Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vega 3 - The Living Room

Last time Rosario and England's daughter, Canada, returned from college with her sweetheart, Fog Forsythe. The two wed and start their family right away. A son, Mexico, arrived soon after. The household dogs, Kelly and George, continued having puppies. Everyone kept working on their careers. Rosario & England's son, Germany, grew to teen and spent the week looking for love. He has since gone off to college and graduated.

Rachel: Hi guys.. wooh sorry. These two are still into each other after all these years.

Rachel: Hi Fog. Congrats on the promotion.
Fog: Thank you. I worked very hard to get it.
Rachel: That's great! Steer clear of the living room for about 20 minutes or so.
Fog: *looks confused* OK.

Rachel: What's wrong with the dishwasher?
Rosario: Nothing. I just wanted to see if could work better.

Rachel: Nice going Canada!
Canada: Thank you
Rachel: So are you guys going to start working on another child soon?
Canada: Soon, I hope.

Rachel: Happy Birthday guys! Still a very lovely couple.

Rachel: Another batch of puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Joao.

Rachel: Welcome Steph.

Rachel: Singing time for little Mexico.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mexico!

Rachel: Very handsome little boy.

Rachel: Looks like Canada has found her preferred hobby too.

Rachel: Way to go Fog!
Fog: Can I go in the living room?
Rachel: Sure.

Mexico: Welcome home pops.
Fog: Thanks son.

Rachel: Looks like you guys founf time to try for a girl.
Canada: Yep, it was really hard.

Rachel: Looks like homework time got these two to best friends. How nice.

Rachel: Nice job Fog!

Rachel: You're on a roll!
Fog: Thanks! Living room OK?
Rachel: Yep.

Rachel: You like games huh?
Fog: Sure do. Gotta be able to kick back from time to time.

Mexico: Sweet!
Rachel: Nice going! Little man. Looks like that time studying with Grandpa paid off all around.

Mexico: Look Mom! Mom!
Rachel: Your mom's really tired from being pregnant. She'll cheer later.

Rachel: Looks like Mexico gets along with his cousin Gina, very well.

Rachel: How sweet a family dinner.
Canada: Now Mexico you're going to be a big brother soon. Do you know what that means?
Mexico: That I have to help out more and be nice to my baby brother or sister.
Canada: That's right.

Rachel: Looks like the time is upon us.

Canada: It's a girl! This is Australia.
Rachel: Can I get a look at her?

Rachel: She's beautiful.

Rachel: Looks like you found something a little more productive to tinker with.
Rosario: Sure did.

Rachel: Happy birthday Joas! You sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: You made it! Nice going!
Fog: Thanks. Living room?
Rachel: All clear.

Rachel: Nice job to you too Canada!
Canada: Thanks! I'm enjoying my new career.

Rachel: Steph, you're cool looking too. I think you're identical to your brother.

Rachel: Sorry George.

Rachel: Nice job regardless of that chance card.

Rachel: And it looks like Canada has found a second outlet for her interest in science.

Rachel: Don't look so disappointed Canada. He's doing a good job.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Australia!

Rachel: She looks so much like her mother. In her features that is.

Canada: Look whose walking like a big girl.

Rachel: Nice job to you too England.

Rachel: And now I must go until next week.
Points: 7
2 for Top of Career for Canada and Fog
1 for Australia
4 for money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Great entry, as always. Australia is adorable, as are the dogs.

SirenPrincess said...

It always makes me so sad when sims become elders. I know it's necessary, but it's still sad. I wish there was better elder cc. It would have been nice if Rosario could keep her hairstyle, just in gray, you know?

Minty said...

Mexico is just gorgeous and I love his outfit! And naturally, as an Australian, I can't wait to see how Australia turns out - so far so good.

Kerry said...

"Living room okay?"


ASimWen said...

The neighborhood is moving on. The genetics in the pets are outrageous. :)

Melissa said...

I love the pet genetics, too! Australia is a cutie pie.

Jenni said...

I read your blog from the first post all the way down to the last one... It took me about two weeks but it was worth the read! Adorable toddler! As always!

ciyrose said...

I'm loving seeing these puppies growing up. You have got some GREAT pet genetics going on.

The kids are all super cute too.