Monday, August 21, 2006

Lancaster Round 1

Lancaster Round 1
All About Wen
Welome back to Prosperity Point. I'm Rachel Ziese-Lecy, you should remember me from my last post. I'm going to talk to my new neighbors, the Lancasters. This their house, see them there? They just moved in. Money was rough in the beginning. They spent most of what they had on this house. They had to sell their fence to get by for awhile. The inhabitants are Grandpa James and his 5 grandsons, the teens; Brendon, William & Zachary and the kids; Bryan & Adrien. James told me they never knew their father and their mother pasted away suddenly before they came here. That's all I could get about their past.

Hey James, I see you've met Wen.
James: Yep, she was part of the welcome wagon. She seems nice.
James: Bacillus was also a memeber of the welcome wagon.
Hey he's from Simaholic's blog!
James: Whose that?
Don't pay any attention to her.
Zachary, whose your friend?
Zachary: This is Aquamarine Rosada. She stopped by one day. Said her and her sisters just became townies around here. Whatever that means.
Looks like you too hit it off.
Zachary: Sure did. We're best friends too. She's coming to college with me!
How exciting for you.

Look whose back again.
James: I really like Wen.
I guess so.
James: I've asked her to move in.
Oh boy, another person to feed. That's gotta be expensive.
James: Actually she brought $15,000 with her plus an exercise shere, a telescope and a bunch of other stuff.
Brendon, haven't seen too much of you around.
Brendon: Nope, I kind of keep to myself.
Whose this?
Brendon: This is Danielle Rosada. She's one of Aquamarine's sisters. She and I didn't hit it off thow.
James: Wen, will you marry me?
Wen Simmers
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Graduate 3 kinds from College
You guys sure didn't waste anytime. Wen didn't even have time to get a wedding gown.
James: I'm not getting any younger. There aren't any stores in Properity Point yet, so we figured, let's just go for it.
Wen: We had a lot of guests. I have plenty of friends.
Wen, now I know why you wanted me to download you. You just HAD to get into another blog.
*Looks at Sim Rachel* Whose that chick?
Don't pay any attention to her. She's just trying to mess with our heads. She tries to tell me I'm a sim.
Wen: Oh boy, I LOVE the Sism 2, I play them all the time!
*sigh* Not another one!
Cake smashing picture, nuf said.
Who are these two party quests?
Wen: A couple of my friends, Jenn the simmer girl and umm, Quavi. That's weird, Quavi's a... sim.
Yes, Wen he is and so are you.
Hey, leave Wen alone, she's trying to enjoy her wedding.
Wen, maybe you should change out of your formal wear BEFORE getting in the exercise shere.

Wen, you're pregnant! How exciting!
Wen: I want to graduate 3 kids from college, so James and I got started right away.
What it's time already!
Wen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! All...the guys... have been... busy skilling...
Wen: Meet Vincent Simmers.
Wait, I thought you and James got married?
Wen: We did.
I'm a bit of a femanist so all my families will take the woman's name. I will follow this throught all the houses and claim the points for keeping it consistant.
Wen: What? Are you talking about the Prosperity Challenge Rules and Changing them? This is my life not, some game!
Sorry Wen, forget I said anything.
William, I see things are going well with Danielle.
William: Yep, she and I are best friends! I think I'm in love!
Is she going to college with you?
William: Of Coarse!
It looks like Adrien's birthday!
The spiting image of Zachary! So what kiind of goals have you set for your life Adrien?
Adrien: I'm very interesting in aquiring knowlegde. I want to max out every skill.
Excellent. You and my Victoria are friends aren't you?
Adrien: Yes, why?
No reason, no reason at all.
Bryon's birthday too.
Bryon, What do you have in mind for the future?
Bryon: I want a family, that's all I know for now.
Good enough.

I'm going to leave you guys now. I know Zachary, William and Brendan are packing for college, so I guess we'll see them there.

Odd Picture: Wen was exercising when her pregnacy started to show, so her fitness went up immediately after. It looks SO weird.


Heather/Simaholic said...

Hey!! Bacillus! And Wen has made her way in permanently. Oh and there are Jenn and Quavi. I wonder if he'll find any wombs in your neighborhood! It is fun seeing all those familiar faces in the neighborhood! I look forward to more!

ASimWen said...

Ahem. I was THRU having babies in 1991. I am doin' it again. LOLOL How strange...comin' out of the sphere like that. heheheh Was Wen preggers in her formal? Looks like she has a pooch there. HEHEHE Hey Bacillus! Great to see the Rosada sisters. It will be great to have their skins in the hood. Aqua is a Family Sim in Fellowship.

Jenn W said...

I'm so glad I was invited to Wen's wedding!!! Very sweet of you Wen!

ruby said...

Oh how fun! I love your story rachel keep up the great work! It is so cool to see all these familiar sims and all your new ones.

Melissa said...

How fun to see other Sims in your story. I love it!

Bubbs said...

Wen is a blog hog!!! Great update! How many kids will dear Wen have???? I think she should have 10! {HINT:she can have an affair with Quavi to have the others....} You know how family sims love babies!! :)

SpongebobTanu said...

aww, how nice - wen's back to having babies - after so many years too! doesn't that feel great wen? LOL.

i love your writing style rachel - especially the bickering between you and the other characters and you and you. lol. i'm assuming the italics is you as well.

Rachel said...

Yep, anything in italics is me, me

Alexis said...

I love seeing all the familar faces! Jenn looked HOT at Wen's wedding. I love that dress she was wearing. And look, Wen's going to have a baby! I wonder if it will be blue...

Anonymous said...

Go Wen getting hitched in the second post! Ha! And I love the formalwear, but a black dress at her wedding?? To each his own I guess...

Off to read the next post :)

Charity said...

The last picture at the end is the best! The chances of getting that exact moment must be slim, lol.

ciyrose said...

How fun, Wen is in...and pregnant. How sweet. I love the Lancasters, and yay for the Rosada's too!