Monday, January 19, 2009

Ribeiro 4 - Round 6

The New Blog Hog
Last time sisters, Kate and Libby Ribeiro returned from college. Kate brought her boyfriend, Cougar Lancaster home too. Libby's boyfriend, Jasper Rosada hadn't graduated yet. Kate and Cougar got engaged and then married. They had a baby girl, Raven, awhile later. The household adopted two cats, Jewel and Payne. They breed them and have given away several kittens. Jasper has now graduated and come to be with her.

Rachel: *Looks around* Looks like everyone is off doing something.
Me: *laughing* That's SO not going to happen.Rachel: But I thought you wanted everyone to see their dreams realized.Me: As many as possible but given his involvement with Libby, it's not going to happen. Unless she dies first or something like that.

Rachel: Nice job Jewel!

Rachel: Sorry Payne.

Rachel: Nice job Kate!
Kate: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Well don't come home with her if you're just going to complain Butterfly.

Rachel: Aw, it's Raven's Birthday!

Rachel: What a little cutie pie. She looks a lot like her dad.

Rachel: Congrats Libby!

Rachel: Butterfly, don't steal the kitten. No kitten stealing. *follows her and collects Paul from the kitten stealer*

Rachel: Opps, sorry man.

Rachel: At least you made it back to the top.

Rachel: Hurray for potty training!

Rachel: Way to go Cougar!
Cougar: Thank you I worked hard to get here.

Rachel: And it looks like a very doable new goal.
Me: Definitely.

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Welcome Brooke and TC!

Cougar: Whose daddy's big girl? What a big girl, walking already!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Paul.

Rachel: Congrats Libby!

Rachel: And congrats Jasper!

Rachel: Bye boys. Hope to see you soon.

Rachel: Looks like your date is going well.

Rachel: Very well!

Rachel: Looks like there's going to be another wedding this week.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Wedding time!

Rachel: These two are so crazy about each other.

Rachel: It's very cute.

Rachel: So Jasper, do you want one of your own?
Jasper: Maybe. Some day.

Rachel: Nice job Libby!

Rachel: Great going Kate!
Rachel: Wow. Look how smart you are. You are so charismatic.

Rachel: Happy Birthday again Raven.

Rachel: You are such a pretty little girl.
Raven: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Great job Libby!

Libby: Oh boy!
Rachel: Looks like Jasper is getting one of his own. How do you feel about that?
Jasper: It's sort of exciting.

Rachel: Wooh! Nice going Kate!!!
Kate: Thanks. I'm very happy.

Me: Doable.

Rachel: How was your first day of school Raven?
Raven: Good. I met this boy.

Rachel: Lager Vega, I swear you are visiting everyone.
Me: *cough* Blog hog.

Rachel: Homework time.

Rachel: Happy birthday Brooke.
Me: I can't help but notice that there is much less variation in cat genetics than dogs. I find this odd.

Rachel: Good call.

Rachel: Way to go Jasper!

Raven: Come here Brooke.

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Just one. Welcome Jena.

Rachel: Baby!
Butler: Here, I will assist you in childbirth mame.
Libby: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

Libby: I want the drugs!

Raven: Aunt Libby why are you being so loud? I was sleeping.

Libby: It's a boy. We'll call him Falcon.

Rachel: He is quite adorable.

Rachel: Nice job Jasper.

Rachel: Happy birthday Payne!

Rachel: Climbing up the next ladder I see.
Jasper: Sure am.

Rachel: Great job on the arts & crafts plaque.

Libby: Come her girl.

Rachel: Bye kitties. I hope to see you soon. Speaking of goodbye, it's time for me to go too.
Points: 23
1 for Falcon
19 for money
3 for tops of career for Cougar, Kate and Jasper


SirenPrincess said...

I love the name Jasper. He he. I like the yellow eyes in this family. The little girl turned out real cute.

Melissa said...

Wow. I'm impressed that Raven maxed out her charisma as a toddler. I've never done that.

ASimWen said...

Yellow eyes?? :) Very nice indeed.

Jenni said...

Love it!! Update again soon!!

ruby said...

That is one busy household... its been so long since i've read one of your updates, I dont even recognize people any more.
Grats on a successful week.... but really.. You could totally give in to Jasper's LTW *giggles*

Kerry said...

Raven is really pretty--and so smart, too. Wow, with Falcon's eyes, his name is a perfect match.

You're right, though, the kitties do seem to look a lot alike.

C said...

Just got caught up from the beginning, whew! So many families, but you blog them so well.

Raven looks like she's turning out well! I'm finding it interesting (I don't have Pets ...yet!) to watch the pet genetics. Odd how the cats are red as kittens but not so much when they grow up.

Rachel said...

I can explain the red kitten part. The Purple cat's undercoat is red. The kittens and puppies seem to always be whatever the undercoat is that they have inherited.

C said...

Interesting, thanks!

Larkin said...

How exciting! I'm a kitten in Prosperity Point! I love reading your blog entries, they are always so much better than I could do. I always read and enjoy even though I don't always comment!

Rachel said...

Yep, I usually name my pets after Twitter/Plurk followers

ciyrose said...

Raven is SO pretty....again, the genetics are a large part of that, since who they are all related to. :)

I always love in the "family" picture that 1/2 the time it's not the kids parents that's holding them, it's the aunt/uncles/grandparents, etc....that are holding them if they also live there. :)