Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ribeiro 4 Round 5

Kitty WooHoo
This is yet another new lot. Libby and Kate are the daughters of Aimee and Xuan Ribeiro. Cougar is the adopted son of Brendan Lancaster. Kate and Cougar met and fell in love at Sim Sate University. Libby is dating Jasper Rosada who is still at Sim State.

Me: Just a quick review of Lifetime Wants.

Me: Hurray! They're all career related!

Rachel: Hi Kate! What are you up to?
Kate: Getting some new clothes. Have you seen these hideous outfits they gave us after college?
Rachel: Uh, yeah. They are not attractive.

Rachel: Adopting a cat?
Libby: Yep. I figured still Jasper is still in school I'd try my hand at breeding cats.
Me: Hey Jewel from my Crazy Cat Lady challenge!
Libby: Did you say something.
Rachel: Ah, no.

Rachel: Oh boy a proposal!

Kate: Look at it shine!

Rachel: Congratulations kids!

Rachel: Another kitty!
Me: Payne! He got his name from a singer I like Kendall Payne. I went with Payne since he's a boy.

Rachel: How's the breeding going?
Libby: Good. I think I should be able to have them try anytime now.
-A Few Hours Later-

Libby: Try for kittens dear.

Kate: Excuse me! Trying to get married over here! I know the cats are WooHooing, but it is my special day!

Rachel: Looks like a good turn out.

Rachel: Aimee I know you're the mother of the bride and all but I'm trying to get a picture without your back in it.

Rachel: Thank you!

Rachel: Yum, cake!

Rachel: Oh look Jasper came. Apparently kitty woohoo isn't the only thing these party goes like to watch.

Kate: Hey! We're the newly weds!

Kate: Ah! The wedding arch got struck my lightning!
Rachel: I swear I see more of those get hit than anything else.
Jewel: *hissssssssss*

Rachel: Bad Payne! Stop being a pain!

Rachel: Congrats Cougar!

Rachel: Kitten time! And dad's even there to watch.

Rachel: Welcome kittens! Payne has a red undercoat, just FYI.

Looks like the kitten selling business has started.

Me: This is actually Kenny.
Rachel: I guess we'll be seeing Kenny soon since his is the next house I'll be visiting.

Jewel: Sure I'll take Kimmy.

Jewel: You'll be the first of 20 pets for me to raise.
Me: Note to self, Jewel wants to raise 20 pets. Sell puppies and kittens to her.

Rachel: Wow, way to go Kate!

Cougar: I can't believe it took this long to find a job in politics! I wish they would offer more jobs each day.
Rachel: You and me both.

Rachel: Wow! Way to go too Libby! This house is sitting pretty now.

Rachel: Congratulations Kate! I wonder which one of you the little one will look like.

Rachel: Feeding Jewel some Kibble of Life?
Kate: Yeah, the last house she lived in took so long. Libby wants her to have lots of kittens.

Rachel: Way to go Libby! I guess not having Jasper here to start a family right away is paying off.
Libby: Sure is.

Me: Very doable!

Libby: I think it's time to find the artist inside myself. Plus cha-ching!

Rachel: yay! More kittens!

Rachel: Looks like Jackie takes after her momma.

Rachel: Speaking of births!

Kate: It's a girl! Meet Raven.

Cougar: Sweet!
Me: I'm a little bummed she didn't get either of her parents' custom skin but hey, maybe her kids will and she did get her mom's eyes.

Me: That's actually Kristen.

Emmett: Sure, I'll take Paul off your hands.

Rachel: Looks like Apollo already loves Jackie.

Rachel: Don't worry Kristen, you're going to a good home.

Rachel: Congrats!

Rachel: Well, I guess it's time to go. See you all next week.
Me: Wait, maybe Paul wasn't adopted. I don't know, these cats all look a like. This is who the game told me was left in the house.

Points: 16
1 for Raven
14 for Money
1 for Libby's TOC

Any guesses on the naming theme?


avp9423 said...

Nice round Rachel, It's always fun to mess around with pet genetics =D

No idea on the naming theme though...

Bubbs said...

Oh no! Rachel, the dog lady is now breeding cats! What about the lovely dog legacy?

Is the burning wedding arch a good or bad sign? I guess only time will tell.

Yeah 3 kittens~ wow, they are already gone. 3 more kittens and a baby! Oops, the kittens are gone again. The house of the vanishing kittens. Oops, one kitten might still be there.

ASimWen said...

Xuan's kids are so good looking. Hehehe Gerat round, nice to see rainbow colored cats. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Yes, kitties! So colorful! Coolio! Aw, I wanted a blue baby too. No clue on the names.

Kerry said...

Those kittens are really cute! I guess we'll be seeing more of them as time goes on.

The baby does have those lovely eyes. Really pretty--maybe the skin tones will reappear in later generations.

SweeneyToddIsEpic said...

Baby! Raven is a little sweetie! As for naming...I'm thinking either shades of black or birds.

ciyrose said...

I'm back to give you lots more eMails/ :) Raven is a cutie....I'm guessing birds, but I'll see as I get through the rounds. The cats sure are cute, and gone fast!