel: Hey! Royal's married to my daughter now.
Sariss: Oh I didn't mean to suggest anything now. He is a changed man.
Rachel: Good.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Daniel!

Rachel: A very handsome young man indeed.

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Marius!

Rachel: Another cutie, I mean handsome young man.

Rachel: looks like they're working on playing dead for a promotion.

Rachel: Oh wow another baby Temperance!
Temperance: Yep. The result of many dreamdates I suppose.

Rachel: Marius, why are you taking a bath in the dog tub?
Marius: Aunt Sariss is in the shower.
Rachel: You couldn't wait.
Marius: Nope.

Rachel: Congratulations Metro!
Metro: Thanks. I couldn't be happier.

Rachel: Nice job Tommy.

Rachel: Ah homework time. I do wonder why Temperance didn't put clothes on first.

Rachel: How sweet. Um hugging the bathroom, that's a little odd.
Me: Yep and it's the newest blog hog, Lager.

Rachel: Homework time for Daniel. At least Metro is fully clothed.

Marius: So you mean Uncle Royal had date after date with different women?
Daniel: From what I remember. Yeah sounds like fun.
Marius: Yep, it does.

Temperance: Good boy, roll over.

Rachel: Puppy time!

Rachel: Welcome Samantha.

Rachel: A third career? Nice going man.

Rachel: Baby time!

Temperance: Olivia, I can't play with you right now. A little busy.

Temperance: It's a boy. Meet Javert.
Rachel: He's adorable. But that isn't the same blue skin Metro has.

Me: You see Metro has his mom's skin. His dad, Zachary, is the grandson of James Lancaster who had this blue skin tone.
Rachel: Wait, so you mean Javert inherited hi Great Great Grandfather's skintone?
Me: Yep. Sweet, huh?

Rachel: Looks like the whole family is happy.
Daniel: Hurray a little brother!
Rachel: Don't pick on him too much.

Rachel: Opps.

Marius: I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Way to go little man!

Rachel: Nice job Tommy.

Rachel: Great Job Metro!

Rachel: Huge congratulations Sariss!
Sariss: Thanks, I couldn't be happier.

Rachel: Sorry Temperance.

Rachel: Sorry Metro.

Rachel: Nice job Navy!

Rachel: Good job Temperance.

Rachel: Way to go Olivia.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Javert!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.

Metro: OK, you can do it. Just pick up your feet. no, not both at the same time.
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Rachel: Doesn't look like Javert wants his aunt teaching him to talk.

Temperance: Tommy, get your doggie booty back here!

Rachel: Good job on the Plaque Navy.

Rachel: Nice going on the top of your career!

Rachel: Sorry Temperance.

Rachel: Happy birthday Samantha. You sure do look cool.

Rachel: Good job! You got your restaurants back!

1 for Javert
3 Tops of Careers: Metro, Sariss & Navy
6 for Money


Jenni said...

Javert is so CUTE!! I love the skin tone!!

ASimWen said...

Looks like you are into the genetics as much as me. :)

Melissa said...

I think Marius is the cutest ever! He even looked good with that bowl cut. LOL.

Kerry said...

Marius and Temperance just aren't into modesty, are they? Oh, well, they are cute even in undies and in the dog tub! Wow, cool the way that skin tone reappeared! Gotta love those genetics.

ruby said...

whew. what a run on bad chance cards. glad your week turned out good anyhow.
Javert really is a cutie.

Minty said...

I have my own version of Lager Vega in Prosperity Quays - B.J. Murphy. Looks exactly the same, and is a total blog hog. B.J. always beelines for the chessboard whenever he visits anyone!

ciyrose said...

Yay for another baby....Javert is so cute! I was really hoping for a girl though. This house needs an Eponine or Cosette.

The dog genetics sure are cool.