Friday, February 01, 2008

Ziese-Lecy 3 Round 5

Doggie Business

This is our second new house for this round. The two girls are Rachel & Marty Ziese-Lecy's twin daughters Erika and Elizabeth. We actually haven't seen them in ages, well accept they have been roaming through the neighborhood in their college graduation outfits, yuck. The green chap is Jupiter Holiday, alien son of Andre (Holiday) Vega. Jupiter is in love with Elizabeth. Xuane is a local boy with a famous father. He met Erika while they were both in high school and accompanied her to college. The pets have arrived from various other households.

Rachel: Wait a minute no one is at the house. *Looks around and runs to Amelia's Closet*

Rachel: *Out of Breath* There you are. I was hoping your first order of business would be to get some new clothes.
Erika: Yeah, these are hideous! We'll just finish up and meet you back at the house.

Rachel: adopting a pet?
Erika: Yep, I want to help 6 pets reach the top of their careers so we need 3 more pets.
Rachel: Zoey is a good dog. She used to belong to Jupiter's sister Venice.

Xuane: Welcome to the house girl. You're going to help my love reach her dream, aren't cah?

Rachel: Ah Cooper too! He was Kayla Dante's.

Rachel: Looks like you're the official new pet greeter.
Xuane: Sure am. Erika is already busy training them.

Erika: Stay Zoey. Stay. Please stay.
Rachel: Hard at it I see already.
Erika: No time like the present.

Rachel: Zoey's brother Freddy.

Xuane: Welcome to the family!

Rachel: My baby's getting married!
Me: I know, shhh, time to watch.

Rachel: Um Jupiter maybe you should have set Jaime down BEFORE the ceremony. That was sorta weird.

Jupiter: What she's really cute? All right fine.
Rachel: It's a little late now.

Rachel: Jaime looks so sad and dejected now.

Rachel: Awe.

Me: This red haired click on the left is stealing the newspaper. Doesn't she see the big double wedding on the lawn?

Rachel: My other baby's getting married!

Rachel: Hurray! Now when do I get grand babies?
Me: Well since there are 4 people and 6 pets in the house already, I think it's gonna be awhile.
Rachel: Awe pooh.

Rachel: Looks like she's got to training the pets now too Xuane.
Xuane: Yep, anything I can do to help, I'm happy to do.

Rachel: Why are you toilet training Sophie?
Erika: Why not?

Rachel:Looks like some training is trying her patience a little.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jaime! You sure are cute!

Rachel: Great job Sophie! Must have been that toilet training.

Rachel: Oh no! This is very bad.

Elizabeth: Roll over girl.
Rachel: Now she's got you helping too?
Elizabeth: Yeah, Jupiter wants a baby more than anything. So we need to get one of these guys to the top of their career and moved out so I can get pregnant.
Rachel: I've always liked Jupiter.

Rachel: Goo girl!

Rachel: One promotion closer to a grand-baby!

Rachel: Looks like Xuane is happy to have a new best friend, but I just can't seem to tell who it is.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Jaime!

Rachel: Hurray for Sophie!

Rachel: Hey great job Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: Thank you! I know everyone is focused on Erika's dream, but I want to become Captain Hero and now I'm one step closer.
Rachel: Wonderful!

Rachel: Wooh Zoey!

Rachel: Great job Freddy!

Rachel: Even more training. Elizabeth you have a lovely new hair-do.
Elizabeth: Thanks. Now roll over Jaime.

Jupiter: *Laughing* They're so cute when they play dead.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Tim. You sure are a cutie.

Rachel: Nice job Jupiter! I'm surprised you found time to gain your skills with all the time you're spending training pets.

Rachel: Wooh! You're the first to reach the top of you career! 5 more to go!

Rachel: Congrats Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: Thanks! One step closer to my dream!

Rachel: Wait, you're getting rid of Zoey?
Jupiter: Yep, it's nothing personal, but I want a baby dang it!

Rachel: Oops!

Rachel: Wooh! Second pet to the top of a career! Nice going Sophie!

Rachel: Nice going both of you!

Rachel: Looks like Jupiter is getting what he wants and I get another grand-baby!

Rachel: OK, who asked Monica AND Venice Holiday over at the same time?
Xuane: What? Venice asked if she could bring a "friend".
Rachel: SO not a friend!

Rachel: Hey the garden club is here. that explains the giant lumberjack in the yard.

Rachel: She likes it!
Jupiter: Yeah, but not enough to let us in. She said our pink flamingos were trash!
Rachel: Well. . .

Rachel: Grand-Baby time!!!

Rachel: Anytime now!

Elizabeth: It's a girl! We'll call her Flute!
Rachel: Cute.

Elizabeth: Sawyer do you think you could hold the baby for a minute?
Sawyer: No thanks.

Elizabeth: All right, into the crib then.
Rachel: Why are you putting her down anyway?

Elizabeth: So I can have her sister! Meet Piccolo.
Rachel: Twins! Natural twins! Hurray!!!

Rachel: Well now that you officially have your hands full (house population is 11!) I've gotta run. See you next time.

Points: 10
8 for money
2 for the twins

I'll take guesses on the naming theme, although it is pretty easy.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, that naming scheme is easy: musical instruments! Jupiter is funny. Wow, more natural twins? I think your cheesecake days have permanently changed your odds for twins. But they are cute, especially Piccolo! I love green babies, even though I can never get anyone abducted.

Bubbs said...

Ok, Elizabeth and Jupiter had the babies, but Ericka and her husband are holding the babies in the picture? Too funny!

Yeah, natural twins and one looks just like her daddy!

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Aww, Jupiter's all grown up! I'm sure those babies will be just as adorable as he was.

SirenPrincess said...

Awesome update, Rachel. I really like Elizabeth. We didn't get to see much of Erika, though. You did great with all of those pets.

BethTana said...

Elizabeth has babies named after musical instruments! That's so appropriate :)

Kerry said...

Love the address! That is one colorful cat!

Oh, Flute and Piccolo are cute--I love Jupiter, hope he gets to have lots of little ones.

Lots of hard work on those pets--but soon you'll have them all trained and one more LTW crossed off the list.

ASimWen said...

Heh I know that house....Bubbetts Blvd....I didn't look closely at the house in the picutres, but now that Kerry said something about the address! lol Nice to see it again.

Yeah, that is one colorful cat! hehehe

Melissa said...

Great job with all the pets. Flute and Piccolo are great names. yeah! A green baby.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth look so much like Rachel!


ciyrose said...

Funny that the ending picture has the aunt and uncle holding the babies, not the parents. The names are cute, and yay for a green baby. Natural twins too....those twin genes are sure kicking in strong.