Monday, July 26, 2010

Ziese-Lecy 1 Round 8

Note: I found it took so long to get through round 7 that I decided to drop the Jar challenges and just play except for the ones I wanted to continue. Maybe that makes me a pansy but that's OK. Round 8 will be the last of the short rounds as well. It still took a year to get around the hood and now kids who I want to go to college are still too young to go.

Go Back to the Grim Reaper Part

Last time Rachel and Eleah reached the of their careers. Eleah and Royal's daughter, Gwyndolynn, grew from a toddler to a child and started making friends with the neighborhood kids. A second dog met Grimmy. Meaning now East and West will be haunting.

Rachel: Home, Sweet Home. Let's kick back and relax.
Me: Don't get too comfy. We'll only be here 3 days.
Rachel: Listen, I'm getting old. Do I really have to go visit all the houses in Prosperity Point again?
Me: If you don' do I put the Grim Reaper in the meantime.
Rachel: Um...what?
Me: Let's just hope that doesn't happen. It would be easier if you could pass the torch directly to Gwyndolynn, but she isn't really old enough yet.
Rachel: Um, go back to the Grim Reaper part.
Me: Listen, we don't have time to rehash this. We only have 3 days.

Rachel: Great job honey! We have more to remodel the house now.

Rachel: Nice going sweetie!

Gwyndolynn: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Bad dog!!!

Gwyndolynn: Bahaahhhhh!!!
Rachel: Very bad dog! Are you trying to kill her?

Marty: Here you go sweetie.
Gwyndolynn: What is it Grandpa? It isn't even my birthday or anything.
Marty: Just a bunch of odds and ends I've been holding onto. I didn't want them lost.
Gwyndolynn: Well, I'll take good care of it Grandpa.

Royal: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Seriously bad dog!

Rachel: Sleep tight sweetie. The doggie won't scare you up here.

Rachel: Making friends again dear?
Gwyndolynn: Sure am. I like making friends.
Me: Excellent! Getting to know as many "people"as possible now will help when she has to go around to talk to everyone.
Rachel: What's with the quotes around people?
Me: Nothing, nevermind.

Me: Three generations of ladies and heiresses for that matter.

Rachel: Bye guys. We'll miss you but not you scaring us.

Rachel: *beat boxing*
Chevy & Wen: Wooh! You rock!!!
Me: No comment.

Gwyndolynn: Bad random kitty! You destroyed Grandma and Grandpa's bed. Shoo!

Marty: Great job chasing off that cat!

Me: Even at the end these two are still so in love.
Rachel: The end?
Me: Pay no attention to me.

Rachel: Excellent job dear! Well it's Monday morning, I guess I need to get out there again.
Me: Yep, time to go.

Points: 9 All from money

I really thought Marty and Rachel were going to pass on Sunday night. I was very thankful that they didn't but I will be shocked if they make it past Monday. I'll probably be a wreck.


Ndayeni said...

It's remarkable that Rachel and Marty have both hung on this long. It'll be very sad to see them pass on when they do.

ASimWen said...

I know the feeling...I just couldn't let Chevy and Kirstee go in Prosperity Falls...the took elixir for a while. Then I felt bad, and let them go.

ciyrose said...

I've never played a sim self long enough to let them die....I'm not sure I could do it.

ciyrose said...
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