Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Vega 5 - Round 7

That's It?
Last time Lynn and Uranus welcomed twins Messara and Blazer who grew all the way to kids by the end of the week. Their elder son, Mustang grew to a child. All of the kids worked on making friends. That's about it.

Rachel: Hey there Messara. Making friends?
Messara: Trying but he can't catch.
Rachel: nice sweetie.

Rachel: Way to go Uranus!
Uranus: Why thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Oh that's right. The twins were too young to go to school last week. So it's homework time for Blazer.

Rachel: And for Messara.

*The next afternoon*
Rachel: An A+ already? Way to go!
Messara: Thanks!

Rachel: You too Blazer! Great job!
Blazer: Thanks!

Rachel: And a great job to you Uranus!
Uranus: Thank you Rachel.

Messara: Weeeeeee!!!
Rachel: Looks like Messara is making friends.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mustang!

Rachel: What a handsome young man. A great combination of your mom and dad. What would you like in life?

Mustang: A life of fun.

Mustang: And I'd love to be a celebrity chef.
Rachel: That all sounds great Mustang!

Rachel: A date?

Mustang: *Shrug* Why not? It's nice to meet people, especially girls.
Rachel: All right. Sounds good.

Rachel: Scholarship time already?
Mustang: Yep. It was sorta boring around here this week.
Rachel: Well you did nice on scholarships, so that's cool. I'll see you at college.
Mustang: see ya.

Points: 7
1 for Uranus' Top of Career
Money: 6 (since I missed the total last week)


ASimWen said...

Ha I know how that is...playing a lot where not much happened. :) Handsome young man!

ciyrose said...

Sometimes houses are just "boring" to blog...but those are sometimes the nicest to play if you've got crazy houses. :)