Saturday, August 26, 2006

Riberio Round 1

Riberio Round 1
A Familiar Tale

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Today I am welcoming the Ribeiro Family to Prosperity Point. Hi there Ribeiros!

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Aimee: Hi there! My name is Aimee. This is my son Benjamin, my daughter, Bethany and my sister, Abigail.
Sim Rachel: So what brings you to Prosperity Point? This is a pretty selective place.
Aimee: Well, it's a long story. You see I used to be married, that's where my kids came from. Then one day my sister saw my husband with another woman. That same day I met a very nice man in the park. I was sitting on a bench by myself trying to figure out what to do about my husband when this man approached me. He was tall and handsome in a rugged kind of way. We talked and I was so upset I started up a relationship with him. This went on for awhile. Then one day he said he had to meet a guy about some kind of deal. He had a suitcase full of money which I wasn't supposed to see. I asked him what was going on and he siad if he had $20,000 more he wouldn't even need this other invester for this sure thing that would pay out triple in 2 weeks. I told him my husband was wealthy and I knew I could get him to go along with it. So we set up a meeting. My husband wasn't sure at first but then he said yes. Then my Bethany came out of her room and my boyfriend freaked out. He went out the door so fast, but I ran after him. That's when he told me the truth that he was a con-man and he was going to take our money and leave but he couldn't when he saw the my daughter standing there. I was shocked at first but then I told him to take me and the kids with him. He wasn't sure but he told me he really did love me and we ran off together.
Sim Rachel: Where is he then?
Aimee: He had to go to Australia to take care of something and he said he would be back. He was on flight 815 Sydney to LA. It disappeared over the Atlantic. The tower had lost contact with them and had no idea where the plane went. After 2 weeks of searching, they declared all passengers to be dead.
Flight 815 huh? From Sydney to LA? What was this guys name?
Aimee: James Ford, but he went by Sawyer.
Oh for crying out loud, you sure you just don't watch too much LOST?
Aimee: What's LOST?
Probably my favorite TV show!
Aimee: Never heard of it. We don't even own a TV.
Sim Rachel: Don't pay any attention to her. Then what happened?
Aimee: My husband had one his hired men looking for me. My kids and I had to run far, far away, so we ran here.
Sim Rachel: well at any rate it's great to meet you and have you here. Oh look here come some visitors.
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Wait a minute, where's Wen? I thought she was the head of the Welcome Wagon.
James: She was busy writing her Asylum Challenge Blog. So she asked me to come instead.
Wait so Wen won't be here at all?
James: Nope, not at this house today
*does a little dance* Finally a Wen-free blog entry!
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I guess Coqui Vega wasn't happy that James was here instead of Wen.

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Abigail: This is Xuan. I saw him walking by the house so I invited him in. I was hoping for some WooHoo, but we didn't hit it off very well.
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Abigail: He and Aimee seem to have hit it off alright though.
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Sim Rachel: Oh look he's playing with Benjamin just like he played with Victoria over at my house. How sweet.
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Sim Rachel: Aimee, oh my goodness you're pregnant!
Aimee: I haven't been feeling well since Sawyer left, but I didn't realize I was pregnant!
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Aimee: Thank goodness for Abigail! My pregnancy has been really hard on me so she had to take over helping out the kids.
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Abigail: I still found sometime to make a "friend" This is Jan Tellerman.
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Aimee: Soon it was time for my little Benjamin to...
...become a child!
Aimee: So my pregnancy came to an end...

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...with TWIN boys. I named them after their father. The first is Sawyer, the second is Ford.

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Sim Rachel: Aimee who ya talking to? Aimee? I guess she's busy. She sure dose look happy.

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Sim Rachel: Speaking of happy Abigail seems tohave found someone very like minded.
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Sim Rachel: Ahh another visitor. Howie Busto this time.

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Suddenly a fight breaks out in the kitchen. Xuan what did you do to piss Howie off so?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Then Howie kicked your butt! Lynn's sims are stronger than Wen's!
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Aimee: Lady, let's keep to the story. It's the twins' birthday. Here's my baby boy Sawyer grwoing up.

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Abigail: Then I helped out with Ford's growing up.
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Sim Rachel: This sure is a popular place, look at all these townies.
Abigail: We sure have gotten a great welcome.
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Jan: Abigail, will you marry me?
Abigail: Yes! *both take a big aspiration hit*
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Bethany: It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bethany: I want to learn!!!
Sim Rachel: Good for you Bethany! A lovely teen you make.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Aimee: Abigail and Jan just moved out to get their own place. Abi was such a great sister to help out with the kids, but now I don't need help as much.
Sim Rachel: You mean now that Bethany is a teen?
Aimee: Oh, no, didn't I tell you?
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Aimee: Xuan and I have been dating and I proposed.
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Aimee: We had a quite ceremony in the kitchen.
Sim Rachel: Congratulations! Well I'll let you two enjoy your honeymoon. Come on folks, let's get out of here.

Points; 4 points for 4 added sims: Jan, Sawyer, Ford and Xuan


ASimWen said...

Yes, yes know how we cerebral types are. Can't be socializing all the time. Yes, I was working with the clients in the Asylum Cretin. I am sure whats-his-name did a good job in my place. At least you all remember me.
At least my baby Xuan showed up to represent Prosperity Falls....what??? That bully Howie Busto picked a fight with him? Erm. That is correct...yes yes....Xuan has been to busy romancing the ladies out. Xuan is a lover not a fighter. LOLOL See he got the woman in the end.

Catootje73 said...

Wow, a lot of familiar faces have shown up in this post. I hope Xuan will make Aimee very happy. And that Abigail andJan will be a happy family too.

Bubbs said...

Bustos RULE!!! Sorry Xuan. Howie is just too awesome! I can't wait to see their future babies though.

{sob} No Simwen in this one??? LOL Where is the bloghog???

Heather/Simaholic said...

You know, even though SimWen didn't show up she still had a presence in the entry :o) OH and LOL at the Lost story! That was great! Before you even got to the flight 815 part I was thinking boy that sounds a lot like Sawyer's con in Lost.

Oh and look at that Xuan is going to get himself a womb!

SpongebobTanu said...

love the "LOST" backstory. hahha lynn's sims are stronger than Wen's sims. too funny!

Alexis said...

I loved the 'Lost' backstory. Right away, I was like, "Hey! That's the story from Lost!" *drools* She was dating Sawyer?! *fans self* He is so very hot.

Anyway, I'm glad Aimee found love with Xuan. I hope she has more babies in her future. I'd love to see Xuan reproduce!

Anonymous said...

Wen, slipping already and it is only entry 3! I thought she was the head of the welcome commitee.

L-O-V-E the back story. I am a lostie to figure out what to do with mysellf until it come back in February is it?

Charity said...

Oooh. Congrats on snagging Xuan. I love this blog for all the links that I get. I'm filling up my favorites list for once I'm caught up on yours!

aerisblue2000 said...

Now I've read a few other blogs, this one finally makes sense to me.

Glad Xuan got the woman, as Howie is one of the strangest sims I've ever seen. Strange, but somehow cool!

SirenPrincess said...

I loved the LOST story, too! Sawyer is my favorite by far. This was a REALLY big first round for this family. I loved it, though.

Layla Sims said...

Hiya Rachel! Am starting this over from the beginning now (never too late!) I too loved the Lost references & thought it sounded like Sawyer before you mentioned Flight 815. I love the way this is going & your writing style. Must get back to more of your blog!

ciyrose said...

Fun story. Yay for Xuan getting into the blog right away and staying! :) They will make cute kids! So great to see so many familiar faces in all these posts.