Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ziese-Lecy Round 1

Ziese-Lecy Round 1
No You're the Sim

Hi, I'm Rachel. My family and I just moved to Prosperity Point along with 5 other families. I'm going to be telling you about what goes on here, but first let's start with my family.

Rachel Ziese-Lecy
Taurus ( 5 Neat, 3 Outgoing, 3 Active, 10 Playful, 4 Nice)
Aspiration: Pleasure LTW 50 Dream Dates
Turn Ons/Offs: Brown Hair, Facial Hair/Full Face Make-Up
This is my husband Marty. He's cute but kind of a geek.

Marty Ziese-Lecy
Pisces ( 5 Neat, 4 Outgoing, 7 Active, 3 Playful, 6 Nice)
Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Max all Skills
Turn Ons/Offs: Custom Hair, Make-Up/Full Face Make-Up

This is our daughter, Victoria. She's So pretty!
Hey make sure you tell everyone she isn't real.What? Who are you?
I'm you or rather you are sim me.That can't be, I'm a huge Sims 2 fan and I play them all the time you must be sim me.
Trust me, no. In real life it's just me and Marty. We aren't even planning on having kids.Hum, none of this makes sense.
Just tell the nice folks whats been going on. We can deal with this later.This is our house. It's one of those prefab homes. We don't have a lot of money right now so we had to go with something standard.
Here I am teaching Victoria to walk while Marty starts working on his life time want. He's already maxed out cleaning and has good start on a couple others.
Life Time Want isn't that a Sims 2 termOh I just play a lot, it gets stuck in my head.
Umm, you don't even have a computer yet.
I did, before we moved.
Marty & I go on a lot of dates, so I can work on my life time... I mean, because I really enjoy them.
Marty got fired on his first day as a test subjuct. The money situtation around here isn't getting any better. We had another date and then he was in a good enough mood to get a job in the medical field.
Really Marty's in medicine?Yeah, so?
No network administrator jobs there in Prosperity Point?
So they let him into the medical field with a computer degree?
Yes, they have very liberal hiring particaces.
I bet.
This guy Xaun came by in the middle of our date. He lives in Prosperity Falls.
Isn't that ASimWen's Prosperity challenge?
I don't know What you are talking about now. That's a place. It's the next town over.
Here's another person from Prosperity Falls, Wen. She likes the way I Free Style.
Wen huh? Interesting.All those dates led to one thing. Pregnacy.

This is Gage Uglacy, here's from a place called Pleasantview. Poor Victoria, this guy isn't very attractive.
Oh my gosh I LOVE the Uglacy legacy!
The what?
Never mind.
Here we are celebrating Victoria's birthday.
She sure was happy to grow up.

Then is was time for the babies!
Yep, twins.
Eaten any cheesecake lately?
Nope, never. Why?
No reason.&

That's all on my family for now. It's time to g over and meet the Lancasters

Odd Picture: An intersting Backrub.
2 Points for 2 New sims, Elizabeth & Erika


ASimWen said...

WOOT!!!!! Wen and Xuan...Wen and Xuan....first to be seen! WE'RE NUMBER ONE! WE'RE NUMBER ONE! lol

Thanks for the plug. :) Looks like you have a great start, I will read every entry!

Jul said...

This is really cute! Can't wait to read the rest! :)

SpongebobTanu said...

LOL, great story. Hey! a wen and xuan sighting! awesome!

Rachel said...

Yep, Wen showed up at the Lancster house too. I think she's Blog Hog.

LaylaSims said...

Hi! Nice start, Rachel. I'll be looking for more. :0))

Twoyys4me said...

Great start Rachel! Can't wait to keep up with the adventures. :)

Heather/Simaholic said...

Great start Rachel!! I love sim-you's confusion. Hehe. Cool that Xuan and Wen made an appearance. I look forward to seeing how things go and seeing who else makes appearances!

GreeneyeLia said...

LOL, the backrub picture had me in stitches.. I just love those blooper-type pics! Am looking forward to see who shows up next.

Alexis said...

Very cool! Wen and her characters like to show up a lot, huh? I'm interested to see if they are frequent visitors in my 'hood now. Hehe. Lovely babies sim-you and your sim-DH have. :-) Great update! I look forward to more.

Jenn W said...

I love Gage and the Uglacy's too!!!!!

Bubbs said...

Wen is a blog hog!!! Wen is a blog hog!!! Great update! Love the new babies too. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, so I am a late bloomer...but I am just getting started reading and my first impression is hilarious!

"No network administrator jobs there in Prosperity Point?" Too funny (but at least in the Seasons expansion there is rumor of some type of computer gamerish job).

Anonymous said...

BTW I am that anonymous...(Shaunna from Phishy Sims) for some reason it was funky when I tried to post.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny. I can already tell that I am going to love this neighborhood.
I can't wait to read the rest of it and get all caught up.
aka fairyD

Charity said...

Haha. I love it when people talk to themselves.
I like the 'guest appearances' too.

javajan32 said...

I love your Green Bay Packer Shirt. Rachel (sim) needs a cheese head hat to complete the Packer fan look. (g)

Ken The Sim said...

In denial with your sim self... gotta love it! Great read!

Haz_sims 2 said...

Just started listening to your podcast, so I thought I read your blogs. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! I might koin your next podcast! :)

Haz_sims 2 said...

That was meant to be join! lol!

ciyrose said...

So yeah....I FINALLY made it to your blog. I've been trying to catch up on a ton of blogs, and you are the next on my list. Love your conversations with Sim you. YAY for Wen and Xuan! Can't wait to get all caught up, even if it's going to take awhile. :)