Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rosada 6 - Round 7

How are the Boys?
Last time twins, Burgandy and Scarlet moved in together a long with Burgandy's boyfriend, C.Crows and friend Earth. Scarlet and Earth fell in love and were later married but not before Burgandy and C.Crows tied the knot. Both women found themselves pregnant at almost exactly the same time. Burgandy gave birth to a son, Dragonwell and Scarlet had natural twin son, Ani and Gyokuro.

Rachel: Hum, that's a tough one

Rachel: Sorry Earth.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Melissa. You sure are colorful.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Gyokuro!

Rachel: You take after your mother.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Anji!

Rachel: And to you Dragonwell!

Rachel: You definitely take after your father, Earth.

Rachel: And you're the image of your father, C.Crows.

Rachel: And so begins the training. First, the potty!

Rachel: Then walking lessons.

Rachel: And talking.

Rachel: Great job Earth!
Earth: Thanks. How are the boys doing?

Rachel: Good. Playing together again. They are fast friends. Wow the time went fast, but I must go. See you guys soon-ish.

Points: 2 for money


ASimWen said...

WooHoo three boys! The one looked like he took after he grandpa Zachary.

ciyrose said...

Aww...the boys are all so cute!!