Saturday, July 10, 2010

Holiday 2 - Round 7

Old Dogs
Last time Kent immediately proposed to Phoebe which quickly led to a pregnancy. Phoebe gave birth to natural twins a girl, Zebra, and a boy, Giraffe. They had both grown to toddlers by the end of the week. Kent and Phoebe were married in a lovely ceremony out back. The eldest family dog, Speckles, passed away from old age but the rest of the dogs went on. Puppy Melissa was born toward the end of the week. Venice got a bit domestic and started sewing for the family.

Rachel: Hi there guys. Are you actually having a birthday party?
Venice: Yes, I thought we should have one. You know, for my grand kids.
Rachel: Are you sure your name is Venice?
Venice: Yes. I love my grand kids.
Rachel: Phoebe's kids, at least. I digress, Happy Birthday Zebra!

Rachel: What a lovely little girl you are Miss Zebra.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Giraffe!

Rachel: And a handsome young man you are Giraffe.

Rachel: Oh hey Monica! I didn't expect to see you at the party.
Monica: I love my sister. Our mother has managed to taint her mind a bit but not much. She is wonderful in most regards.
Rachel: That's great to hear.
Venice: See there are lots of people that like me. I have 5 Best Friends Forever. Really you must be wrong that you don't like me.
Rachel: Um Venice, maybe you could try being nice. You know, treat her how you treat Phoebe.
Venice: Well I'll try.

Venice: You really are quite lovely my, uh, daughter.
Monica: Um, thanks?
Rachel: Things are really turning around.

Venice: Hi there little one. I hope you do not ruin your mother's life like your mother did mine.
Rachel: Oh no.
Monica: Excuse me?

Venice: What?
Rachel: You really don't get it. *turns to Monica* Maybe you should leave before she makes things any worse.
Monica: I don't see how that is possible, but I will go.

Rachel: Nice job on the gardening Phoebe.
Phoebe: Thanks.

Rachel: Looks like your dream job has finally come up.
Phoebe: Sure has. I can't wait to go to work!

Rachel: Hey there Kent. Um...what are you wearing?
Kent: Workout clothes.
Rachel: Don't you think they are a little...tight?
Kent: Not really.

Me: Looks like we have a blog hog in training.

Venice: Look how nice I am. I just made best friends with with my grand daughter.
Rachel: Don't get me wrong, you can be nice if you want to be or rather if you actually try.
Venice: I try all the time.
Rachel: Uh, not really.

Giraffe: so I really like chili.
Messara: I do too. It's so yummy!

Jack Russell: You blue hair is pretty cool. I mean, where'd it come from?
Zebra: From my Grandma Arianna. Most the kids tease me about it. I'm glad you like it.

Rachel: Nice job Kent.

Rachel: Happy Birthday there Quavi! Hard to believe you are an old man now.

Quavi: Yeah but I still have a lot of pep.

Venice: OK, so how's the homework coming?
Giraffe: OK, but I still need some help.

Phoebe: OK, so the war of 1812 started in what year?

Rachel: Happy Birthday Melissa! You're a cutie. And with that I will take my leave. See you next time.

Points: 3
all for money


ASimWen said...

HiYa Quavi! *wavies* Perhaps being married go Quavi has made Venice see the the 'family way' She seems like she is trying!~

ciyrose said...

Interesting turn for Venice. She's just getting old and trying to get into Heaven now. :D