Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caligula 2 - Round 7

Red Heads
Last time Janeane moved in with her fiance Rem and Rem's brother, Live. Janeane's cousin, Kiwi also moved in and she had a crush on Live. She also brought her family's dogs, Molly and Thomas. Both couples got enagaged and married just before finding themselves pregnant. Kiwi delivered a boy, Dorito, and Janeane had a girl, Twinkie. Molly and Thomas welcomed a puppy Tiff. The house adopted a puppy as well, Akoni.

Rachel: Looks like everone's working or a baby so I'll have to wait around. I do that a lot.

Rachel: Nice job Thomas.

Rachel: Good job Rem.

Rachel: You as well Molly.

Rachel: Excellent job to you Live!
Live: Thank you much.

Rachel: Sorry Janeane.

Rachel: Birthday time! Happy Birthday Dorito!

Rachel: What a cutie young man.

Rachel: We really can't be surprised he has red hair. It goes back to his great grandma Aimee on his dad's side. No one in his direct line on his mom's side had red hair but his great uncle Dakota and great aunt Venice both did.
Me: Actually every founding family had red heads except, well, mine. So it's actually rather surprising anyone isn't a red head.

Kiwi: OK, just take one step for Mommy. Just one step.
Rachel: Give him time. He can do it.

Rachel: Oh no! Whose fighting?

Align CenterRachel: Oh. Neither of them live here.
Janeane: Yeah, but it's still really scary.
Rachel: Uh, sure.

Rachel: Pause for moment of cuteness.

Rachel: How are the speaking lessons going?
Kiwi: Not so good.
Rachel: I'm sure he'll get it.

Kiwi: Say bear for Mommy. OK, at least pay attention.

Rachel: Great job Molly!

Rachel: You too Thomas!

Rachel: Oh and happy birthday!

Rachel: Dorito actually looks interested in the nursery rhythm. Let's not disturb them.

Rachel: Nice going Rem!
Rem: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Twinkie!

Rachel: Such a cutie. She looks just like her dad. Another redhead.

Rachel: Snugglie, cutie moment.

Rachel: How's the learning to speak going?
Rem: OK. She's not too enthused though.

Rachel: But how about walking?
Rem: She's taking to walking like a fish to water.
Rachel: Great!

Rachel: Nursery Rhythm?
Rem: I think it's just confuing her.

Rachel: Sorry Live.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Akoni!

Rachel: Great job Janeane!
Janeane: Thanks! I've worked very hard.

Rachel: Now you're helping the dogs with their careers?
Janeane: Sure am.

Rachel: Aren't these two sweet? They just became best friends.

Janeane: Speak.
Rachel: Just keep working on that. I've gotta run. See you next time.

Points: 5
4 for Money
1 top of career for Live


ASimWen said...

More redheads!

ciyrose said...

Awww...what cute kids