Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dante 1- Round 6

Is It Really Possible?
Last time Pine returned from college and promptly moved in him girlfriend Galadrial. She was already married so her first step was breaking up with her husband, Celebron. With him out of the way Pine and Galadrial were able to get married. the two went on a wonderful Far Eat honeymoon. Back home Liza's husband, Busto, was a haunting away. Galadrial turned up pregnant, the wedding arch got struck by lightning as did a customer in the hot tub. They had a son, Cedar with red locks. Pine's dream is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers and trained their dogs, Stevie and Oprah, in that pursuit.

Rachel: Hey Lily! Welcome home. Come to take your place as the heiress I see.
Lily: I suppose. I don't really care. Mom wants me to have a kid but I'm more interested in learning.

Rachel: Ah yes, I see. So what are you going to do about that having a kid thing?

Rachel: Lily? Oh. Looks like her friend from college, Heino is here.

Rachel: That's one way to get a kid.

Rachel: Who decorated this room? I think they were blind.

Rachel: Nice going Galadrial

Rachel: Congrats girl!

Rachel: Speaking of congrats. Puppies!!!

Rachel: Welcome Baskin and Robbin.

Rachel: Nice going girl!

Rachel: Congrats?
Lily: Sure thing. If it's a girl it will get my mom off my back.
Rachel: Then congrats!

Rachel: Woah! Nice going girl! I bet Pine is excited.
Pine: Sure am!

Rachel: Happy birthday Cedar!

Rachel: and what a handsome young man you are.

Rachel: Awe, bye puppies.

Rachel: Nice job boy.

Rachel: Wait you're buying another dog right after putting the puppies up for adoption?
Pine: Yes, as adults they will reach the top of their careers quicker.
Rachel: Well that makes sense then.

Rachel: Welcome girl!

Galadrial: Shake.
Rachel: Working on the tricks already.

Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Welcome Genie.

Rachel: Great job girl!

Cedar: So where do babies come from?
Galadrial: Let's work on math for now. We can talk about that later.
Me: I hear it's a film and literature activity.

Rachel: Nice going Stevie!

Rachel: Baby!!!
Lily: I. . . hope. . . it's. . . a. . . girl.

Rachel: All right let us see.

Lily: It's a girl! I named her Rose.

Rachel: Oops, better luck next time Stevie.

Rachel: Nice job Misty!

Rachel: And Genie.

Rachel: And Lily!

Rachel: Good call boy!

Rachel: Wow, sorry Oprah.

Cedar: Woah! I got my first A+!
Rachel: You're so excited you're walking on air?
Cedar: oh, sure.

Rachel: Happy birthday Rose!

Me: wow!
Rachel: What?
Me: She's adorable! No sign of Busto genes, at all.
Rachel: She is adorable I must say.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Oh man I just heard the elevator clash. You OK?
Cedar: Woah, I can see stars. Is that normal?
Rachel: After a fall like that? Yes.

Rachel: Um Rose, pay attention. Your mom is trying to teach you to talk.

Rachel: Congrats Galadrial!

Rachel: Nice job Liza.
Me: *note* I'll count total plaques earned by a sim when they pass away.

Lily: You can do it honey. Just one foot in front of the other.

Rachel: Another fine job.

Rachel: Don't look so ashamed Liza. You just maxed another enthusiasm.

Lily: Hum. . .
Rachel: What?

Lily: Well that's interesting.
Rachel: What?

Lily: I think I made a mistake.
Rachel: You didn't *gulp* summon aliens, did you?

Rachel: You did!

Lily: It can't be THAT bad.
Rachel: Ask Bronx.

Lily: OK, now I'm scared.

Lily: I don't think I want to go!!!

-Several Hours Later-

Rachel: Watch that first step.

Rachel: So, how was the alien experience?

Lily: Not fun.
Rachel: I bet.

Rachel: Looks like my time to be going.

Points: 12
1 for Lily's top of Career
1 for Rose being born
10 for money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Man, Rose lucked out with avoiding Lily's nose! Great update as always.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, Lily was the best off for being a direct spawn of Howie, and then her daughter manages to avoid Busto altogether! Awesome! You're doing well with chance cards. Poor Lily, I thought she'd enjoy the ride. *giggle*

Galena said...

Rose looks like she might have some Busto genes in the cheeks, but other than that she didn't get the nose. Very lucky.

Yay we get a comment from real Rachel not sim Rachel this round. Those seem to have dwindled in the last few entries. But it's understandable catching up with playing.

Kerry said...

LOL, so are you hoping to extinguish the Busto genes? Rose looks good, in that case. It's fun to see Liza still alive--in my game, she's passed on....

ASimWen said...

Hehehe it is sooo much fun to summon aliens. LOL Rose is pretty....ya know those Busto genes can surface at any time in future generations! LOL Good luck on getting 6 pets TOC. I have never done that one.

SirenPrincess said...

I enjoyed getting another update. Your film and literature activity comment made me laugh.

ciyrose said...

Wow Rose is very pretty. Lily is pretty though, minus the nose, so it sort of makes sense that there was a good chance Rose would be pretty too.

I'll be excited to see what her kids look like.

Chrissy Brown said...

Rose is a beauty :) and thank goodness she didn't get the nose