Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ribeiro 2 - Round 7

Puppy Stealer
Last time Abigail's daughter, California, returned from college with her boyfriend Oak Dante. The whole family worked really hard to get into the garden club so California could use the wishing well to reach her goal of 20 pet best friends. Both goals were achieved. California soon found out she was pregnant. Virgina was bone soon after. Once she reached her first birthday, it was obvious she takes after her father in the looks department. With all of California's friends around Abigail started selling her pottery and Jan opened a beauty salon station.

Jar Challenge: Forgot to even pick one. FAIL!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bobby. You're still a handsome boy.

Rachel: Congratulations Californa!
California: Thanks!

Rachel: Who is this lady? Wait, where's Peeler?
Me: This random lady stole her! *Side note she went missing just as I ran out of play time for a few days. I had no idea if I would ever see her again*

Rachel: Hey! She's back!
Me: It's amazing what exiting the lot and reentering will do.
Rachel: What?
Me: Um, I mean that lossy puppy stealer returned her.

Rachel: Home just in time for your birthday! You're so cool Peeler!

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Virgina!
Me: Moment of truth.

Me: Oh dear.
Rachel: What a happy little girl you are.

Rachel: I like the makeover Virgina. It really brings out your eyes.
Virgina: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Proposal! It's about time buddy!

Rachel: Looks like a Yes to me!

Rachel: Work time.

Rachel: Play time!
Virgina: Weeee!!!!!

Rachel: Jan, it looks like you are the one in need of a bath.

Rachel: Puppy time!

Rachel: I see ears. Um, welcome Bruce!

Rachel: Congratulations California!
California: Thanks! It took a lot of hard work.

Points: 8
1 for California's Top of Career
7 for money


SirenPrincess said...

Oh goodness, that poor little girl's looks. You are posting sooo fast. I don't know how you do it.

Rachel said...

I have a bunch of houses play with the photos edited so all I had to do is insert comments. :)

ASimWen said...

That is what wore me out with the Falls. Keeping up with the storyline. After reading Prospeirty Point it makes me think I want to play the Falls some more. I recently lost three lots, I don't know if I would go back and play those again.

Kerry said...

Wow, that jar challenge doesn't seem to be working well for you. Your families are doing great, though, so it doesn't really matter.

ciyrose said...

Oh my....the Busto genes have been rather unfortunate for her. She might grow into them more as a teen though. Her make over is better though.