Monday, June 07, 2010

Norwood 1 - Round 7

One Weird Family Sim
Last time Karoline and Tanzanite along with Shasta and Zircon continued to raise their kids, Mercedes and Chevy respectively. Both kids grew to children and tried to meet as many other kids from the neighborhood as possible. Shasta had a very hard time in her career, hopefully that will turn around. Also the family's beloved dog Spike passed away.

Mercedes: So ah, what do you think of trains?
Curry: Well I don't know they're OK.
Mercedes: Well that won't work. I really like trains.
Rachel: Hey Mercedes! What do you mean that it wont work? What are you talking about?
Mercedes: I can't marry him cuz he doesn't like trains.
Rachel: Don't you think it's a little early to be thinking about this?
Mercedes: Ah no! Gosh!

Chevy: And I think the medical field is pretty cool.
Ginger: Don't you think you're a little serious for a 10 year old?
Rachel: I think they both are.

Rachel: Hey Karoline. Way to go on the job!
Karoline: Thank you Rachel.

Me: Hum interesting.

Chevy: How about a hug?
Rachel: A little strong Chevy. A little strong.

Rachel: Hum...what is happening here?
Me: He's paying her a compliment.

Rachel: She's flattered.

Rachel: Wow, now they're flirting on their own.
Me: We'll see how far this goes once Mercedes and Chevy grow up.

Rachel: Hey you made it Shasta! Way to go!
Shasta: Thanks. It was a real roller coaster but I did it!

Rachel: Nice going Rebecca.

Rachel: Wooh! Nice job Tanzanite!
Tanzanite: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Chevy!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Chevy: Thanks Rachel
Rachel: And what would you like in life?

Chevy: A family would be nice.
Rachel: That sounds nice.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Mercedes!

Rachel: What a lovely young lady. And what would you like in life?

Mercedes: Thanks. I'd like knowledge.

Mercedes: And I'd like to know everything.

Mercedes: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Oh dear! Are you OK?!?!?
Mercedes: Yeah! I saw a ghost! Sweet!

Rachel: OK Spike, don't scare everyone.

Mercedes: So listen Brett, I really think you're pretty cool.

Rachel: I don't think Brett and Ginger will be getting together after all.

Rachel: Ah young love.

Rachel: What the?!?! That's a weird back rub.

Rachel: Um Chevy...whose this?
Chevy: Um...I don't remember her name.

Rachel: But you're about to kiss her.
Chevy: Yeah but that doesn't mean I'm gonna marry her.
Rachel: *looks at me*
Me: It says Family. I have no idea.

Rachel: Are you best friends with the girl whose name you can't remember?
Chevy: No.
Rachel: OK, well, she's not going to college with you then.
Chevy: Oh...OK. I wanted my first kiss, really bad. I'll find my wife in college.
Rachel: You're a weird young man.

Rachel: Hey there Zircon and congratulations!
Zircon: Thanks!

Zircon: Now I want to be a doctor.
Rachel: OK.

Rachel: Ah college time. Great job Chevy!

Rachel: Nice going Mercedes! I'll see you two at University if not around the hood before.

Points: 8
5 for Money
3 for Shasta, Zircon and Tanzanite's Top of Careers


ASimWen said...

Another two ready for uni! Great job.

ciyrose said...

This is going to be another huge uni round.