Thursday, July 08, 2010

Morreli 1 - Round 7

It's Just Our First Date
Last time MJ continued his goal of raising 20 puppies or kittens and managed to succeed. Their son Bassette, grew to a child from a toddler. Xara gave birth to their second son, Jack Russell. We grew all the way to a child. Both boys worked on making friends with the other neighborhood kids. Xara and MJ were finally married in a quiet ceremony in the backyard.

Rachel: Sweet a new puppy, right away!

Rachel: Welcome Claire!

Rachel: Great job on the A+ Bassette!
Bassette: Thanks Grandma!

Rachel: Wooh! Nice going Xara!
Xara: Thanks.

Bassette: Oh hi there Dory. You've grown up since I last saw you.
Dory: Yep, I had a birthday.

Bassette: hehe. You're pretty fun.

Rachel: What are you doing Xara?

Xara: I'm pregnant, again!
Rachel: Yay! Another grand baby!

Jack Russell: Look Grandma! I got an A+!
Rachel: Great job! Smart, just like all my grand kids.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bassette!

Rachel: Yet another handsome young man. University is going to be full of attractive people.
Me: How will that be different?
Rachel: Um... I didn't say it would. Anyway... what would you like in life Bassette?

Bassette: I want a life of knowledge like Grandpa Marty.

Bassette: I just want to be a space pirate, cause it sounds cool.
Rachel: That is does.

Bassette: Holy crap Dory is hot!!!

Rachel: Looks like he's making a move.

Rachel: Eeeeehhh!!! First kiss!

Rachel: You will have beautiful children.
Bassette: *Embarrassed* Grandma! It's just our first date.

Rachel: Good job son.

Rachel: Looks like MJ is teaching Mikey to speak.

Rachel: Wow baby time already!

Rachel: I'm gonna be a grandma again!!!

Rachel: Girl. Girl. Girl.

Rachel: And?
Xara: It's a girl!

Xara: Meet Shiba Inu.
Rachel: Hi sweet heart.

MJ: Wooh! A Daughter!

Rachel: Wow all that excitement and now you're off to college.
Bassette: Sure am Grandma.

Points: 3
2 for money
1 for Shiba Inu


ASimWen said...

*Sigh* those yellow eyes going for generations.... :)

ciyrose said...

Those genes are just awesome, and we know why. lol