Sunday, May 20, 2007

Knight 1 Round 4

Kids and Dogs
Last time Kora and Jazz welcomed another dog Blue into the family. Apollo and Zeus grew to be lovely children. They also welcomed another lovely son, Ares. Kora and Jazz were hoping to breed Roxie and Blue but unfortunately they didn't get along.

Rachel: Hey wait, what's going on?
Jazz: We decided to adopt another dog in hopes he will get along with Roxie and be able to have some puppies.

Jazz: All right Freddy I hope you get along with our Roxie.

Rachel: Oh no, that's the wrong adult dog! Well I guess it's good if you all get along.

Rachel: Congratulations Kora! Nice job!

Rachel: How you liking school Zeus?
Zeus: It's pretty sweet. We learn a bunch everyday.
Rachel: Well that's nice.

Rachel: Yippeee, great job! First A+!!!

Rachel: You too Apollo! Nice going !!!!

Jazz: I've almost maxed all my skills now. I should have more time to help out if you want to.
Kora: Well it sure would be good to have a girl to carry on the family name.
Rachel: Oh excuse me then.

Rachel: So Kora, do you think you're preg...
Kora: Shh, we don't want to talk about it in front of the boys til we know anything.
Ares: Mom?
Kora: Oh nothing dear, lets concentrate on this math now.

Rachel: WOW $50,000! That should help out the ever growing family.
Jazz: Do you know something.
Rachel: Not yet.
Me: I do, but I won't tell.

Rachel: Way to go Jazz!!!!
Jazz: Why thank you!

Ares: Wooh! My first A+!
Jazz: *yawn* Oh wonderful Ares! Sorry I was just up too late last night.

Rachel: Oh look Roxie and Blue are getting along really well.
Me: Finally!

Rachel: It's your birthdays already!?!?!
Zeus: I wish for...

Rachel: Those Holiday genes are shining through again. So what are you looking for in life Zeus?

Zeus: A life of pleasure.

Zeus: And I'd love to reach the top of the Game Career
Rachel: That sounds like fun. I hope you can do it.

Apollo: I wish....

Rachel: Wow Apollo, you are amazingly handsome too!
Apollo: Well thanks

Apollo: I'd like a life of pleasure too.

Apollo: And I really want 50 1st dates!
Rachel: 50 1st dates, really?!?!
Apollo: Yeah, so?
Me: *whispers to Rachel*
Rachel: Um we'll have to see about that. Um there are others around here with the same want.
Apollo: So?
Me: *whispers to Rachel*
Rachel: There just might not be time. We'll see.

Rachel: Guys, do you really think catch inside is a good idea? Guys? Fine ignore me.

Kora: Come on girl, try for puppies with Blue.

Rachel: Yay! Puppies!

Rachel: Zeus, what are you doing? I would think your brother would be asking for a blind date, not you.
Zeus: I just really want to kiss a girl.
Rachel: Good luck man.

Rachel: Oh wow, Quita! You two would have beautiful babies.
Zeus: Woh, hold now, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Rachel: Ares, I was wondering where you were. Haven't seen much of you.
Ares: Wee HeHe!
Rachel: You're a funny little boy.

Zeus: Well you sure are pretty Quita.
Quita: Wooh buddy, don't get ahead of yourself here.
Rachel: Do you guys hear something outside?

Rachel: Ah, whose fighting?

Rachel: Awe Blue got his butt handed to him by a wolf!

Rachel: Puppies!!!!

Rachel: Two pups, a boy and a girl. Humm, Keenan and Kelly.

Rachel: Freddy, you're no long the only puppy around.

Rachel: Ah, I guess you're no longer a puppy either.

Rachel: Freddy, don't drink that!

Rachel: Jazz it looks like your house is overflowing with dogs.
Jazz: I agree.

Rachel: What, the puppies and Freddy are all going?
Jazz: Well Blue and Roxie get along now, so Freddy isn't needed. And we want them to have more puppies so we can get a lot of rotties out in Prosperity Point.

Kora: Ahhhh!
Rachel: What happened?
Kora: I was, well I got distracted. See I found out I'm not pregnant.
Rachel: I'm sorry. Um, the fire is spreading.

Rachel: Thank goodness the firewoman is here.

Kora: I'm not pregnant.
Jazz: I'm sorry dear.

Kora: I think the dog is pregnant.
Rachel: I'm sorry.

Kora: So?
Jazz: OK.

Rachel: So do you think, this time?
Jazz: I hope so.

Rachel: How you feeling Kora?
Kora: Cold. Oh you mean. OK, so far.

Rachel: You maxed another skill! Nice going Jazz!!!

Rachel: Nice job Kora!

Rachel: Oh looks like things are going better between Zeus and Quita.

Rachel: Much better.

Zeus: We're best friends now.
Rachel: So is she coming to college with you.
Zeus: Sure is.

Rachel: Apollo? Apollo, what's wrong? Quick someone Apollo is frozen!!!!

Zeus: I know, a hair dryer.

Rachel: How you doing Apollo?
Apollo: Still cold, but I'm working on it.

Kora: Yes!
Rachel: I'm so happy for you!

Rachel: Puppies!!!

Rachel: Another boy and girl, Kimmy and Kenny.

Ares: Hello Puppy.
Rachel: Oh hey Ares, good to see you.

Apollo: Vanessa, you sure are beautiful.
Vanessa: Oh Apollo!
Rachel: This could end badly for Vanessa.

Rachel: There you are again Ares. What are you doing? Step away from the bubble blower, you're too young for that.

Vanessa: Oh Apollo.
Rachel: Broken heart on the way.

Rachel: Looks like one of the brothers has found true love.

Rachel: What is this?
Jazz: Roxie was getting old and we want her to have some more puppies.

Jazz: That oughta do it.

Rachel: What are you making Jazz?
Jazz: Just some desert.

Rachel: Oh, it's Ares birthday. Jazz must have been making the cake.
Ares: I wish....

Rachel: Another handsome young man. So what are you looking for in life?

Ares: A life of romance.
Me: *sarcastically* Great.

Kora: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Kora: It's a girl!!!!
Rachel: Oh congratulations!

Kora: Ahhhhh!!!
Rachel: Twins! I guess that wasn't birthday cake Jazz was cooking.

Kora: And a boy, Eros.
Rachel: Ah the God and Goddess of love. Congratulations on another son and finally a daughter to carry on the family name. I have got to go. See you all next week.

Points: 10
1 for top of career for Jazz
2 for the Twins
7 for money, gotta love those Chase Cards