Monday, August 13, 2007

Ziese-Lecy 1 Round 5

If the Car is a Rockin'
Last time Marty & Rachel welcome two more sons to the family; Ian & Erv. Eleah grew up to be a lovely little girl, while MJ became a teen and left for college. Other than that it was Dream Date city for Marty & Rachel. Oh and Rachel got the bad news at the end of week that she would soon become an elder.

Me: Oh Hi Marty. Looks like Erv is learning to walk.
Marty: Sure is. He's a smart boy, just like his brother and sisters before him.

Marty: Come to daddy.
Erv: *Sits back down*

Me: Nice going Marty!

Rachel: Holy crap! What the heck is happening?!?!
Me: Remember that whole aging thing I told you about?
Rachel: Yeah.
Me: This is it.

Rachel: Well I guess I sorta still look all right. Gotta do something about this hair though. It doesn't match my eyebrows.
Me: It does look odd.
Rachel: Wait, you still have brown hair.
Me: A few greys, but otherwise, yes , all brown.
Rachel: But I just got old and you're still young.
Me: You seem to be getting at something.
Rachel: But you're the Sim.
Me: I really don't want to get into this with you again. I'm the Sim, so I will always be young.
Rachel: Oh, OK.

Ian: Daddy, what are you doing?
Marty: I'm not sure.

Me: Still handsome after all these years.
Marty: Why thank you.
Me: *To reader* I have to say I am rather sad to see these two become elders. I'll even admit to shedding a couple tears.

Me: I guess even in their golden years these two haven't lost their spark.

Rachel: Xara, what are you doing here?

Xara: Just dropping off a stereo for MJ because of the great date we had.
Rachel: Dear, you know MJ is at college with you right?
Xara: Yes.
Rachel: And he isn't moving back in here when he's done.
Xara: OK.
Rachel: Have a good night dear.

Me: Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Just one, again. We named her South.
Me: Very nice.

Me: Great job Rachel! Oh and I like the natural hair color much better.
Rachel: Why thank you on both accounts.

Rachel: Oh Happy Birthday honey! My last little girl isn't going to be so little anymore.

Rachel: Very pretty honey.
Eleah: Thanks Mom.
Rachel: So what do you want in life dear?

Eleah: A life of Pleasure would be great!
Rachel: Good choice dear.

Eleah: And I'd really like a career in gaming.
Rachel: that sounds like a lot of fun. Good choice.

Rachel: Blow out the candles sweetie!

Rachel: Honey can you please stand on the floor? You're hurting Mommie.

Me: Good choice Rachel.

Me: Looks like that choice paid off.
Rachel: Sure did.
Me: You make such a lovely elder; I only hope I look as good when I'm your age.
Rachel: But you'll never be my age.
Me: Oh, yeah that's right.

Me: Whose your friend Eleah?
Eleah: Oh, it's you.
Me: Come on your mom & I made up. Besides you're going to have to get used to me.
Eleah: All right. This is Maxwell Nor-something.
Me: So what do you think?
Eleah: Ehh.

Me: Look at that face. I don't think she is quite sure about this.

Me: He is though.

Me: She really isn't.

Me: Congratulations Marty! And you're even bringing home some flowers for Rachel.
Marty: Of course. She is an amazing date.
Me: You guys are having a lot of dates, aren't you?
Marty: Sure are.

Me: What's that face about Eleah?
Eleah: I can't believe I kissed Maxwell Nor-something.
Me: Don't you like him?
Eleah: He's OK. I don't see 50 Dream dates in our future.
Me: That's OK. So you don't see him coming to college with you?
Eleah: Yick, I mean. . . . Nah.

Me: Looks like another date.

Me: Shhh, studying time.

Me: Oh No!!!!!! You don't have $40,000
Marty: I know!!!!!

Me: Who is this now?
Eleah: That Chandler kid.
Me: He's cute. What about him?
Eleah: Better, but nah.

Me: Thank goodness you're bringing home some simoleons.
Rachel: I know! I can't believe Marty lost all our money!

Me: Way to go Marty!
Marty: Oh thank you. I couldn't be happier!
Me: So how's Rachel's lifetime dream coming?
Marty: Good. Speaking of which, she said she wanted a date tonight.

Me: Erv.
Erv: What?
Me: You just brought home your first A+. Look like you're happy about it.
Erv: Ahhh, oh boy, I guess.
Me: Oh my.

Me: Welcome to adulthood South.

Me: Looks like a dream date in the making.

Rachel: Happy birthday honey!

Rachel: Another handsome young man. So what do you want in life Ian?

Ian: I'd like to be popular.
Rachel: Aren't you painfully shy dear?
Ian: What's your point?
Rachel: Nothing dear.

Me: Welcome to elderhood East.

Me: Is it time to go already? Nice job on those scholarships Eleah. And don't worry, those pimples will go away when you get to college.
Eleah: Thank goodness! How am I supposed to find the man of dreams with these?

Me: Good job to you too Ian.
Ian: Thanks Mom. Wait you sound like Mom, but....
Me: We can talk more later. Now I've got to run.

Me: So we leave my sim family with lots of changes since we arrived. Marty & Rachel have about 48 dream dates under their belts. So close....
Points: 0, although they did manage to rebound from losing $40,000 and ended up with $199 more than last round.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

You're almost there! Congratulations!
Eleah's face had me cracking up throughout the update. Congrats on Marty's LTW. Good thing you're good with promotions.
First comment???

Jacqueline said...

Aw, what a cute update. I know what you mean about them getting older and it being sad. Although I was pretty happy with those crazy Adores... but anyway! Very cute, and I loved the faces the girl makes just before and after her kiss, hee!

aerisblue2000 said...

"Honey can you please stand on the floor. You're hurting Mommy"! You've just gotta laugh. Both Marty and Rachel look great as elders, but I'm worried. If you shed a few tears at their aging, will you ever cope when they finally get a visit from Grimmy? I had to abandon a legacy once because the founder was a simself of my hubby, and I just couldn't let him die!
Nice update. Sorry Marty lost all their money, but at least you bounced back.


Twoyys4me said...

Great update- Rachel and Marty look great as Elders.. not sure about Marty's kilt though. lol.
Shame about him getting fired- you can't always guess right.
loved the blooper pic of Erv on mum's shoulders. :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

*sigh* it's sad watching your simself getting old... they still have a lot of young kids to look after though! I see lots of grandbabies in their future...

Lots of LOLs this round.

Bubbs said...

I can't beleive your sim-elf is an elder....sniff sniff...

Great update! I hope she was ok with her kid on her shoulders. :)

Sally said...

Awww... Rachel and Marty make very handsome elders but I agree that it's sad seeing a sim self age. Luckily ther have 3 cute kids to cary on the family line.

ASimWen said...

I know what you mean about being sad to see them age. I felt that way about Chevy and Kirstee. *tear* good luck. :)

Melissa said...

Great update as usual. Are you going to re-roll Ian in Uni? It's hard to be a shy Popularity Sim. =)

Christine said...

South is really cute :) Sorry Marty lost so many simoleons. Those chance cards can be dangerous! Glad he got his LTW! Wow! 48 dream dates! Great update!!!

Kerry said...

Those were some funny expressions! What a great family. Glad you were able to make the money back!

ciyrose said...

Awww...Rachel and Marty make good looking elders. I'm sure this is a bit rough, watching your sim-selves age. Great update.