Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cooprider 3 - Round 4

Lonely or Liar?
Last time Leeland started his bachelor life after breaking up his wife Kricket. He entertained many lady friends, started a garden and got a couple dogs who had puppies.

Rachel: Leeland! What are you doing?
Kricket: La la la la! I don't think so buddy.
Leeland: I can't believe she hasn't forgiven me yet!
Rachel: Uh, you cheated on her a lot. When she was pregnant with your baby by the way.
Leeland: You mean she isn't over that yet?
Rachel: Ah no.

Rachel: Hey, more puppies!

Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Sophie and Stevie

Rachel: What the h...
Leeland: She finally got over it!
Rachel: So do you think you can be faithful to Kricket?
Leeland: Sure.

Rachel: Kricket! I'm shocked at you!
Kricket: I just can't help myself.
Rachel: I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

Rachel: Welcome to adulthood Sprite and Spot.

Rachel: What you're getting rid of the dogs?
Leeland: Gotta keep making room for more.

Rachel: What do YOU think you're doing Leeland?!?!
Leeland: I'm lonely.
Rachel: What about Kricket?
Leeland: She's at work.
Rachel: You can't wait?
Leeland: No.

Rachel: Ah Stormie Skywalker, she's with Brendon Lancaster!
Leeland: What's your point?
Rachel: I thought you were changing Leeland. I should have known.

Rachel: She looks disturbed more than anything. At least your date wasn't great.
Leeland: I told you I could be good.

Rachel: Wow Stevie and Sophie are already adults! Is it just me or is this week going super fast?
Me: Not just you.

Rachel: LEELAND!!!!
Leeland: What? Oh um, I was lonely again.
Rachel: Yeah... I see.

Rachel: I'm sure he's just really lonely.

Rachel: Hey even more new puppies! Sunny...

Rachel: ...& Stormie. Very cute.

Rachel: Out with the old.

Rachel: So what do you have to say for yourself?
Leeland: About what? Oh my plants. Don't they look nice?
Rachel: Not what I meant at all.

Rachel: grrrrr It's that little hussy, home wrecker, Venice Holiday.

Rachel: Seriously dude.
Leeland: What? Oh we just kissed some, I was weak.
Rachel: If you just kissed why are you both in your undies?
Leeland: Ah, we were hot.
Rachel: Likely. Well it's time for me to head out. I'm sure I'll see you at... many different houses.
Leeland: well bye then.

Points: 0, big, fat 0


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Lonely or liar? I go for liar. He just can't stay faithful. No Kricket! Don't go back! So many dogs, and is he a Romance Sim? I forget.

Twoyys4me said...

man, that Leeland is baaaaaad! So funny though- ;)

Great update- had me laughing as always.

Sally said...

Oooo - Leeland, bad boy! And is it my imagination, or do all your houses have a LOT of pets?!

Felicia said...

Hee, it's funny to see how different your Leeland is from mine. He CAN be faithful, I know that for a fact! And he's a very devoted daddy, too.

Oh well. Incurable casanova or faithful partner, I love him either way! ;)

And the dogs are cute, although one of them - Sophie? - had a pretty funny head shape...

aerisblue2000 said...

Lonely, or Liar? Hmmm, hard one, but I'd average a guess at both. I had to laugh when I saw Venice's underwear. That's home wrecker underwear if ever I saw some! Nice update, although I'm beginning to think you love pets way too much. There are puppies everywhere!

Kerry said...

I love Leeland! My Leeland has a long-term partner, umm, can't remember who right now, and a dog whom he loves very much--never even cheated once! But your Leeland's excuses are hilarious--umm, they were hot?!? I bet!

ciyrose said...

Man, Leeland is just not good for Kricket. Just fine for Venice....the little "bad girl" of the town.