Friday, July 23, 2010

Vega 6 - Round 7

A Zillion
Last time this foursome started this house straight out of college. Erv and Arial got engaged and then Germany and Dusk did too. Then both couples got pregnant. Arial gave birth to a daughter, Twitter, and Dusk had a son, Plurk. They have since grown to toddlers and get along really well. Both couples were married in a double wedding.

Rachel: *looks around* Where is everyone?

Rachel: Opps, sorry Germany.

Erv: *singing*
Plurk: Yay!
Rachel: Nursery Rhythm time. Cute.

Dusk: Oh boy!
Rachel: Or girl. You never know.
Dusk: True. I just wasn't expecting to be expecting again.
Rachel: Well, these things tend to happen.
Me: What with risky woohoo and all.

Rachel: Nice job Daisies!

Rachel: There you go Germany! Good job bouncing back.
Germany: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Plurk!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Plurk: *giggles* Thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Twitter!

Rachel: What a lovely young lady.
Twitter: Wooh! Thanks!

Rachel: Sorry Leroy.

Rachel: Oh boy! Play dead! My favorite trick!

Rachel: Nice job on the Plaque. How many hours did you have to spend fishing?
Erv: I don't know. Maybe a zillion.
Rachel: That's a lot.

Rachel: Great job son!

Rachel: You too Germany! You did a real 180 from earlier in the week.

Dusk: Baby!!!
Rachel: Yay!

Rachel: What is it?

Dusk: It's a girl! Meet Geni.
Rachel: Looks like she has red hair.
Dusk: Not surprising. My dad's side of the family has red heads.
Me: And Prosperity Point has more red heads per cappida than anywhere on earth, even Ireland.
Rachel: Ireland? What's that?
Me: A good name for the next baby in the Vega 3 house.

Rachel: I hope you kids had a good first day at school. Have fun doing homework!

Points: 7
1 for Geni
1 for Germany's Top of Career
5 for Money


ASimWen said...

I am partial to redheads myself. :)

Ndayeni said...

Can never have too many redheads. Too bad it's a recessive in the game.

ciyrose said...

awww...sweet kids, and yay for red heads. I'm hoping to keep/get more of them in my hoods