Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lancaster 1 Round 3

Crazy Womrat Lady
Last time Wen and James welcomed a second child, a daughter, O'Keefe to their family. Vincent, their son, grew from an infant all the way to a child. James' remaining grandson went off to college.

Rachel: Hey Wen! I'm so glad to be back to see you and your family.
Wen: Womrats!
Rachel: What? Oh yeah you did some shopping didn't you?

Wen: This is Sweets. She's an old kitty already, but a nice addition to family. James is really taken with her.
Rachel: Looks like James' grandson Brendon has returned home with his girlfriend Hedwig Busto.
Wen: Yep, and they are just lovely people.
Rachel: Great! Well, let's take amount and have the happy shoppers show us what they got.

James: I was just trying to support my other grandson, Bryon and I might have gotten a little carried away. I got 4 toilets, 4 pinball machines, a TV, a large fish tank, a pet bed, a gaming system, a toy truck, and a stereo.
Rachel: Boy they never open up a car lot.

Wen: I got a pinball machine...
Rachel: Wait another pinball machine?
Wen: Yeah James said he wanted one so I got it, I didn't realize he would buy 4 on his own. Let's see, a cat tower thing, a plant, a pet food dish, 2 vases, a kid's panda chair and two Womrat cages.
Rachel: Looks like lots of stuff you can sell, let's start with these Womrat cages. *Wen slaps her hand* Ouch!
Wen: No, I'm gonna keep those and the kitty stuff. Sweets can use that.

Brendon: I'm not so much of a shopper. I just got 3 bed beds and a dish.

Hedwig: Just a cat tower thing and food dish. I just don't like to spend money on things we don't need.
Me: Interesting for a Fortune, ummm, person.
Hedwig: What was that?
Rachel: Nothing ignore her.

Rachel: Vincent, whose this?
Vincent: Lydia Potts, she seems nice.

Wen: *singing* Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.

Rachel: Two little Womrats. Are they both the same gender?
Wen: No, but I have them in separate cages.
Rachel: Good, better keep them apart.

Wen: *Distracted* Yeah, I will. Fufu do you want to play with Fifi?
Rachel: Wen?
Wen: What?
Rachel: It's O'Keefe's birthday. Put down the Womrat and join the party.

Rachel: Oh O'Keefe, you so much like your papa, but in a pretty girl way. Hey where's Hedwig going?

Rachel: There you are.
Hedwig: I just don't understand why the university gives us such bad clothes when we graduate.
Rachel: I don't either. Wait, do I see a wedding dress there?
Hedwig: Yeah, Brendon hasn't proposed yet, but I know he wants to marry.
Me: *Thinking to self* Poor Hedwig, she doesn't know how badly Brendon wants to flirt with the maid and any other female that breaths.-Back at the house-

Rachel: Wait, what's going on? No one was pregnant. Where'd this infant come from?

Brendon: Isn't my baby boy so cute? He's purple.
Rachel: *Looks at me* What did you do to him?
Me: Nothing, he just knows this house has to stay with a Lancaster and there are no female Lancasters, so either he could try to be abducted and most likely not or he could adopt and save us all a lot of trouble.
Rachel: Um, but he adopted a boy.
Me: The agency is weird. He can choose age, but not gender. He'll just have to try again.
Vincent: All right, first A+!!!

Rachel: Oh don't worry O'Keefe, no one brings home an A+ their first day.

Vincent: Mom, Mom, look!!! A+!!!!
Wen: I just don't understand, yesterday there were only two.

Rachel: Wen, what happened?
Wen: I'm really not sure, now there are three.
Rachel: Did you let them play together.
Wen: Just for a minute.
Rachel: I see.

James: Whose the cutest little Great Grandson ever? Cougar is!

Vincent: *singing* Womrats are nice
O'Keefe: *singing* Womrats are fun
Both: *singing* Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.

O'Keefe: Daddy, where do baby Womrats come from?
James: Why dear?
O'Keefe: I think Fufu hurt Fifi. They were playing and now she's real sick. I think we'll be needing a new baby Womrat when Fifi dies, so I wanted to know where to get them.
James: We can cover that later, let's work on your math for now.
-The next morning-

Rachel: What's going on O'Keefe?
O'Keefe: I thought Fifi was sick, but she wasn't. This is Momo.
Rachel: I see. Wait, do you hear something outside? Like a van?

Rachel: Oh it's the social worker dropping off another baby.

Brendon: Meet my baby girl, Puma.
Me: *to self* Interesting, Brendon is romance, has constant wants for other women, but has really taken to his adopted children. Hummm....
Rachel: I'll go get Wen so she can meet Puma.

Rachel: There you are. There's another new baby in the house.
Wen: Is it mine?
Rachel; *with a puzzled look* What? No, She's Brendon's.
Wen: *sad* oh, I really want a third so 3 can graduate from college.
Rachel: Well, there are things that can be done about that.
-After the sunsets-

James: Get here sentry bot. I built you to catch whomever has been stealing our papers.

Rachel: Oh wow, it's Cougar's birthday already.

Rachel : Ahh, he's SO cute!

O'Keefe: Momma, momma, we have another Womrat!

Wen: *singing* Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.

Rachel: oh hey Hedwig got promoted.
Hedwig: Yeah, I really want to be a business tycoon.
Rachel: Looks like you're almost there. Wait do you hear something upstairs? *runs off*

Rachel: James you building another Sentry Bot? Hey whose your fri.... Oh no it's the grim reaper!!!

Rachel: As if this moment couldn't be worse. Sweets is so upset she best friend is dying, she runs away!

Rachel: Oh no, Wen is taking this REALLY hard!
Me: Get up Wen, you're all right, no need for the shrink to come, I can talk you through this!!!
Me: Oh no, there goes one point.


Rachel: Vincent don't you think maybe you should hold off on the birthday 'til tomorrow? No? Go ahead then.

Vincent: *Sobbing* my dad just died! I miss him so much already!!!
Rachel: Maybe you should have waited.

Rachel: Looks like another birthday too.

Rachel: Puma is darling too. Look around dear, one day this house will be all your's.
-The next morning-

Wen: Oh Bacilus, I'm so glad you could make it other to comfort me.

Rachel: Comfort indeed!

Wen: Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.

Brendon: Whose bright idea was it to put in this elevator?
Rachel: I think it was Wen's. She did have a second one put in so when one breaks down at least you can still go from floor to floor.
Brendon: that's beside the point. They are dangerous.

Hedwig: Looks like we've got a Busto on the way!

Brendon: Hey lady, what made you think putting in elevators in a house with children would a good idea?

Wen: Hey, there's no room for stairs and remember I was the first one to be in one when it broke and I'm fine!

Wen: *sobbing* My James dies and this is how his grandson treats me.

Brendon: Don't pretend to be upset that my grandpa died and then bring that man into his bed the very next day!!!

Rachel: Holy crap, Brendon just jumped Wen!!!

Wen: I loved you're grandfather! How dare you question my love for him!!!

Wen: Take that!!!

Rachel: All the excitement, we missed Cougar's birthday. What's with the pink PJs?
Cougar: I really don't know. They look good with my skin.
Rachel: That they do.

O'Keefe: Hedwig is such a nice lady. I'm so glad we get to grow up here.

Rachel: Hum, I wonder if it was the WooHooing or the fist fight that woke James up.
Me: Prosperity Point's first ghost.
Wen: *singing* Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.

Wen: Puma, you're daddy is busy so I thought I'd help you learn to talk.
Puma: No!

Rachel: Brendon what are you doing?

Brendon: Yummy Grilled Cheese!
Rachel: *looking at me* Did you have something to do with this?
Me: *whislting innocently*
Rachel: Did you?
Me: Trust me the family will be better off in the long run. Hey isn't that the phone ringing!?!?!

Cougar: Oh yes, please bring our Sweets back to us.

O'Keefe: Say thanks for bringing our kitty back nice guy.
Adam: Not a problem little lady.

Rachel: Wow, another birthday!!! Happy birthday, dear Puma!!!

Puma: Yippeee! I grew up very well!!!

Brendon: what are you doing is that nighty again. Was you're little bedroom friend here again?

Brendon: You slut! How dare you dishonor the memory of my grandfather like this. Get out you crazy Womrat lady!
Wen: This is my house you get out, you ingrate!
Brendon: This is the Lancaster house and you are NOT a Lancaster. Get out before I call the police!

Wen: Here's a nice place, I guess we'll go there. I can't believe this is happening!!! Brendon always seemed so nice, now I hate him. This is going to be really hard for the kids.

Vincent: So where are we going Mom?

Wen: To our new house.
O'Keefe: *crying* Why Mom, why can't we stay here?
Wen: It's for the best. Brendon should be able to have the house without his step grandmother hanging around.

Me: this is when the scaring started.
Cougar: Ahhh!!! Great Grand Dad James, why are you scaring me?

Brendon: Ahhhh!!! Grandpa, why are you scaring my family? She was dishonoring you, she had to go.
-The next Morning-

Hedwig: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Oh boy a baby!!!

Hedwig: Meet our baby boy, Tiger.
Rachel: Well, I guess I had better get on my way. I already stayed a few minutes late to see the baby.

Points: 3 for the large cats, I mean kids, Cougar, Puma and Tiger
-1 for Wen's break down

Total: 2
The womrats left with Wen BTW (side note, no the Womrats can't really breed, I did that for the story)

Funny Picture

Jenn, you should really remove the phone books before playing chess with a kid.


ASimWen said...

OMG I laughed so much my husband yelled at me from the other room...wondered what was so funny. LOLOL

I see ASimWen is really into Womrats...and yes she is a Family surprise she went nutz when James passed. Sweets is a pretty kitty...

Woo everybody did alot of shopping. :) Great. :) Did you sell that stuff off or did you keep it?

Lydia is a GCS Sim in my Fellowship hood. She looks nice in your hood. Do you think she is a poss match for Vince?

ASimWen needs to have one more baby to get her three kid want...errr....wait a min...climbing into bed with Bacillus??? hehehehe I think she will get her third baby! ( I had three kids in RL, and so far only one has sought higher education!)

Woah a romance Sim adopting kids? Ahh but they are cuties. Colors of the rainbow!

What's with the slutty underware Wen keeps wearing??? Hmm??? GAWD, if I were to wear sumthin' like that in RL I would hafta put a coat on to keep warm. lol ASimRachel needs to show ASimWen how to dress.

Vincent and O'Keefe are nice looking individuals. ASimWen wouldn't make any other kind. :)

Hehehe Wen and Brendon fighting. LOL That really is a bad example for the kids in the house. hehehe

I don't blame Wen for takin' the kids and hightailing it out of there. lol Good story!

Anonymous said...

whew that is a lot of womrats! great update, I laughed so hard I cried!
Gosh Wen got out of that house in time. James musta been upset his children had been kicked out of the house.
Grilled cheese! Yummers!

Bubbs said...

SHOCK!! Who did all that shopping??? They really love to shop. LOL!!

OMG - Asimwen is vicious when it comes to her womrat cages, lmao. Does she want to raise them as food for the kitties??

O'Keefe is a beautiful toddler and child. :)

Why doesn't Brendon have a baby with Hedwig? Nevermind, lol.

Womrats are nice! Womrats are fun! I love the song. :)

Cougar looks scared at being tossed in the air, lol. Great picture you got there!!

Oh no! Asimwen is on the floor upset! HAHAHA!! Wen is in bed with Bacillus??? Oh, that didn't go over well with Brendon, lol. Oops, he better be careful who he fights with. It seems Asimwen can fight.

Vincent looks like a Lancaster all right. Hehe.

Aww, how nice the kittie was returned. Oh, Asimwen is moving out???

Melissa said...

I didn't know that the womrats could breed! Thanks for that tidbit! Great update as usual.

Twoyys4me said...

What a great update!

Lots of cute babies in the house now! love the purple skin!
Go Wen, kicking butt... :)
Glad Sweets arrived home safely- how many days had she been gone?
Love the Womrats song- that's going to be in my head all day!

Fairy D said...

GREAT STORY! This was just too funny. I am so glad that asimwen moved out with the kids. Maybe the next accident Brendon has in the elevator will be his last or his grandpa will scare him to death.

Shaunna said...

I literaly have a tear in my eye after that update. Hilarious...and it was the womrat song that got me! :)

Another great update.

Charity said...

And Wen kicks butt again! And aside from being buff, she can sing too! LOL.
Hey, I didn't know that Womrats can multiply. I have to get one now!

SGT Heather said...

Okay the shopping loot was hilarious! And Wen sure does have a wormrat fixation! LOL! And Bacillus gave her comfort!!! I thought for sure we would be seeing a little blue baby from her.

ciyrose said...

No more babies yet for Wen...well now that she has moved out maybe she will. The adopted kids are super cute!

MKSims2 said...

I love the womrat song! Great update, with babies and womrats and slapping and scaring. Very colorful in many ways. I need more skintones in my hoods. Guess it's too late to do that for my Prosperity one though, unless someone gets abducted...