Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ribeiro 5 - Round 7

Don't Want to Close My Eyes
Last time Sarah and her boyfriend, Squash, moved into a new house along with her brother, Tunstall. The couple became engaged and pregnant. Sarah gave birth to a son, Sirius. After Siruis grew to a toddler Sarah and Squash were married. Tunstall spent all week trying to find a woman to love and wasn't having any luck until he visited the university (during it's play turn). There he met Kelly Rosada.

Rachel: Hey guys. Oh, excuse me. I didn't realize Kelly was here. I thought she still had 2 more years of college.
Tunstall: She hasn't moved in yet. She's just visiting for now.

Tunstall: I have something to ask her.

Tunstall: I have looked my whole life for someone to spend my life with. I don't know why I got so lucky to find you but now that I have, I never want to lose you. Will You Marry Me?

Kelly: Oh my goodness! Yes!!!

Rachel: Congratulations kids but you're supposed to hold off on the pillow fight til the wedding party.

Rachel: Nice job Squash.

Tunstall: Um coach, some privacy.

Rachel: Tunstall I realize you're pretty happy but why don't you close you eyes and get some sleep?
Tunstall: I'm worried I'll wake up and it will have all been a dream.
Rachel: It's not. Get some sleep.

Rachel: Nice job Squash.
Squash: Thanks.

Rachel: Nice going on sewing Sarah!

Rachel: Good job Winnie.

Sarah: So then the big teddy bear gave everyone hugs.

Rachel: Nice going again Squash.
Squash: Thanks again.

Sarah: Hi there. Your wings sure are beautiful.
Monarch: Well thank you. Most of the family members' wings are fading. I'm out looking for a solution.
Sarah: Oh goodness. How sad.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Sirius!

Rachel: A handsome young man. And i love your duckie PJs.
Sirius: Thanks lady!

Rachel: Nice work again Winnie.

Rachel: Congratualtions man! What a week.
Tunstall: It sure has been. I can hardly wait for Kelly to join us.

Rachel: Shh, homework time.

Rachel: Looking for another promotion for Winnie?
Sarah: We sure are. She's doing great!

Points: 3
2 for money
1 for Tunstall's top of career


ASimWen said...

A house that isn't packed to the rafters? *ASimWen checks Rachel's forehead* Nope not you must have fallen asleep at the computer and left the Sims on free will.

ciyrose said...

This is a nice little family. It certainly seems quieter.