Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lost 1 - Round 7

Love Pup Pup
Last Time twins, Donut and Danish moved into a new house along with Erin Lost, Danish's girlfriend. Donut started looking for love via the gypsy but in the end, he found it with Erin's mom, Sun. Erin gave birth to natural twins, Hot Rod and Grimlock. Sun followed shortly after with a daughter, Firestar. All three are now toddlers. All the adults worked hard on their careers during the week.

Rachel: Hi there kids. My little great grand babies.
Me: Wow, that's hard to believe.

Firestar: Ryan! *giggle* Love pup pup Ryan.

Firestar: Luv Free too! Good doggie.
Rachel: All good doggies here.

Rachel: Sorry Donut.

Rachel: At least you know what to do now Danish.

Rachel: Congratulations Danish!
Danish: Thanks Grandma. I just wish Donut had gotten promoted too.
Rachel: Me too.

Rachel: Congrats Erin!

Rachel: And to you Sun!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ryan!

Rachel: What's wrong Danish?
Danish: I'm very worried about Hot Rod. He keeps falling asleep on the floor.
Rachel: Yeah if the butler would leave him in his crib he would be fine. Don't worry, just let him sleep a bit then take him to bed.

Rachel: Great job Bobby!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Grimlock!

Rachel: What a handsome young man! Sure can tell he's from this family!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Firestar!

Rachel: Beautiful little girl. Did you know you're Grimlock and Hot Rod's Aunt and Cousin at the same time?
Firestar: Huh?

Rachel: Happy Birthday Hot Rod!

Rachel: Another handsome young man.
*the next day*

Hot Rod: Welcome home Mom!
Rachel: Um, say, did you wear that to school today?
Hot Rod: Yeah, so?
Rachel: Um, let's see if there is anything else in the wardrobe you can wear.

Rachel: And with this homework lesson, I must go. See you all next time.

Points: 1 for money


Janeene said...

I loved Hot Rod's default dinosaur suit! "Um, say, did you wear that to school today? Yeah, so?" *rofl*

ASimWen said...

What a beautiful family....Erin and Sun are very pretty...

ciyrose said...

lol....gotta love those dinosaur outfits.