Friday, September 25, 2009

Cooprider 1 - Round 7

A Serious of Strange Events
Last time Kricket's eldest, Grasshopper returned from college with her man Cooper. The couple started their family with the arrival of Bumblebee. At the end of the week they welcomed twins, Fairyfly and Mantis right before they were wed. Kricket's youngest, Beetle, grew up to a child and is enjoying being an uncle. Kricket experienced a rather large change when she decided to become a witch.

Assigned Jar Challenge: Play a Witch

Rachel: Hey Kricket! What are you...
Kricket: Shh, studying.
Rachel: Oh sorry.
Kricket: No, I'm sorry for being rude. I'm just really trying to hone my craft. Pardon the pun.
Rachel: No problem. I'll just go check in with everyone else and let you study.

Rachel: Way to go Cooper!

Rachel: What a little entrepreneur. How's business Beetle?
Beetle: Well right now I need to sell 5.625 more glasses of lemonade to break even. So far I've sold one. I estimate I'll break even in about 3.25 hours and then it's all free and clear from there on.
Rachel: I guess you have it all figured out.

Beetle: Thanks! I just broke even.
Rachel: Great job!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bumble Bee!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Bumble Bee: *giggle* Thanks weird lady.

Rachel: Puppy time!

Rachel: Welcome Fred!

Rachel: *Looks around* Where's Cooper?
Me: Aliens.
Rachel: What?!?!
Me: Don't worry. He'll be returned safe and sound: more or less.
Rachel: But will he be... pregnant?
Me: Nope, the house is full so there's no room for a baby. Alien or otherwise.

Rachel: Cooper are you OK?

Cooper: Ehhh! No!

Rachel: Now that's one way to get to know the neighborhood kids.

Rachel: Nice job Cooper.

Rachel: Congratulations Grasshopper!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mantis!

Rachel: Wow you look exactly like your brother did at your age.

Rachel: Straight to the potty.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Fairyfly!

Rachel: A little as well.

Kricket: Mantis, Mantis, come to grandma!

Rachel: Doesn't look like Fairyfly is very enthusiastic about learning either.

Rachel: What are you doing Kricket? Why are you closing the business?

Kricket: Get out! Out! Well, now that my family is making the house burst at the seams, there really isn't room for customers wondering around. Plus they keep taking the babies out of one crib and putting them in another. It's maddening!
Rachel: Well, that makes sense.

Rachel: Sorry Grasshopper.

Rachel: Oh good, looks like the teaching is going better.

Rachel: Way to go Cooper!
Cooper: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Whose your friend Mantis?
Bumble Bee: This is Fini. She's pretty.
Rachel: Yes dear, she is but aren't you a little young to be chasing after girls or, in this case, women?
Bumble Bee: What?
Rachel: Never mind.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Beetle!

Rachel: A handsome young man but, ah, tie up your robe please. Now, what would you like in life?

Beetle: I would like a family.

Beetle: And I'd like to defend them as Captain Hero.
Rachel: How lovely.

Rachel: Great job on the A+ man!

Rachel: Now she's a little more appropriate given your age.
Sunshine: Bang!
Bumble Bee: You got me!

Rachel: Nice job on the scholarships man.
Beetle: Thanks. See you after college.

Rachel: What are you doing?

Kricket: Cleaning up. No more puddles!
Rachel: I'm so glad you're a good witch.

Points: -1
They lost money remodeling the house. Opps.


Jenni said...

Ooh, Beetle's cute!!

ASimWen said...

Hiya Kricket! *wavies* She has a nice looking family there!

M.McMillan said...

Good decision to close the family business. With that much going on who can keep track of what the extras are doing

Kerry said...

Yeah, that's a busy family! My head is swimming....

ciyrose said...

This family is big....I couldn't keep tract of who was whom. Cute kids though, and I like Kricket as a witch. :)