Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vega 3 - The Living Room

Last time Rosario and England's daughter, Canada, returned from college with her sweetheart, Fog Forsythe. The two wed and start their family right away. A son, Mexico, arrived soon after. The household dogs, Kelly and George, continued having puppies. Everyone kept working on their careers. Rosario & England's son, Germany, grew to teen and spent the week looking for love. He has since gone off to college and graduated.

Rachel: Hi guys.. wooh sorry. These two are still into each other after all these years.

Rachel: Hi Fog. Congrats on the promotion.
Fog: Thank you. I worked very hard to get it.
Rachel: That's great! Steer clear of the living room for about 20 minutes or so.
Fog: *looks confused* OK.

Rachel: What's wrong with the dishwasher?
Rosario: Nothing. I just wanted to see if could work better.

Rachel: Nice going Canada!
Canada: Thank you
Rachel: So are you guys going to start working on another child soon?
Canada: Soon, I hope.

Rachel: Happy Birthday guys! Still a very lovely couple.

Rachel: Another batch of puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Joao.

Rachel: Welcome Steph.

Rachel: Singing time for little Mexico.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mexico!

Rachel: Very handsome little boy.

Rachel: Looks like Canada has found her preferred hobby too.

Rachel: Way to go Fog!
Fog: Can I go in the living room?
Rachel: Sure.

Mexico: Welcome home pops.
Fog: Thanks son.

Rachel: Looks like you guys founf time to try for a girl.
Canada: Yep, it was really hard.

Rachel: Looks like homework time got these two to best friends. How nice.

Rachel: Nice job Fog!

Rachel: You're on a roll!
Fog: Thanks! Living room OK?
Rachel: Yep.

Rachel: You like games huh?
Fog: Sure do. Gotta be able to kick back from time to time.

Mexico: Sweet!
Rachel: Nice going! Little man. Looks like that time studying with Grandpa paid off all around.

Mexico: Look Mom! Mom!
Rachel: Your mom's really tired from being pregnant. She'll cheer later.

Rachel: Looks like Mexico gets along with his cousin Gina, very well.

Rachel: How sweet a family dinner.
Canada: Now Mexico you're going to be a big brother soon. Do you know what that means?
Mexico: That I have to help out more and be nice to my baby brother or sister.
Canada: That's right.

Rachel: Looks like the time is upon us.

Canada: It's a girl! This is Australia.
Rachel: Can I get a look at her?

Rachel: She's beautiful.

Rachel: Looks like you found something a little more productive to tinker with.
Rosario: Sure did.

Rachel: Happy birthday Joas! You sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: You made it! Nice going!
Fog: Thanks. Living room?
Rachel: All clear.

Rachel: Nice job to you too Canada!
Canada: Thanks! I'm enjoying my new career.

Rachel: Steph, you're cool looking too. I think you're identical to your brother.

Rachel: Sorry George.

Rachel: Nice job regardless of that chance card.

Rachel: And it looks like Canada has found a second outlet for her interest in science.

Rachel: Don't look so disappointed Canada. He's doing a good job.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Australia!

Rachel: She looks so much like her mother. In her features that is.

Canada: Look whose walking like a big girl.

Rachel: Nice job to you too England.

Rachel: And now I must go until next week.
Points: 7
2 for Top of Career for Canada and Fog
1 for Australia
4 for money