Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ziese-Lecy 1 Round 3

The Silent Treatment
Last time the natural twins, Erika and Elizabeth went from toddlers to children. Their only son to date, MJ was born. Their eldest daughter, Victoria, grew to teen got her first kiss from Velo and moved to college. When Marty wasn't working towards maxing his skills, he was a good and very busy father helping his kids learn everything he could teach them. Sim Rachel continues to deny she is actually a sim but continues to work on her LTW of 50 Dream Dates, which seem to end in pregnancy, some how. Being the narrator, we've seen Sim Rachel since the last visit to the lot. The last time we spoke to her she got very mad at real me for once again telling her the truth, she's the sim.

Me: Hey guys, I'm so happy to be back. Hey who got a pet? Guys?

Marty: This is Hannah. Rachel got her at Planetary Pets last week.
Me: Ahh, where is Rachel?

Marty: She isn't talking to you.
Me: What? Why?
Marty: Something about calling her a sim and saying you were coming to our house next, but it wouldn't be for awhile. And look here you are the very next day.
Me: Actually it's been like a month and half, but you guys were paused.
Marty: *Puzzled look* What are you talking about? You aren't making any sense.
Me: Man you sound just like real Marty.
Marty: Real Marty?
Me: No, no, ignore that. I'm talking crazy. Please don't get mad at me too.
Marty: Well I need to go to work now. I'll see you when I get home.

Me: Rachel, congratulations on the promotion! Rachel?
Rachel: *miffed tone* What?
Me: *Sheepishy* Umm, great job on the promotion.
Rachel: Didn't Marty tell you I'm mad at you and not speaking to you?
Me: Yes.
Rachel: So why are you continuing to speak to me?
Me: Ummmm, I don't know. Hey look...

... one of those Dante kids jumped in the garbage can and is eating trash! Funny, huh Rachel? Rachel? *Looks around*
Dante Kid: She went to the salon.
Me: Thanks kid, ahh, I think there are some grilled cheese inside.
Dante: No thanks, I'm good.

-A while later-
Me: Oh look another date for Marty and Rachel
Me: Rachel, you must be a better mood now? Another dream date is in the bag and I love your hair!
Rachel: Yeah, thanks, now GO AWAY!
Me: Oh look a new puppy just got dropped off. Wait I know that dog, it's Bastain Bach's puppy North! Well Sim Rachel does have an in with Bastain. Oh crap, I just said Sim, shhhh.

Me: Oh look a member of the family that isn't mad at me. Hey MJ! Nice puppy, huh?
MJ: Nie Pupppieeee
Me: Man the dogs love this kid! I foresee a pet related LTW in his future.
Me: Oh and Hannah likes North too! Too bad they're both girls.
Me: Hey Elizabeth!Elizabeth: Hey lady. This is my friend Jupiter Holiday. He came home from school with me.
Me: Ahh yes I know Jupiter (insert comment about how cute Jupiter is). Nice to see you Jupiter. Anymore political aspirations with Mac and Cheese platforms?
Jupiter: Yeppers, I'm going to be president.Me: That would be great. You know you and Elizabeth get along super well, maybe you could marry her someday too.
Jupiter: Yuck, marry? Gross!
Me: We'll see little man, we'll see.

Me: Wow, another promotion Rachel, great!!! *silence* Well, let's see what Erika's up to.
Me: Erika who is this?Erika: This is Xara Morreli. She looks a lot like that Xuan Rib guy, but she's not Aimee's.
Me: Yeah that's because she's Xuan's love... wait how old are you?
Erika: 9
Me: Umm, ask your parents then. We'll just leave it at Xara isn't from around here.
Erika: She said her mom is tiny, but then why is she so big if her mom is small?
Me: *Sigh* Go ask your parents.
Me: Oh boy, it's the twins' birthday! Oh Xara don't look so upset. I know you got stuck at a kids' birthday party, but at least they didn't expect presents.
Me: That's more like it Xara.
Me: Wow Elizabeth you sure did grow to be beautiful. You look so much like your older sister, Victoria.
Elizabeth: Yeah, I know.
Me: Interesting response. Say Elizabeth, what do you really want in life?

Elizabeth: To be a professional party guest. Oh and WooHooing with a bunch of other people would be pretty cool too.
Me: (so loud the whole neighborhood can hear) NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you're supposed to marry Jupiter! I love him he can't marry a *gasp* Romance Si... Person.
Elizabeth: Jupiter's just a kid.
Me: He won't be for long. You two are going to college together.
Elizabeth: Whatever lady I'll do whatever or *chuckling* whoever I want.
Me: Well let's see if your twin fares any better.
Me: Oh thank goodness. Erika, you want lots of money huh?
Erika: Yeah our family has always been pretty poor. They only came here with $20,000 and will all us kids, they really haven't been able to increase that much.
Me: So what about a life time goal?

Erika: Well, I really love animals and I want to help 6 reach the top of their careers.
Me: Cool, that's a new one for me, but I bet it's doable.Erika: Yeah, let me make a phone call.
Me: Elizabeth, what's going on? Why are the police here?
Elizabeth: Erika adopted another dog, just what we need.
Me: Oh hey it's East, North's Momma.
Me: Hey guys where are you going?
Rachel: No where.
Me: Come on don't be that way, I'm sorry.
Marty: No, umm, we aren't going anywhere. We're having a dream date here.
Me: Oooh, I see, excuse me.
Me: Oh how I LOVE the Westies!!!

Rachel: All right Erika wants her pets to get to the top their careers, so we had better start working East (sorry labeled wrong). Sit up. Come on sit up.

Rachel: There you go, good girl. (still actually East)
Me: My, my, who is this strapping young lad that Elizabeth has brought home from school?
Elizabeth: Oh that, that's Xuane Skywalker. He's nothing special.
Me: Xuane Skywalker you say? Yep, I know who's kid he is too. The dad should be obvious by the name, but whose his mom? He definitely took after her in his face. Hey Erika, your sister doesn't seem interested in this guy, how about you?

Erika: Holy cow, he's dreamy!!!
Me: My goodness MJ, you're all grown up.
Mj: Yes mame, going to school tomorrow.
Me: Very cool.

Me: Oh look another new pet! It's West this time, North's father.
Me: Oh time for a bath for North huh? You know those water wiggles thingies will help keep them clean.
Rachel: Really?
Me: *Thinking to self* Holy crap she's talking to me *Out loud* Yep, someone needs a toy station and to work up to making them. I'll see if I can get someone with a store to learn to make them.
Rachel: That would be great!
ME: I just love the bubbles all around them, too cute.

Me: Marty got promoted to a surgeon, great!
Marty: Thanks, the money will really help the family.
Me: Erika, looks like things are going well with you and Xuane.
Erika: Yeah, I think I want to kiss him.
Me: I think he's pretty into you, why don't you go for it?
Erika: Ya think?
Me: Yeppers

Me: See?
Erika: Yeah, sweet! We're so best friends now too.
Me: Great, looks like he'll being going to college with you.
Erika: *acting all giddy* Really?
Me: Yeppers. Better write this one down for a new record, in the town a what, a day, and he's in.
Erika: What?
Me: Nothing, just thinking out loud.
Me: Shhh, looks like Rachel is helping MJ with his first homework assignment. It's very important that they aren't inter....

Me: Scratch that, boil some water, tear up some sheets we've got a baby on the way!

Rachel: Here's my baby girl E-leah
Me: No, no it's Eel-e-ah, trust me I have a co-worker with that name.

Rachel: What? Oh sure Eel-e-ah. You're such a cutie little baby Eleah.
-The next day-
Me: What? What is Eleah doing on the floor? There must be a nanny here!
Me: Yep, there she is. Wait, she isn't feeding the baby the same bottle that was laying on the floor next to her for several hour?!?! *Shouting* Would someone PLEASE call social services on these "care givers".
Me: Rachel, thank goodness you're home, you're never going to guess what that stupid nanny did now. Oh congrats on the promotion, now haul tail who knows what that moron is doing now!
Me: Hum, playing innocent now. Well the girls are playing together.
Rachel: Yeah turns out Erika liked Elizabeth, but Elizabeth didn't like Erika. Things are going better now.
Me: Hey look it's Rufus Busto. So Elizabeth, what do you think?
Elizabeth: Yuck!
Me: Yeah, I can't... wait what's going on?
Me: Doggie get away!!!! Naughty West, hehe too funny though, I mean naughty!
Me: MJ, how's childhood going?
MJ: *Laughing* You ask weird questions.
Me: I know, that's the kind weird people ask. How about, what's up?
MJ: I met this Xara girl, she's pretty nice.
Me: Yeah, so what do you think?
MJ: *laughing* what do you mean?
Me: Is there a future there?
MJ: *still laughing* You're weird.
Me: We've covered this already, oh nevermind, we'll see how this goes.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear E-Leah
Me: Eel-e-ah
Rachel: I mean Eel-e-ah
Me: Um Rachel maybe you shouldn't toss the baby quite THAT high.
Rachel: What?
Me: Catch her!
Me: What a cutie, man you and Marty sure do make cute kids.
Rachel: Thanks.
Me: *thinking to self* Wow, she's talking to me like she wasnever mad. Better not mention it.
Me: Ut-oh baby in the bath tub shot, I won't let your mom show it to all your future boyfriends, I swear.
Me: Hey are you "Hangin' Tough"?

Rachel: Nope pregnant.
Me: Did you and Marty have another dream date?
Rachel: Yeah, it's really put me in a great mood!

Me: What a great dad Marty is!

Marty: Say "Bottle".
Eleah: No
Marty: Say "Bott-le".
Elaeah: No.
Me: I think it has to do with the whole being fed an old bottle that layed on the floor next to her for several hours.

Marty: Say "Bottle" for daddy.
Eleah: Bottle
Marty: That's daddy's smart girl.

Me: Another dream date in progress. Get down Rachel! You sure are flexible there girl especially for being pregnant.
Me: Oh hey Eleah, step away from the dog food. Can someone please get the toddler out of the dog food?
Me: Looks like the girls are calling for scholarships. $5,500, great going Elizabeth!
Me: $4,750 Not too shabby Erika, not too shabby at all.
Me: Wait so Marty taught you about cleaning on your last date? Any these folks think I'm weird!
Me: So that's where I leave the original Ziese-Lecy household. Rachel is talking to me again, so she'll continue to show us around the hood. Thank goodness I'm not stuck with Marty for the round.
Marty: Hey!
Me: Oh sorry, I was kidding. Marty continued to work on his LTW of maxing all skills, just 1.5 to go. Rachel worked on her's getting up to 16 Dream Dates, better hurry, only 8 days 'til elder. The twins will be heading to college later this round. Points: Just 1 for Eleah
Funny Pictures:

Claire it REALLY isn't nice to watch people while they pee.

What's with Rachel and funny looks when she sees the baby the first time? Sim me is hilarious, I love her.


Twoyys4me said...

What a fabulous update!
I've never seen a Sim actually 'in' the trash before- that was hilarious!
Eleah is a beautiful name, and suits this darling toddler.
Little West covered in bubbles... how long did that last?!
Rachel's legacy is coming along nicely!

Anonymous said...

Oh the dreaded silent treatment. Well at least she came around. I loved the update, it was so funny!
They really do make great looking babies.. it seems you are working on populating the neighborhood with only Ziese-Lecy offspring!

Bubbs said...

Great update! Interesting new faces you have around Good thing Rachel is talking to you again. :)

PRMami said...

Oh boy Sim Rachel is really giving you the cold shoulder eh ?

Oh Hannah is a nice looking dog so that's what it looks like when a Sim buys a pet

LOL That Dante kid must really have like a 1 point in sloppy :)

Awww look at North and MJ how sweet!

Ahhh There's my Scott's alternate Jupiter those two do look alot alike - and you're matchmaking already too I see :)

Wow Xara is beautiful! I need to go and grab Xuan and put him in my game (he's in Wen's site right?)

OMGawd how funny Elizabeth grew up wanting to woo hoo with alot of people now you now that Risky woohoo would be great for her you really won't know who got her preggers until the kid is born ::hint-hint:: ;)

Wow so Pets does come with new LTW eh? Boy I can not wait until that 2nd Pets patch comes out then maybe my Opulent Bay Sims can have pets also.

Ahhh now North has his momma in the house how sweet but all the dogs are female no puppies to be born in this household? Hold up another dog? Well now you have West ex out what I said about puppies lol

Bwahahah Baby Eleah is on the floor - I hate when they do that! Yup Nanny on the premises bleh!

Wow she's preggers again?

Ewww toddler eating dog food.

Holy Moley Elizabeth did fantastic on all those scholarships! Dang you go girl!

Hey what happened to Hannah the dog?

Great round!

ASimWen said...

OK ok I caught on......Xara and Xuane are Xuan and Tiny's from the shared hood! LOLOL (wow they are cuties!) I see you put up your fav dogs from Bastain's house up for adoption. :) Isn't it nice the way the game works, we can actually keep playing with favorite characters for ever if we want.

LOve your updates, thanks. :)

(Sorry, pressed for time....TSR Simming to do! lol)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

What happened to Hannah?

Melissa said...

Great update!

What happened to Hannah? That's cool how they show up when purchased when they are not being controlled by us. I might have to make a point to do this!

Fairy D said...

Great update as usual. I'm happy the Sim Rachel is speaking to you again. That was too funny.

Shaunna said...

Wonderful update to kick off round 2. I loved it per usual! Great writing style, and of course, great characters.

Charity said...

That kid is in the trash can! I've never seen that in my game.
The best thing about your blog is the townie sightings. I hope my blog gets this interesting.

SGT Heather said...

Okay, I'm starting to slowly hack away at the updates I've missed. Holy crap there have been a lot. But anyway, Sim-you is a baby machine! And you are right, you guys make good looking kids.

ciyrose said...

Awww....more cute kids! The dogs are all pretty cute too. I have yet to see a kid in the trash can, that was funny. What was with the date skill at the end? I have never seen that either.