Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Naming Skemes

Naming skemes by house, end of round 2
Some skemes haven't not been revealed yet, for those houses the current childern's names will be listed.

Ziese-Lecy House
People I know in real life (that one's too hard to make you guess)
Lancaster House
Famous Artists
Holiday House
Planets and astrogolical stuff (will follow Andre when he moves out)
Ribeiro 1 House
Characters from the TV show LOST
Dante 1 House
Flowers and Trees
Vegas 1 House
Planets and astrogolical stuff (as Andre is moving)
Ribeiro 2 House
US States
Ribeiro 3 House
Not revealed - Jewel
Rosada 1 House
Shades of Blue
Rosada 2 House
Cooprider 1 House
Rosada 3 House
Don't think it's been revealed - Tanzanite & Zircon
Cooprider 2 House
Aquatic Animals
Dante 2 House
Months of the Year
Te Waiata 1 House
Caligula 1 House
Not revealed - Ellen
Knight 1 House
Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses
Ziese-Lecy 2 House
Sweets, Desserts and whatnot
Fosythe House 1 Round 2
Weather conditions and events
Rosada House 4
Not revealed yet - Logan & Rogue
Vega House 2
Not Revealed - Lucida
Vega House 3
Vega House 4
Dante House 3
Not Revealed - George - Hit Characters from some movies I like.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! Love the names ideas. I find it easier to come up with names when I have a theme. I know 2 of your "unindentified" themes! I am pumped (I love to randomly feel smart!).

PS. I know the Logan and Rogue one and the Lucida one.


Anonymous said...

Rosada House 4... Wait! I think I know the name scheme for this one. I would say it, but I'm not sure if I'd be giving something away. But I guess it's not that hard for people to figure out, but queenofsimtopia guessed it too. But you know... I still can't be 100% positive with only 2 names.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Logan and Rogue is the one I'm pretty sure of. The names are just too unique together.

Shaunna said...

Rouge is my fav! So I am all over that one. But I am puzzled by Ellen...and Lucida though that last one is firmiliar...oh no now I am going to be thinking about this all night! Arrgh! Great idea though.