Monday, May 14, 2007

University Round 4 Part 2

Love is in the Air

Well, my, my Pine.
Pine: Sorry you caught me getting out of the bathtub. My brother and sister should be here soon with their roommates.

Lily: Wait so you're just talking to a booming voice from the sky?
Pine: Yeah, so?
Oak: That's sort of strange.
Pine: Yeah well it told me to try to get you guys to move in from the dorms.

Pine: So look it just seems like we're punching a time clock here. When are you all going to move in?

Lily: Sure I'll move in. I can't stand any more of that cafeteria food. Everyone else is coming too, I hope there is room.

All right we finally get a look at Libby. She wants a family and to reach her golden anniversary, not too hard.

Looks like Lily is on another first date. Heino is very handsome, his genes could even things out.

Looks like a great date!

Libby has taken to floral arranging I see. A lovely way to spend your time at college.

Lily what are you doing?
Lily: Gypsy lady did you hear something? No? All right, how about another date?

Lily: That isn't seriously Goopy, is it? Ugh!

Lily: This date sucks, I can't even catch fireflies.

Gypsy: What about this guy?
Lily: *Shrugs*

Kate: Um Cougar, you're ah pretty cute.
Cougar: Uh, yeah you too Kate.

Puma: Yeah, what's your name? Charles? Chuckie? You're all right if nothing better comes along.
What lovely luke warm sentiments.

Cougar: Holy Crap! What just happened?
You got struck by lightning. Walk it off Cougar, you'll be fine.

Looks like Royal is also up to more dating.

Huh, I guess no one else here was interesting. Moving along.

Love the makeover Georgia!

You too Florida!

Looks like this house is more fun than the greek house. They have a water slide, the greek

Georgia: Brad, you're sort of all right I think.
Boy everyone is so noncommittal.
Georgia: Just keeping my options open.

A look at Cooper. Ah man 5 Top-level businesses. Could be worse.

Love the new do Shasta!

Tanzanite is like a moth to a flame with the dance sphere.

Orca: Moss you sure are dead sexy in that Diggnation shirt.
Moss: Orca you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
Now that's not luke warm.

Ready? Set? Go!

Finally where we'll spend the rest of this update, Ia Wanna Llama greek house.

Ford: So uh Puma, I think you're lovely.
Puma: You're way better than that Chuck guy. We can go out.

I think these two are keepers.

Congrats on graduating Sawyer! Now back to Prosperity Point, we need to get more kids in here.
Sawyer: One last thing.

Wonderful, now move it.

Elizabeth invited Libby to move in.

Libby invited Kate.

Wonderful job Elizabeth. Get going now.

Oh sorry, almost forgot.

Ford invited his girl Puma to move in.

Nice work Erika!

Libby invited Sun to move in.

Great job Ford!

And Jupiter!

Welcome Pine!

Mary invited Royal in. Which means more dating fun.


Nice work Vincent!

and Xuane!

See another date.

Puma invites her brother Cougar.

Nice work Mary!

What? You can't date Hine. She's taken. End that date quick before someone gets hurt.

Hold on what's this gypsy trying to do? Madalynn is Hine's girlfriend and Hine hasn't left yet. Get out of here Madalynn!

There, that's better.

Welcome to the greek house Lily.

looks like things are going well for Kate and Cougar.

No better place for a first kiss than a bathroom.

More old lady dates.

Royal took a moment out of his dating schedule to invite Navy to move in.

One last date before we go.

Ah and it looks like Lily won't be going for 50 1st dates. My heart wasn't into doing 2 so close together.

Much better.

Finally Pine. I mean congratulations!

Let's see whose left at Ia Wanna Llama!

Next round, we'll have a lot of sims to put through here. We might get a second greek house, one with a pool would be nice.
house doesn't have that.


Twoyys4me said...

Out with the Old and in with the New!
So great to see all those graduations- congrats to all those big achievers.
Loving the Gypsy- what is with her and her dodgy dates?
So funny seeing Lily get Goopy as a date... I like her first date though- v.cute. :)

Felicia said...

Gypsies, grrr. I was recently using her a lot too, and she keeps throwing me dates that are already taken, just not married yet.

Elizabeth's hair seems to want to sink into her cheeks. :P

LOL at your reaction to the lightning strike! "Just walk it off!"

Bubbs said...

OMG!! Great update...lmao. I loved it. :) You have a lot of romantic evenings there.

Sally said...

What's it with that Gypsy and her useless matchmaking skills? I love the way simmers use Uni as a matchmaking ground. It's the perfect place to pair up young Sims before they move back home. Congrats on some great graduations and pairings!

Melissa said...

OMG! I thought I had a lot of YAs! You are paying now for going crazy with the cheesecake, huh? =)

ASimWen said...

Yay for Mary!!!! :) Keep 'em moving, I say! :)Too many to keep straight on my end!

ciyrose said...

Well there sure was a whole lot of dating happening there. Wow