Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rosada 3 - Round 7

All That Crafting
Last time Amethyst and Bronx became elders and raised their youngest three Malacite, Emerald and Ruby. Ruby was chose 50 1st Dates as her dream and the stream of dates began. She somehow managed to complete them all in college and managed to meet a very nice young man named Nathan whom she fell in love with. He has returned to the homestead her.

Jar Challenge: Make money ONLY from hobbies for a week

Rachel: Welcome home guys!
Ruby: Thanks! It's nice to be home.
Nathan: And it's nice to finally have a home.
Rachel: I bet.

Rachel: What are you doing Bronx?

Rachel: Wait you too?
Me: I believe that would be my fault.
Rachel: What did you do now?
Me: Well you know how each household has to do something, um, interesting?
Rachel: Yessss...
Me: Well these guys can only make money this week buy making stuff, no jobs allow.
Rachel: *grumble* They had great jobs but I guess that's not as bad as it could have been.
Me: This is true.

Rachel: I guess that means Nathan's dream will have to wait.
Me: It will

Rachel: As will Ruby's.
Me: This is also true.

Rachel: Wait, you guys weren't in love yet?
Ruby: Sorta stepping on the moment here.

Rachel: Proposal!

Rachel: That looks like a, "Yes!"

Rachel: Congrats guys!

Rachel: wedding time! Shhh!
Me: I didn't say anything.
Rachel: In case you were thinking about it.
Me: OK

Rachel: Sweet, cake time!

Me: I don't remember ever seeing the maid enjoying a piece of wedding cake.
Rachel: He was probably just hungry.
Me: Probably. Relax. Merely observing.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kevin. You sure are a cutie.

Rachel: Must be a "friend" for Kevin.

Rachel: Oh dear. the fun begins.

Rachel: Nice job Ruby! You must be raking in the dough from sewing.
Ruby: Doing OK.

Rachel: Speaking of doing OK. Looks like a little one is on the way. You doing OK?
Ruby: Sure am.

Rachel: Nice job Bronx!

Rachel: Fancy clothes, here we come!

Rachel: The dogs do not seem to be getting allow right now.

Rachel: Opps. Well I had best gone

Points: 7 all for Money


M.McMillan said...

I just love your skins. How do the genetics with them go

Kerry said...

Yeah! Nice to see these sims back again!

ASimWen said...

I love Ruby's looks! :) Believe it or not, I have yet to get a pointy eared green alien in Prosperity Falls!

ciyrose said...

Well that jar challenge seemed to go well.