Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lancaster 1 - Round 8

Last time Brendon aged to elder and started to feel lonely again. He wished in the well for love and Gwyndolynn popped out. Puma gave birth to her and Ford's second child, a son, who they named Jaguar. Their daughter, Pallas, aged to a child. Brendon was abducted by aliens and returned at the very end of the round.

Rachel: Welcome back Brendon. How were the aliens?
Brendon: I don't want to talk about it.
Rachel: Oh, sorry. It just seemed sort of cool. Nevermind.

Rachel: Good job Sugar!

Rachel: Looks like things are looking up. Great job! Want to talk about the aliens yet?
Brendon: *shoots Rachel a nasty look*
Rachel: Guess not.

Ford: *singing* To ra, timbla...
Rachel: I guess the nursery rhythm isn't going the best.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Yay! Three cute puppies.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jaguar!

Rachel: And what a cute little guy you are.

Rachel: Nice going Olie.

Jaguar: Jumping rope is fun!
Rachel: That it is.

Me: Yep more red hair.

Jaguar: So you get to go to school and everything? I can hardly wait to go to school.

Pallas: Hey Rachel, Rachel! Do you know my friend Sirius?
Rachel: I do. I'm glad you guys are such good friends.

Piccolo: Hey look over there!
Jaguar: Where?
Piccolo: *giggles*
Rachel: Young lady, don't cheat.

Rachel: Good job Olie!

Rachel: *Looking around* Where'd Brendon go?
Me: Aliens took him.
Rachel: Again?
Me: Again.

Points: 3
1 for Brendon's Top of Career
2 for Money


ASimWen said...

Well, he must have liked the meeting with the aliens to go again! :) hahaha

ciyrose said...

Wow, abducted again...poor guy