Monday, July 05, 2010

Anderson 1 - Round 5

Roller Coaster
Last time Natalie and Cake welcomed their daughter, Aurora, at the very beginning of the week. She grew all the way to a child during the course of the week. Eclair and Apollo's daughter, Dory, grew from toddler to child. Cake did what most would think is impossible and got 20 pet best friends. Apollo and Eclair finally tied the knot as did Cake and Natalie. Also, there was a whole lot of socializing. These girls know a lot of the other kids in town.

Rachel: Hey there Natalie! Great job!
Natalie: Thanks! It was pretty easy it was so much fun.

Me: look in the background. These guys entertain all the time.

Rachel: Sorry Apollo.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Natalie!!! Not that this family was really hurting but it's good regardless.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Sorry

Rachel: Wooh! There we go. Great job Eclair!

Rachel: Oh and Dory got her first A+! Awesome job sweetie!

Rachel: Making friends?
Dory: Trying.

Rachel: Fire! Aurora follow Dory and RUN AWAY!!!

Rachel: Thank goodness for the fire fighter.

Rachel: I think things have truly turned around. Nice going Apollo!

Rachel: You too Eclair!!!

Rachel: Great job on your A+ too Aurora!
Aurora: Thanks!

Rachel: Nice job to you too Jackie.

Rachel: You made an outfit for Vodka?
Natalie: Yeah. She's my friend and she can never pull herslef away from the house long enough to pick up a new outfit.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Kittens! Wait, isn't their dad named Carmen?
Me: Shhhh! Lalalala

Rachel: Oh no, we're going the wrong way now.

Rachel: Eep!

Rachel: Oh, OK, thank goodness. Great job Apollo!

Rachel: Awesome job Eclair!

Rachel: Stupendous Cake!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Dear Dory!

Rachel: Oh you are lovely my dear.
Dory: Thanks.

Rachel: What would you like in life?
Dory: I would love a family.
Rachel: That's great sweetie!

Rachel: And nice job on the scholarships. I'll see you at college.

Points: 10
2 Tops of Career: Apollo and Cake
8 for Money


jungfrun68 said...

Hahaha, fun with the brain slip that ended up in two cats with the same name ;)

ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Lots of promotions and A's, and skilling! Lol yeah, two cats with the same name. heh

ciyrose said...

That's a lot of promotions. :)