Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vega 2 - Round 6

Can't Catch a Break
Last time Tempus and Aston's elder daughter, Lucida returned from college with her boyfriend Sleet Forsythe. Sleet quickly proposed and the two married. Arial, the younger daughter, grew to teen and went off to college. She has since returned. Several puppies were born as was one son, Benguiant. At the end of the week Lucida found herself pregnant again and hoping for a daughter.

Rachel: Looks like everyone is at work or sleeping. I think I need to come back later.

Rachel: Welcome home Milo. Congrats on a job well done!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Aston!
Aston: Thanks! It's good to be here.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Tempus!
Tempus: Thank you Rachel.

Rachel: How are you liking being a grandma Tempus?
Tempus: Oh I just love it! I can hardly wait to have another grandchild.

Rachel: Opps. Sorry Trixie.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mark. You sure are a handsome dog.

Rachel: Nice going Trixie!

Rachel: Hey Lucida. Glad to see you're up finally.
Lucida: Ahhhh!!
Rachel: Oh baby time, sorry.

Rachel: And. . . and?

Lucida: It's a girl! Meet Gina!

Tempus: Wooh! It's a girl!

Rachel: Adopting another dog?
Lucida: Yep. We wanted a mate for Mark. I hope they get along.

Rachel: Welcome Kimmy.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Benguiant!

Rachel: What a handsome lad you are. You look so much like Sleet it's remarkable.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Nice job Aston!
Aston: Thanks. I really love my time fishing.

Rachel: No one can catch a break.

Rachel: Man alive!

Tempus: So see, that is why E=MC2

Rachel: Happy Birthday Gina!!!

Rachel: What a cutie pie.

Rachel: Wow. Bad, bad luck.

Rachel: Congrats to you Mark!

Rachel: Looks like lots of learning all around.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Trixie! Still just as lovely.

Lucida: Walking like a big girl!
Rachel: They grow up so fast.

Rachel: *shakes head*

Rachel: Milo. psst Milo. Back away from the skunk, very slowly.

Rachel: Come one Milo, just start backing away.

Rachel: Oh no. *shakes head*

Rachel: Looks like a tomato bath is in order. And he just had a bath too.

Rachel: I leave these two alone for two seconds, and they both start dancing. Too funny.

Rachel: Where did that come from Aston?
Aston: I found it on my walk.
Rachel: Where? In someone's yard? This just doesn't seem right some how.

Rachel: Wow Aston! You realize you're bathing in the front yard?
Aston: Yes.
Rachel: *Looks at me* Wow, I think he's losing it.
Me: *nods*

Rachel: Nice going Tempus!

Rachel: Hey there Benguiant. You sure have been quiet.
Benguiant: Just going to school and stuff.
Rachel: OK.

Rachel: Happy birthday again Gina!

Rachel: I love that haircut on you Gina.
Gina: Thanks. Mom thought it would look nice. I like it too.

Rachel: Way to go Lucida!

Me: That's doable. They already have some.

Rachel: Yep, I left her alone again. She's a dancing queen for sure.

Rachel: Taking up a new hobby?
Tempus: Sure am. I really wanted to get my hands dirty this time.
Rachel: That you are.

Rachel: Now I see what else you've been up to.
Benguiant; I like painting. It sooths me.
Rachel: An eight year old needs soothing? *shrug* OK.

Rachel: Awe.
Me: Yep, I left these two alone for a minute.
Rachel: I guess everyone likes to dance around here.

Rachel: Looks like all that stealing, I mean hiking, has paid off.

Rachel: And Sleet's time at the potters wheel has paid off.

Rachel: And that's my que to exit. See you next week.
Points: 6
1 for Gina (Which is a font)
1 for Lucida's Top of Career
4 for Money


ASimWen said...

Man oh man..nobody could catch a break at that many bad cards in a row. Eh...what am I doing surfin' the net on Christmas Eve? Waiting for my daughter to go to sleep so I can finish getting Christmas together for her.

Anonymous said...

a lovely update, i am reading your blog on xmas morning everybody else is still alseep.

Kerry said...

I hate it when they just can't get a break on those chance cards! But they all seem to have shaken it off and prospered anyway. Loved seeing Aston in the dog bath in the front yard--wow, old man, get it together!

Yup, it's still Christmas--the meal is eaten, the dishes are done, the wrapping paper is cleaned up--and Mama is relaxing, thank you very much! :)

Robert said...

Nice update, Rachel. I don't think I've seen so many bad chance cards in a row as you had. I think some of them wouldn't have had a good outcome no matter which one you chose.

SirenPrincess said...

I've never seen a skunk spray before. Not pleasant, but funny.

You do seem to have the best luck with getting your sims to the top of their hobbies, despite the bad chance cards.

Merry Christmas, Rachel!

ciyrose said... have had a rocky time with chance cards, not just in this house either. Hopefully that will turn around soon, although everyone seems to still do ok.