Sunday, May 13, 2007

University Round 4 Part1

Welcome Freshmen
Today we welcome the newest batch of freshmen. Buckle up, there are a lot of them.

Um what is Komeii doing dropping Georgia off at college? She hates him and he's a terrible father! Oh sorry. This is Georgia Tellerman. She's the daughter of Jan Tellermen and this loser. She rebelled against her mother's romancing ways as a child but has decided that is what she wants as well. At least for now that is. She is single.

Yeah, tear, I'm real sure.

This is California Ribeiro. She is one of Abigail's twin daughters from Bob, whatever his last name is. Her mother is married to Georgia's, finally. She is one of the prettiest girls arriving at Sim State. She wants to know everyone, but just for friendship thank you very much. Sorry guys, she is taken by Carrot Rosada.

This is Florida Ribeiro, California's twin sister. Despite her mother's cheating ways she too has chosen a life of romance. She is currently single.

This is Zucinni Rosada. He is one of Danielle and William's twin boys. He was always a very good boy until he chose a life of romance but his goal is to become a Celebrity Chef and he's never swayed since finding his girlfriend Natalie Nettles.

Speaking of Natalie Nettles, this is her. Other than being Zucinni's girlfriend we really don't know anything about her yet.

Welcome to Carrot Rosada, Zucinni's twin brother. He's a nice enough young man with dreams of a lifetime of fun and a career as a Professional Party guest. He is currently dating California Ribeiro, sorry ladies.

And the final member of our first household is Jewel Ribeiro, California and Florida's second cousin I believe. Their cousin Bethany is Jewel's mom. Jewel is family minded but hasn't yet found a man to start a family with, but with those beautiful violet eyes, that shouldn't be a problem.

This is Shasta Norwood, another new comer. She has a 3 bolt chemistry with Zircon Rosada, how could we keep them apart.

Speaking of Zircon Rosada. He is one of the first twins of Amethyst & Bronx (Vega) Rosada. He seeks knowledge when he isn't busy being all in love with Shasta.

This is his twin brother Tanzanite. He was always the more outgoing of the twins and seeks wealth with a career in Adventure. His girlfriend Karoline Bach doesn't mind at all.

Yep, that's right I mentioned Karoline Bach. She's a transplant from the shared hood. She's been looking for a soulmate ever since she arrived and she found in our blue boy, Tanzanite.

This is Butterfly Cooprider. She got her mom's (Kricket) good looks and her father's (Leeland Dante) mean personality. No guy has fallen for her yet but she was only a teen for 5 minutes before heading off to college.

This is Butterfly's older brother Scorpian. He's as mean as he is handsome. He looked for a lady to love but always came across as an a... a jerk we'll say. He seeks fortune through medicine, as long he isn't my doctor.

This is his twin sister Grasshopper. Despite also wanting wealth she couldn't be more different. This darling is as nice as she is pretty which makes it not surprising that she snagged Cooper Kaufman.

Welcome to Prosperity Point Cooper. He was raised by any interesting woman along with 6 siblings. they all arrived as toddlers. Things were crazy in the house but everyone made it through. Despite his friendship with Ellen Caligula he fell hard for Grasshopper.

Here's our other Cooper, Cooper Maripossa. He's dating our lovely blue girl, Ultramarine Rosada.

Speaking of which Miss Ultramarine here is the daughter of Aquamarine & Zachary (Lancaster) Rosada. She's part of our second set of twins from this family and wants to be popular by being a Celebrity Chef.

This is Ultramarine's twin brother Metro (ignore the caption). He's famous for ruining his older brother Royal's date with Temperance by flirting with her. He wants to be a Celebrity Chef too, but seeks a life of pleasure, but only wants the pleasure of Temperance's company.

Speaking of Temperance, here she is. She knew Royal wasn't the type to settle down and she wanted into "the show" as she calls it, so when his brother showed some real interest what was a girl to do? She is also famous for Prosperity Point's first flaming bag of poo.

Next we have Navy. One of the older brother's to Ultramarine and Metro. He seeks knowledge through a life of crime, not sure how his girlfriend Sariss Skywalker will take that news.

Here is Sariss, she's another transplant from the shared hood. She is one of the prettiest freshman and we just hope she's as nice and smart as she looks.

Finally we have Royal Rosada, the love um and leave type. Actually he's not, that bad. He just wants 50 1st dates. He never takes things too far and would never intentional break anyone'sSariss, but Metro moving on Temperance while he was on a date with her wasn't cool. He's very angry with those two.

Our next house is a real House o' Hotties.

First is my son MJ Ziese-Lecy. Did you see me dropping him off. I'm going to miss him. Anyway, besides being remarkably handsome he is also smart and kind. He wants a family but also to raise a whole ton of pets. He had his eye on Xara before he even knew what love was.

This is my future daughter in law Xara. She's the daughter of someone we all know but that's all we know about her right now.

This is Dolphin Cooprider, eldest daughter of Michaell & Santos (Vega) Cooprider. She seeks wealth through a career in business. She met and fell hard for Ian Kaufman.

This is Ian Kaufman, he's Cooper's brother and also came from to Prosperity Point as a mere toddler. Beyond that, he's currently a mystery.

This is Dolphin's younger sister Orca. She arrived at Sim State shortly after becoming a teen and never had a chance to meet any boys, which is very lucky for the men of Sim State.

Next one of the most handsome men at Sim State, Pluto Vega, son of Coqui & Andre (Holiday) Vega. Pluto is a sweet boy. He wants a family and to protect all of Prosperity Point as our very own Captain Hero.

Finally, in this house at least, we have Natalie Kaufman. She is Ian and Cooper's sister and Pluto's girlfriend. That's all we know.

Next we have the house of singles. All ladies except Cougar, maybe he can find love with one of his 3 non-sister roommates.

Here we have Sun Ribeiro. A lovely family minded young woman who is as serious as her father Xuan but as nice as her mother Aimee.

This is her younger sister Kate. She's got her mind on her money and will do anything to get it.

the youngest of the three sisters at Sim State is Libby. She's all about having fun and what's more fun than being a Celebrity Chef?

Next we have... um Cougar kindly remove yourself from Libby.

Much better. This is Cougar Lancaster son of Brenden. After the unfortunate death of his step mom Hedwig he and his sister high tailed it to Sims State.

And the last member of this house, Cougar's sister Puma. She cried a lot as a kid and now wants a life that is fun.

Here's our last group of new freshmen, finally.

This is Lily Dante, daughter of Liza and Howie (Busto) Dante. She is also a pleasure seeker wanting 50 1st dates.

This is Oak Dante, Lily's twin brother. He wants love of the physical nature and wants it from 20 different people. We'll see.

This is George Dante, son of Kayla and Benjamin (Ribeiro) Dante. Which makes him Lily and Oak's nephew. He's a good boy who wants fortune but not without the love of his life Libby.

Finally, really finally, we have Libby. She is very new to Prosperity Point but started popping up everywhere as soon as she arrived. She's a lovely girl and a perfect match for George.

Up next we'll see a glimpse of the beginning of these kids college careers along with a few graduations.
heart. He was cool with it when Navy started dating his cast off


Twoyys4me said...

wow that's a lot of new students! I can't wait to see how they all settle in and hear about their adventures in Uni.

Felicia said...

Wow, that's even more YAs than I had to deal with! Good luck!

Seeing them all like this brings it home how many interesting skintones you have in your 'hood. I'm jealous!

Kerry said...

Oh, gee, I feel dizzy. That's an amazing group to get through Uni! All different colors, too. I see your Copper Mariposa still has his wings--boo hoo, I wish mine did!

Bubbs said...

OMG - is the Uni big enough for all these??? Can't wait to see their lives.

Sally said...

THIRTY SEVEN Uni students?! 37? Did I count right? How do you find the stamina? Seriously - good luck and big respect for sending so many teens to Uni. I can't wait to see some of the kids from those match ups - the next generation is going to be gorgeous!

PRMami said...

Holy smokes! That's a lot of YA's to put through college - dang!

Good luck -lmao

Spinn said...

Looks like a lot of new houses will be founded in Prosperity Point soon? I'm deeply impressed! It's one thing seeing them grow up in post after post, it's a totaly different thing to see them all in one go, there's just so many of them! You sure has work to do!

ASimWen said...

WooHoo~ good think you love workin' the Uni rounds! I saw Xaun tryin' to shed a tear when he dropped of his dead gorgeous girls. hahaha Way to go!

ciyrose said...

I'm not sure how you do it...all those YA to send through Uni. I even semi like uni...although it takes me forever sometimes. I can't even imagine. I sort of hope my hoods never get this big, but I know there is a good chance they will. The next generation is going to be really fun to see.