Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dante 2 - Round 7

That's My Grandson
Last time Sasha and Destin's daughter, May, returned from college with her boyfriend Ian Ziese-Lecy. The couple got engaged and married quickly because they suspected they were expecting. They had a son, December. They decided to go for a daughter but another son arrived who they named August. Other than that there were some promotions and some kittens.

Looks like I forgot to pull a Jar challenge for these guys. I do that. I'm forgetful.

Rachel: Hello my grandson December. Oh careful with the kitty dear.
December: Kit-t.

Rachel: Hi son. Oh it's December's birthday!

Rachel: Happy Birthday little man!

Rachel: Oh you are a handsome one. The Holiday and Ziese-Lecy genes make for attractive kids.
December: Ahhhh...thanks Grandma?
Me: That was weird.

Rachel: Nice job son.

Rachel: Great job May!

Rachel: Oh December, whose you're friend?
December: Um...I missed it. She ran away REALLY fast.
Rachel: This bodes ill.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear August!

Rachel: Hey wrong Grandma!

Rachel: Another cutie!

Rachel: Straight to the potty! Way to get right to it son!

Rachel: From potty to talking.

Rachel: Looks like Grandma Sasha is helping him with his homework. This is good. She is rather mean so her being so nice to my grandson is good.
Me: She's actually a good Mom and Grandma. Just don't get her around her brother Leeland and we'll be fine.

Rachel: Way to go May!

Ian: Ahhh!
Rachel: Are you OK Ian?
Ian: Man, that was scary. Yes, I'm OK.

Rachel: Happy Brithday Erik!

December: Yes!
Rachel: Oh congratulations! That's my grandson.
Me: You mentioned that.

Rachel: Great job my boy!

Rachel: Looks like they will be working together.

Rachel: That's my grandson! Efficiently making friends.

Rachel: Way to go Clive!

Rachel: I had best leave these kids alone. I don't understand why they have a tent in their yard. *shrug*

Points: 2
2 for May & Ian's Tops of Careers


Kerry said...

Poor Rachel--she seems both proud and puzzled by that set of grandkids!

ASimWen said...

Woo December is a good looking little boy. :)

ciyrose said...

The kids sure are cute. Looks like the family is doing good. Are they going to try for a girl I wonder?