Monday, July 26, 2010

Rosada 7 - Round 7

My What Big Eyes You Have
Last time half siblings Malacite and Emerald moved into an apartment together. Malacite met his landlord's friend Jodie Simmes and fell hard. Emerald hit it off with their neighbor Biff Dante. They also fell hard and fast. Both couples were married but not before Emerald gave birth to a son, Teal'C. They all moved from the aparment (because of a glitch) to a house where Samantha was born to Jodie and Malacite. The family cats seem to have a scratching problem and destoryed a sofa.

Biff: Say Daddy, Dad-e.
Rachel: Hey Biff! How are the speaking lessons going?
Biff: Not the best, but he'll get it.

Rachel: How about the nursary rhythm?
Biff: Not much better but he got talking, he'll get this.
Rachel: I'm sure he will.

Rachel: Nice job Malachite!
Malachite: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Samantha!

Rachel: Awe, she looks so much like her momma. What a cutie.

Rachel: Great job Emerald!

Emerald: Thanks Rachel. Now I would like 50 dream dates.
Rachel: Well I don't know that you'll have time but go for it.

Jodie: OK, up on your feet for mommy.

Jodie: OK, now use the potty like a big girl.
Rachel: You really are enjoying being a mom aren't you?
Jodie: Oh so very much!

Rachel: Wow, so many promotions in this house. Nice going Biff.
Biff: Much appreciated Rachel.

Rachel: Awesome job Jodie!

Malachite: OK, say Daddy. Don't let mommy show me up.
Samantha: Mommy?
Rachel: That didn't go according to plan.

Rachel: Great job Jodie! Oh and Samantha said, "Mommy."
Jodie: And I missed it! Dang nabb-it!

Rachel: Another good job Biff.

Rachel: Awe, the cousins made best friends. How sweet.

Jodie: Oh my goodness!
Rachel: Looks like another little one is on the way.
Jodie: We weren't trying but I'm SO happy!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Teal'C!

Rachel: My what big eyes you have.
Teal'C: Yes I do. They're Sweet!
Rachel: Well I had best be off. See you later.

Points: 8
6 for money
2 for Jodie and Emerald's Tops of Careers


ASimWen said...

I love seeing the alien genes pass down. :)

Ndayeni said...

Hopefully Teal'C will grow into those eyes eventually. Or at least somewhat...

ciyrose said...

Wow those are some alien eyes for sure. He's still little though, so he'll probably grow into them some.