Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ziese-Lecy 2 - Round 6

It's Not So Bad
Last time Victoria & Velo's daughter, Cheesecake, returned from college with her boyfriend, Randy London. The "kids" got engaged and married quickly. Victoria & Velo's latest set of twins, Danish and Donut, grew to teens, Danish fell in love, they went to college and already finished. Victoria found herself pregnant once again. She gave birth to not one but two babies again. Puddling and Jello were completely natural unlike some of their siblings. The twins are now toddlers. Once Donut and Danish headed to college, there was room for Cheesecake & Randy to begin their family. She found herself pregnant right as we left them.

Rachel: Hi Velo and Happy Birthday man! Still looking great in grey!
Velo: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Hey Wen! Stop poking my daughter!
Wen: Tell her to stop looking threw her telescope at me.
Rachel: Honey.
Victoria: I'm sorry Mrs. Simmers.

Rachel: Double nursery rhyme teaching session.

Rachel: Um, OK.

Rachel: Opps

Rachel: Honey run away, run away!
Victoria: But what if it gets out of hard?!?! What if the whole house burns down?!?! What if...
Rachel: It's OK, the fire fighter will be here soon. Just step away from the fire.

Rachel: See.
Victoria: Gah! I'm so mad at Wen!
Rachel: I don't think you can blame the fire on Wen.

Rachel: Congrats Randy! we haven't really seen you yet this week.
Randy: Well I've been working and studying. I want to provide for my family.
Rachel: Nothing wrong with that. My granddaughter and great grandchild will need someone to help provide for them.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pudding!

Rachel: Another beautiful girl.
Pudding: *giggle* Thanks Grandma.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jello!

Rachel: And another handsome boy.
Jello: Yes Grandma.

Rachel: Victoria, what's that look for?
Victoria: I just introduced Donut to my friend Samantha. I'm hoping they hit it off. He's single you know?
Rachel: Yes, yes, I know.

Rachel: Hurray! Great grandbaby!!!

Rachel: Looks like Samantha and Donut are both still around. This is a good sign.
Cheesecake: Focus please!

Cheesecake: It's a boy! We'll call him Crossiant.
Rachel: I guess that means you'll be having another to get an heiress.
Cheesecake: I guess so.

Rachel: What's with the pass off?

Rachel: I didn't mean right now! *Looks at me* Did you do this?
Me: *Stops banging head against desk* No. Trust me! *shakes fists in the air* Why did you give her twins? Just because her name is Cheesecake doesn't mean she eats cheesecake!

Cheesecake: It's a girl! Meet Cookie!
Rachel: well I guess that takes care of that.

Rachel: Opps. At least it isn't a $40,0
00 opps this time.

Rachel: Nice job dear.

Rachel: Ah homework time. It's hard to do the older you get.
Velo: Yeah, it's not so bad.
Me: Ah family sims.

Me: See? He really likes it.

Rachel: Nice going!

Rachel: Awe!

Rachel: Hi again Randy. Congrats!
Randy: Thanks but I've gotta run.
Rachel: Why?

Randy: It's my babies' birthday!
Rachel: OH! Happy birthday Cookie!

Rachel: She's so pretty!
Cheesecake: Yes *sniff* I know.

Rachel: Look at Randy jumping in there! Happy Birthday Croissant!

Rachel: A handsome little man. He looks a lot like his uncles.

Rachel: Isn't that hard on your knees?
Velo: It's not so bad.

Rachel: Looks like Randy is taking a more active roll now.
Rnaady: Well there's more to do now.

Rachel: Speaking of which, time to learn to talk.

Rachel: And the other set of twins rock in the grades department! Nice going kids!

Rachel: What are you doing Pudding?
Pudding: Relaxing Grandma.
Rachel: Sure doesn't look like it. Off to sleep now.

Rachel: Looks like you chose a second focus to your life Cheesecake. I like this one better.
Cheesecake: What's wrong with romance?
Rachel: A lot.

Rachel: You had better not be wishing for Love Randy.
Randy: Of Course not! Money is what I want. After Velo lost $40,000 we could use it. I mean, we're OK but with two sets of twins in the house, we could really use it.

Rachel: *garp* What happened!?!?

Rachel: Awe, it's Patches. I'm sorry girl.

Rachel: Poor Dakota is howling.

Velo: *balling* She was part of the family!
Rachel: I'm sorry Velo.

Rachel:Looks like everyone took it hard.

Rachel: Looking for a new job Randy?
Randy: Yes. I've gotta keep moving all the time.

Rachel: *sniff* My baby is an old woman.
Victoria: Thanks Mom.
Rachel: Sorry, it just reminds me how old I am getting. Happy birthday dear.

Rachel: Speaking of Happy Birthday, one to you Croissant!

Rachel: Look at that grin. I think he's up to something.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too, Cookie!

Rachel: Very pretty. Hey, what are you doing Croissant?

Croissant: Gotta clean up this cake.
Rachel: Hey! That's your sister's birthday cake!
Croissant: Eh.

Rachel: At least Cookie is getting along with her aunt.

Rachel: Looks like it's my time to get going. See you next week.
Me: I hope so.
Rachel: What does that mean? Hey! What does that mean?!?!

Points: 4 Points
1 for money
2 for Cookie and Croissant
1 for Randy's Top of Career


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I didn't realize Velo was so much older than Victoria. It is something, watching the kids get old. That's why I could never play my simself in a challenge like this where people have to die. You're brave.
The kids are cute! Cookie is one of the prettiest kids I've ever seen! I hope she doesn't roll Romance for you.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Oh the kids are adorable! Love your naming theme too, makes me hungry! LOL

Rachel said...

Velo got older last week when Victoria used elixar to be able to have kids 7 & 8. I might have them adopt 2 more after their youngest leave.

SirenPrincess said...

I can not believe that Victoria is an elder!!! It just doesn't seem possible.

It's so sad when pets die in the game :-(

ASimWen said...

I agree with Fini. Cookie is very pretty! Yes hard to believe Victoria is an elder.

Twoflower said...

Your sim kids are so cute - and their names are so yummy! It's so ironic that your Cheesecake had natural twins - twice. And so sorry about that -$40,000 chance card -BIG OUCH.

Kerry said...

Oh, all those sad simmies when their dog died--when the other dogs howl, it always chokes me up. They sound so sad.

I'll echo everyone else--those are some really cute kids, although Croissant really does have a mischievious look to him!

ciyrose said...

Awww....I teared up when Patches died. So many sad ones in that house after that.

Cookie is a beautiful girl, hopefully she rolls something nice. Crazy that Cheesecake got twins. I guess, since she's a romancer, she wanted to get the kids out of the way so she could have fun while she's young.

I can't believe Victoria is already an doesn't seem that long ago she was a little girl.

Chrissy Brown said...

I can't believe Victoria is an elder and Cookie and Pudding are very pretty :)