Friday, June 11, 2010

Simmes 1 - Round 7

3 Teenage Girls in One House
Last time Libby, George, Jenn and Emmett worked hard at their jobs and raised the three girls. Twins Buffy and Glory, along with Willow grew from toddlers up to very nice girls, dowted upon by their parents. It was all very sweet. This round the girls will grow to teen; good luck to their parents.

Rachel: *looks around* I guess everyone is at work or school.

Rachel: Pluto!
Pluto: Oh! What?
Rachel: Are you stealing their gnome?
Pluto: Borrowing really.
Rachel: This is how you repay all the love things they have said about how hot you are.
Pluto: What now?
Rachel: Oh, um, never mind. Just take the gnome and go.

Rachel: Looks like you had a fantastic day Emmett.
Emmett: Sure did. Thanks for noticing Rachel.

Rachel: Oh look at the girls trying to befriend the teenage boys.
Me: Yeah, all the kids do that around here.
Rachel: Sure and why not? They'll be in college together soon enough.

Rachel: Um Curry?
Curry: Yes?
Rachel: Maybe you should have moved the stack of books before you sat down.
Curry: Oh. Good idea.

Rachel: Nice going Libby.

Rachel: You too George.

Lager: Wee!!!
Rachel: Ah what would a Prosperity Point household be without a visit from little Lager?
Me: Weird?

Rachel: Awesome job Libby!
Libby: Thanks!

Rachel: Awesome job to you too Emmett!
Emmett: Thanks again.

Rachel: And so begins the many birthday celebrations.
Emmett: Shhh! My baby is growing up.
Rachel: Sorry. Happy Birthday Willow!

Rachel: You are beautiful Willow. What do you want in life?

Willow: Friends!

Willow: And the best way is to be a bloody rock god!
Rachel: A what?
Me: Like Charlie...from Lost.
Rachel: You and that Lost thing. It's like you're obsessed.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Buffy!

Rachel: Another lovely girl. What would you like?

Buffy: I really want to be a ballet dance.
Rachel: Very lovely. I like the new hair do too.

Rachel: And last but not least. Happy Birthday Glory!

Rachel: Very pretty. What would you like dear?

Glory: A family.

Glory: At least 6 grand kids.
Me: Not sure that one will happen. We'll have to see.

Willow: Benguat is H-O-T hot!
Rachel: He might not be right for you. You really don't know him. Plus...

Glory: So listen I think you're really swell.
Benguant: Oh gosh, um...

Benguant: Oh my gosh. Am I gonna get my first kiss now?
Rachel: If you pay attention.

Rachel: Very sweet.

Willow: So Curry, I really think you're cute.
Rachel: There you go. I wasn't worried you won't find someone else.

Rachel: Hand holding! Cute! I love the new hair too.

Rachel: Oh boy! I really hope your kids have you hair and his skin. that would be awesome!

Rachel: Cute! I love gifts from dates.

Rachel: Hey there Jenn! Awesome job!
Jenn: Thanks Rachel! It was a lot of work.

Me: Doable.

Rachel: Good job Willow.

Rachel: You too Glory.

Rachel: Extra nice job Buffy.
Buffy: Thanks. That's what happens when you don't have a boyfriend.
Rachel: Give it time.

Points: 8
2 for Libby and Emmett's tops of careers
3 for Jenn's Impossible Want
3 for money


snarkysims said...

Ha! I love the LOST reference!

ASimWen said...

lol LOST??? What is that??? That sounds like some TV show, well, USED to be on TV...? LOL

ciyrose said...

The girls are all very pretty. Are you going to make Willow a witch in college? I think that would be fun. :D