Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forsythe 2 - Round 7

All the Single Ladies
Last time the family pet, Frankie ran away at the very beginning of the week. The twins, Yoda and Padme, grew from toddlers to children. Zachary Rosada found and returned Frankie before he ran away again. The kids worked on making friends an the adults worked on promotions.

Rachel: Looks like you're picking up where you left off last week Ares.
Ares: Sure am. We want lots of promotions this week too.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Tina! You're still a lovely kitty.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Yoda!
Me: Y-O-D-A Yoda!

Rachel: What a handsome young man. What would you like in life Yoda?

Yoda: A life of fun.
Me: I would have expected knowledge.

Yoda: And I'd really like 50 1st dates.
Me: Noooooooooo!!!!!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Padme!

Rachel: Lovely but something seems a tad off. We'll get to that. Um, what do you want in life dear?

Padme: I would like knowledge.

Rachel: Love the makeover. That was what was off.
Padme: Thanks! I love it!

Padme: Oh and I'd like to be Chief of Staff some day.
Rachel: Great goal.

Rachel: Awesome job man, your second top of career!
Ares: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Hey there Snow. Nice going on the Nature Plaque.

Snow: Shake...shake...come on shake Tiger Lily!

Rachel: Oh boy. Getting started on your first dates I see.
Yoda: Sure am.
Rachel: Small problem, Pudding is spoken for.
Yoda: Don't worry it won't be serious. Give me 5 minutes and she can go back to her boyfriend.

Rachel: Frankie! I missed your return. Happy Birthday boy! Maybe now you'll finally stay home.

Rachel: Nice job to you too Zeus!

Rachel: Wooh! Awesome Sweets!

Zeus: Bees!!!
Rachel: You need to be more careful on those nature walks.

Rachel: She is single... Wait, is the gypsy beat boxing?
Me: It would appear so.

Rachel: You're having a date too?
Padme: Sure, why not?
Rachel: Good point.

Rachel: Jennifer Dante is also taken.

Rachel: Single.

Rachel: That wasn't supposed to happen.
Yoda: It wasn't supposed to but it was fun.
Rachel: Oh boy.

Rachel: Another single lady.

Rachel: Wow! Great job Zeus!

Rachel: Nice going Tiger Lily.

Rachel: Another date?
Padme: *shrug* Why not?

Me: *sings* All the single ladies

Me: All the single ladies.
Rachel: Shh, no more singing.

Rachel: Wow, awesome job Padme!
Padme: That's why I had time for a couple silly dates.

Rachel: You didn't do half back yourself Yoda.
Yoda: Yeah and I got a bunch of dates in. It was great!
Rachel: See you kids at University.

Points: 8
2 for Zeus & Ares' Tops of Career
6 for Money


Melissa said...

Good job again. I'm glad you're still working on this challenge.

ASimWen said...

Great job on the scholarships. :)

ciyrose said...

Wow, great scholarships. I'm sorry about the 50 1st Dates. I just finished another one of those in Breeze Point. I think I have more coming in both hoods though....not looking forward to it.