Monday, November 17, 2008

Forsythe 1 - Round 6

That's Not Appropriate!
Last time Rain returned from college a single woman looking for love. She was lucky enough to find it in Mars Vega. Mars moved in and married Rain. They started a family with the birth of their daughter, Sunshine. Rain's parents, Rose and Bryan, continued on their careers and gardening. That's it.

Rachel: *Looks around* Hum, no ones here. I guess I'll come back.

Rachel: Hi Bryan! Congratulations on the promotion!
Bryan: Welcome back Rachel. We sure have missed you.
Rachel: Really? You barely said two words to me last week.
Bryan: Just because I didn't say much doesn't mean I didn't know you were here.
Rachel: Well thank you then.

Rachel: Sorry Rose.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rose! You are still lovely.
Rose: Well thank you.

Rachel: And a Happy Birthday to you too Bryan!
Bryan: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: And a third Happy Birthday to little Miss Sunshine!
Me: *snickers*
Rachel: What?
Me: Nothing, never mind.

Rachel: What a beautiful little girl.

Rachel: Look at her using the potty like a big girl already.

Rachel: And learning to walk.

Rachel: And talk.
Mars: Say dada.
Sunshine: No!
Rachel: Well, at least she's starting.

Rachel: Hi Rain. On potty training duty.
Rain: Sure am. Isn't Sunshine just the perfect combination of me and Mars?
Rachel: Definitely.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Rose!
Rose: Thanks! It's good to still be working while I still can.

Rachel: Sorry Bryan.

Rachel: Well at least you still got promoted. And top of your career too, nice!
Bryan: Thanks.

Rachel: Getting a new dog?

Mars: Yep, we thought it would be good for Spunky to have a playmate.
Rachel: Welcome Dev. Um, is he chasing his tail?
Me: 'fraid so.

Rose: *singing* Tura, tura.
Sunshine: *singing* Tura Tura.

Rachel: Happy Birthday again to Sunshine!

Rachel: Still a cutie.

Rachel: Way to go Rain!
Rain: Thanks! It's great!

Rachel: I love the new do!
Sunshine: Shh! I'm trying to line up my putt.
Rachel: Opps. Sorry.

Rachel: Shooting hoops now?
Sunshine: Yeppers! I love sports.
Rachel: Very good. I hope the customers like the hoop too.

Rachel: Congrats on the top of career Rose!
Rose: Why thank you Rachel. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it there for awhile.

Rachel: Opps. Good thing those 5 businesses of Rose's made you guys loaded.

Rachel: Shh, studying time.

Rachel: Studying of a different kind time.

Rachel: Um, OK.

Rachel: So now that you're a Media Magnate you thought you'd take up fishing?
Rose: Sure. Why not?
Rachel: OK.

Me: Look we have the first sighting of the new simself, Fini.
Rachel: What are you going on about?
Me: Nothing. *Waves at Fini*

Rachel: Quick study.
Rose: Sure, I um, haven't been fishing all along.

Rachel: Nice going Spunky!

Rachel: Um, Fini is it? Offering a married man a date is really not appropriate behavior.

Fini: OK. I'll just jump rope then.
Rachel: *Looks at me* Is Fini insane?
Me: *shugs*

Rachel: Nice going on the nature enthusiasm!
Rose: Thanks! See, I really do enjoy fishing.

Rachel: Another dog?

Mars: Why not? We have the room and Spunky is getting up there. Perhaps Dev and Reka can have puppies.
Rachel: Perhaps.

Rachel: What you up Sunshine?
Sunshine: Playing some football with Tunstall Rib, Riber...
Rachel: Ribeiro. I know him. He's a nice guy.
Sunshine: Sure seems to be.
Rachel: If these two end up together, this is sorta creepy.

Rachel: Looks like Spunky really was getting on in years. Happy Birthday girl!

Rachel: Yep, it would be creepy.

Rachel: *yells* All right! Who left the turkey on the floor?

Rachel: Nice job on the enthusiasm to you too Rain!

Me: Time to go.
Rachel: Already? Time flies.
Me: Yeah when nothing is happening.
Points: 3
3 for Bryan, Rose & Rain's tops of Careers

Funny Picture: I have no idea why Rain is so mad at Sunshine.


Anonymous said...

A lovely update as usual. I love that there is much going on (or it seems like it) in your houses.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Heh, I love Reka! Last Thanksgiving my dog stole the whole turkey and he's gone this year, so that was kinda cool to see. XD

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Hey I see me! Sim Fini is known as something of a homewrecker. You'd never think she was just a (mostly) innocent Knowledge sim with a wicked sense of humor.

Rachel: *Looks at me* Is Fini insane?
Me: *shugs*

LOL! It really depends on who you ask. I think she is insane myself.
This update was lots of fun. Watch your little Miss Sunshine. Tunstall's a bit old for her. Until next time!

ASimWen said...

Wow even though you said 'nothing' happened, you still made a nice blog entry. Those are the hardest kind to write. I know where yer comin' from sister.

Melissa said...

hee hee. Loved the little Miss Sunshine comment.

Minty said...

Lov that the dog stole the Turkey. Priceless. I reckon that Sunshine must have made a mess somewhere and the other sim is a neat sim? Thats the only time I've ever had adults mad at toddlers. Stupid toilet.

Kerry said...

Oh, the dog and the turkey were great. I think I'm going to quit training my pets to eat pet food. That's too cute.

When my cat was a kitten, he climbed up on the table and started eating my daughter's birthday cake. It wouldn't have been so bad if all he'd done is eat it--I could have just cut that part off and frosted over it--but he was standing on it, and we know where those feet had been. Blah!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm finally completely updated on Prosperity Point. It has taken me MONTHS!
Great to see everyone growing up, but I really can't tell those families apart!
The only ones I can keep track of is the Zeize-Lecy's, even if I cannot spell it :)

By the way - I stole your Lost Challenge and just started blogging it at my secondary site:


ciyrose said...

Everyone is growing up so much.

Yay, a Fini sighting! lol

Loved the dialog, and the dog eating the turkey. Very fun.