Saturday, May 19, 2007

Caligula 1 Round 4

Make a Wish
Last time Ellen grew up to be a beautiful girl. Kalliope & Dakota decided to through caution to the wind, throwing out "The Letter" and try for another baby. Little Janeane was born shortly after. Ellen continued her friendship with teen Cooper Kaufman. These two seemed meant for each other with constant wants for each and Cooper calling Ellen all the time.

Rachel: Ellen, what's wrong?
Ellen: Cooper went off to college without me. He said he loves this other girl.
Rachel: Oh I see honey, um these things happen.
Ellen: But I love Cooper.
Rachel: Don't worry honey we'll find someone for you to love.

Rachel: Oh looks like we have another puppy joining us. Oh hey it's Thomas.

Kalliope: Thanks for coming by with the new puppy.
Rachel: Yeah I guess there isn't much crime in Prosperity Point if the cops are dropping of adopted pets.

Rachel: Oh Thomas you are so adorable.

Kalliope: Oh you're such a cutie puppy.

Rachel: Janeane you're a little dancing fool just like your sister.

Rachel: Hey Kalliope I see you put in a green house. I didn't know how you would find room on your small lot.
Kalliope: Well, it's not as big as I'd like but it works.

Rachel: Awe......

Rachel: Looks like Thomas and Molly are getting along well. Hopefully by the time they are adults, they'll be ready to have puppies.

Rachel: Wow Kalliope you sure are getting good at gardening really fast.
Kalliope: why thank you I am really enjoying it.

Rachel: whatcha making Dakota?
Dakota: Oh today is Ellen's birthday and she asked for her favorite meal.

Rachel: Spaghetti with meatballs is your favorite meal?
Ellen: Sure is it's yummy.

Rachel: make a wish.

Rachel: Wow!
Ellen: What?
Rachel: You're gorgeous!
Ellen: Oh thanks.
Rachel: So what are you looking for in time?

Ellen: Knowledge.
Rachel: Brains and beauty.

Ellen: And I'd love to know everything there is to know.
Rachel: Great!

Rachel: Wow Dakota sure has made a lot of money. Too bad he's seeks knowledge instead of money. Oh well the family can still use it.

Rachel: Oh hey Thomas grew up, guess we missed that.

Rachel: Hey guys Janeane is awake again and not happy she's still in the crib.
Me: That's the worst thing about having the nursery upstairs I kept forgetting to check on her.

Rachel: Looks like little Molly has grown up well.

Rachel: I seem to remember seeing a similar site when they pups.

Rachel: Speaking of pups, we've got some on the way.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Janeane!

Rachel: Look at those freckles and that beautiful smile!
Janeane: Thanks lady!
Rachel: I think it's time for those braids to go though.

Rachel: What do you think?
Janeane: I love it!

Ellen: Get me a good date please. I need to forget about Cooper.

Ellen: Make him handsome and smart.

Me: It's Cade... Tellerman I believe.
Rachel: So what do you think Ellen?
Ellen: He's nice enough and smart enough but there just wasn't much of a spark.
Rachel: Better luck next time.

Rachel: Maybe this stereo is magical. Everyone always has to dance

Rachel: Kalliope why are you wearing you coat and mittens in the kitchen?
Kalliope: It's cold in here.
Rachel: What's the deal with that?
Me: I think it's some architectural difficulties with the new weather. So this gorgeous house won't be quite so gorgeous anymore but we can't have you all freezing inside your own house.

Rachel: I see you're trying to get into the gardening club?

Rachel: Hey good job. You're the first here to even try.

Rachel: Oh ah, hi there Dakota.
Dakota: Oh sorry, I'm just working on my body skills It's the last one I have left.

Rachel: Wait whose getting a new job?
Dakota: That's me.
Rachel: OK, best of luck.

Rachel: Homework time for Janeane.

Rachel: Wait what? You're not going to be mayor anymore?
Kalliope: No, I'm done with that. Thought I'd let someone else have a turn.

Rachel: Wow great job Dakota!

Rachel: Wow a gold badge! Wonderful job Kalliope!!!

Rachel: Um, Dakota you might want to go inside and start up your yoga again.

Rachel: We know what this means. And I ah hope that's water on the floor.

Rachel: All right since Kalliope and Dakota are um busy, I'll name the puppies. Fran, Freddy and Free.

Me: Just for fun, let's look ath the doggies' family tree. Boo and Otis are from Aracely & Joe Vega. Tammy and Spot belong to Danton & Pania Te Waiata.

Rachel: Oh no the pups are going away already?
Ellen: Yep, but that's just so we can get more.

Dakota: WooHoo!
Rachel: Yep, that's what they are doing.

Kalliope: Oh please feel better tree.

Rachel: Wow nice moves. You guys sure are flexible.
Dakota: I'm still working on those body skill points.

Rachel: Looks like you guys got the obstacle course.
Ellen: Mom brought it home. It's, ouch, fun.

Rachel: Nice job Dakota!

Rachel: Hey you maxed all your skills!
Dakota: Sure did and I'm so excited!

Rachel: Harvesting your veggies?
Kalliope: Sure am. I think I have a pretty good crop.

Rachel: I'd say

Kalliope: Time to put in the next crop.

Rachel: Way to go! You got the wishing well this time!
Kalliope: Way thank you. I worked very hard to get it.

Rachel: What are you up to Ellen?
Ellen: Thought I'd make a wish.

Rachel: Holy crap, what is going on?
Ellen: I don't know I wished for love and then it started glowing green.

Rachel: Wait, what? This guy pops out of the well and here you are kissing him already?!?! Who is it anyway?

Rachel: Rufous Busto!?!? I really didn't think thing worked like this.
Ellen: I'm all smitten and I don't know why. I just met this guy.
Rachel: Let's get you your scholarships and ready to head to college shall we? You'll forget about him when you off to college.

Rachel: Wow, great job!!!! See you soon.

Points: 1 for Money


Melissa said...

What? You didn't want her matched up with Rufus Busto? LOL. Can't say I blame you.

It was nice to see the doggie Family tree. I have yet to get to a 3rd generation with the pets.

Twoyys4me said...

How great that they got the wishing well- and how funny that Rufus appeared! I wish they wouldn't have the option for first kiss, but I guess at least the beautiful Ellen is a teen, and therefore won't love Rufus when she transistions, unlike adults. :) All the kids are very cute and all the puppies too of course. :)

Sally said...

That was a gamble - wishing for love. But I like the way the ugly boy (sorry Rufus!) gets the beautiful girl. I wonder whether they'll stay together?

ASimWen said...

Woo-Hoo! *Thumbs up for the Bustos* Glad to see ya, Rufus! Hey, was that Rich Yessam in the stereo picture? Yes, yes, you SHOULD marry Rufus into the 'beautiful' family! Most definetly...Rufus is beautiful in his own way. *smirk*

PRMami said...

Oh wow Rufus Busto?
Well love is blind eh?
I'm sure they'll have lovely looking children in a genetically challenged way ;)

Bubbs said...

Woo-hoo - Rufus showed up! Yeah Rufus! Too bad you aren't into genetically challenged sims, the combo could be interesting. :)

Kerry said...

I like how puzzled she was about her feelings--he just showed up, and now I'm all smitten? That was funny.

Great to see so many generations of dogs, too--I love how this game can go in so many directions!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I think more Busto genes should get into this town! You are a puppy breeding master; I don't know if I could do it though. But congratulations, you've convinced me to buy Pets anyway. :)

ciyrose said...

Aww a wishing well. I'm still working on that in most of my families. The puppy family tree was fun. I should get more pets into my hood...especially Breeze Point.