Monday, November 16, 2009

Cooprider 2 - Round 7

Another Pet?
Last time Michaell and Santos' younger daughter, Orca, returned from college. She quickly invited her boyfriend, Moss, over and asked him to move in. They found out just how perfect they were for each other when they realized Moss wanted 6 pets to reach the top of their careers while Orca wanted to raise 20 puppies or kitties. They got engaged, married and pregnant in short order. They soon welcomed a son, Sea Lion who looks so much like his father right down to his green skin. The dogs of the house worked on their careers with Ann reaching the top. A puppy, Mark, was born and grew to an adult dog.

Jar Challenge: Free Week, Play however you want.

Rachel: Hi guys. What are we learning today?
Michaell: A Nursery Rhythm.
Rachel: Sweet! I love the nursery rhythm! *plops herself down to sing along*

Rachel: Sorry Santos.

Rachel: Good job Mark!

Rachel: Way to go Orca!

Rachel: No! Ann No!!!

Me: Looks like the dogs are sad too. Can't blame them.

Rachel: Bye girl. You were a good dog. *sniff*

Rachel: Nice job Moss!

Rachel: Well that one was much, much better.

Rachel: Moss? What are you doing?

Moss: Wishing for friends.

Rachel: What'd she give you?
Moss: A flat screen TV.

Rachel: That's a sweet benefit too!

Rachel: Nice going Gloria.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Sea Lion!

Rachel: Oh what a handsome young man. I have some grand daug...
Me: Quiet.
Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Puppy Galena makes her return!
Me: We have missed her.

Moss: So Galena, which career shall you work in.
Rachel: Hold on now. Let's let the puppy grow up first. Cart before the horse much?
Me: *cough* Hypocrite!

Rachel: What happened to Petey?
Michaell: I don't know. One minute he was fine and the next, this.
Rachel: You know he has been here a long time. Maybe it was his time. I'm sorry you lost another pet this week.
Michaell: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Wooh!

Rachel: Wooh!

Rachel: Great job Gloria!

Rachel: You too Mark!

Rachel: How are your grades Sea Lion?
Sea Lion: Ah, not so good.
Rachel: Give it time. They'll pick up. Ask someone for help with your homework tonight.
Sea Lion: OK.

Rachel: Nice job Micheall and I like the new hair do. Love the natural gray!

Rachel: Looks like Moss is working to get Mark another promotion.
*Not Nicole, Rosemary*
Rachel: Looks like Sea Lion is making friends.
Me: Yep and these two are very distant relatives. So much so that the game doesn't know it so they could be a couple one day.
Rachel: Now whose the hypocrite?
Me: Good point. I apologize.

Rachel: Wow Sam has a very large family. I didn't realize how big.

Rachel: This should help with your grades.
Sea Lion: Shhh, learning.

Rachel: No! Not Sam too!!!

Rachel: Bye girl! I remember when you first came here.

Rachel: Nice job Gloria! That's the 2nd pet to the top of a career for Moss.

Rachel: Wooh A+!!! I told you it would work!
Sea Lion: Thanks!

Rachel: OK, maybe when your dad is sleeping isn't the best time to tell him about your A+.

Sea Lion: Wooh!
Rachel: Fine, don't listen to me.

Moss: It's OK, I'm proud of my boy.

Moss: Wooh!

Rachel: Nice job Orca!
Orca: Thanks!

Rachel: Didn't she just get higher wages?

Rachel: Unless I can't count there should be room for one more.
Me: *whistles innocently*

Rachel: Nice going Michaell.
Points: 12
11 for money
1 for Orca's Top of Career


Jenni said...

*Starts singing Baby's On The Way by Luke Bryan even though that's a couple song and not talking about an actual baby but she doesn't really care because the title seems to fit*

Kerry said...

OH, what a hard week for losing pets! But Sea Lion is really handsome.

ASimWen said...

OH OH OH!!!! HI MOSS! *wavies* Oh you make pretty babies. I love Moss. *sigh* I remember when he was

ciyrose said...

Wow...rough week on pets here. Sea Lion is a cutie though.