Monday, September 28, 2009

Rosada 2 - Round 7

A Complete Family
Last time Tomato returned home with boyfriend, October Dante. The couple got engaged, married, and promptly started a family when Romaine was born. Cucumber, the youngest son of Danielle and William, grew to teen and dated like mad. He has since gone off to college. Tomato is now expecting a second child and holding for an heiress.

Rachel: Speaking of a second baby, looks like it's time.

Rachel: What is it?
Tomato: It's another boy. Welcome Celery.

Rachel: Awe look how cute he is. Do you think you'll keep trying to have a girl?
Tomato: Nah. Our family is complete, as is.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Danielle: Wooh!
Rachel: Looks like Danielle doesn't mind either.

Rachel: Opps.

Me: Look at who we have here.
Rachel: Yeah it's that Flick Guy again.
Me: For someone who claims to not want to get attention, he sure does show up a lot.

Rachel: It's about time you guys got a pet. I mean, nice to see Bonnie get a new home.

Rachel: Um Flick, what are you doing with the puppy?
Flick: Just saying, Hey".

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Romaine!

Rachel: What a handsome young man. You're going to be a real heart breaker some day.

Rachel: What a nifty new form of transportation you have Kricket.
Kricket: Thanks. Apparently it comes with witch craft.
Rachel: Cool.

Rachel: Sweet! Another dog. Welcome Gerry.

Rachel: Are you sure the sparkling is OK for the baby?
Kricket: Oh sure. My grand babies are fine.

Rachel: Way to October!

Romaine: Welcome home dad! Great job on the promotion.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Celery!

Rachel: Another handsome little man.

Rachel: Yep, he looks like Grandpa William for sure.

October : Come to Papa.
Rachel: It looks like that sparkly stuff off Kricket trails behind her.
Kricket: Shh, it's fine.

William: Oh goodness. You said bear really fast. You're very smart.

Rachel: Homework time. I'll come back.

Rachel: Sweet a genie lamp!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Gerry, you sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Wow looks like Celery is a little social butterfly already.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: Wow you maxed all your skills, nice job Tomato!
Tomato: Thanks. It took a lot of work but I did it.

Rachel: Romaine you made into Art studio before you became a teen? Now I'm impressed. You're quite a talented young man.

Rachel: Good job Danielle. Watch out, your grandson is right behind you.

Rachel: Where are you guys going?
Tomato: Um, no where. Excuse us.
Rachel: OH, sorry.

Rachel: Nursery rhythm time. Let's all sing along.

Romaine: Mom! Dad! Look, I an A+!
Tomato: Oh sorry dear. Great job!

Rachel: Sorry October.

Tomato: Sorry for not paying enough attention to you before.
Romaine: Swing me faster Mom!
Rachel: I thing you're forgiven.

Danielle: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: I think we need to do something about that ghost.

Points: 8
4 for money
1 for October's Top of Career
3 for Tomato's Impossible Want of Maxing All Skills


Jenni said...

Aww, Celery is so cute

ASimWen said...

*Wavies* to Danielle...another entertaining entry! :)

SirenPrincess said...

It's great seeing you use my bunny tip :-)

Love the little boys. So cute.

ciyrose said...

Very fun. Romaine in the art studio already...he's super smart.

Chrissy Brown said...

The boys are handsome :) and don't despair, I'm sure William will get his 20 grandkids :)