Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sylvaen 1 - Round 7

Last time Amethyst and Vincent decided to move out of his mom's (Wen) house and into their own. After Vincent reached his goal of earning $100,000 they started on his next goal of getting 6 pets to the top of their careers. They wanted to start a family, beyond that of the 4 legged variety but didn't have any luck getting pregnant. So at the end of the week they called to adopt.

Rachel: Oh boy the baby's here already!

Amethyst: She sure is. Here's Easter!

Rachel: What a cutie!
Amethyst: I know! I just love her!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Terri! I love the fur!

Rachel: Sorry Wendiigo.

Rachel: Nice Fran!

Rachel: And Maggie!

Rachel: Hey you turned it around Wendigo!

Rachel: What a good boy. Learning to roll over.

Vincent: Just look at her. She's SO beautiful.
Rachel: That she is.

Rachel: Double lessons.

Rachel: Maggie's raking in the dough.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Easter!

Rachel: Oh I love the hair Easter!
Me: For whatever reason, Prosperity Point's adoption pool seems pretty good.

Vincent: OK now just use the potty.
Me: Awwww, I'm just melting. Look at that look.

Rachel: Wooh! Good job Samantha!

Vincent: OK, now just one foot in front of the other sweetie.
Rachel: Vincent is such a good dad.
Me: That he is.

Rachel: You did it Fran!!!

Rachel: Things are no t going so well for Terri. Just keep trying.

Rachel: Way to go Vincent! How did you find time to work on skills with Easter around?
Vincent : Well she does sleep from time to time.

Rachel: Great going Samantha!

Amethyst: Oh my! I'm pregnant! Vincent! I'm pregnant!

Amethyst: Peek-a-boo, peek - a - boo!

Rachel: And with this nursery rhythm I must be on my way.

1 for 1,
1 for Easter.


ASimWen said...

Yep, the pregnancies always occur after the adoption takes place....haha

ciyrose said...

Easter is BEAUTIFUL! Another one on the way too....exciting