Monday, January 01, 2007

Holiday 1 Round 3

Pack Leader
Last time Andre's 4 oldest kids went off to university and his alien spawn, Jupiter, grew to a child. Andre fell in love with Coqui Vega and proposed. Then he waited for Venice to return to take over the Holiday house since each marriage is taking the female name and household names are being passed to daughters. Remember that flu that was going around the hood? The illness at the beginning here is still a left over from that, it hasn't started again. Oh and Venice is a romance sim, this should be interesting.

Rachel: Hey Venice! Welcome back from college.
Venice: *Coughing* Thanks, um, I don't feel so well.

Rachel: Andre what are you doing?
Andre: Calling in sick, I'm afraid I have the flu that's been going around.

Rachel: Jupiter, darling, what's wrong?
Jupiter: I have the flu too.
Rachel: Get your butt to bed kid. *whips out big Quaritine sign and posts it on the door*

Venice: Xuan is so dreamy.
Rachel : Yes, and he's married.
Venice: So. I think I'm going to call him.
Rachel: Stay in bed missy, your sick and I won't have this thing getting out of control again.

Rachel: Much better. Andre's sleeping and you two are reading. Stay nice and comfy.

Rachel: Ut-oh what's that?
Venice: Jupiter's upset he's missing school.
Rachel: Poor little guy.
-A few hours pass and everyone gets better-

Rachel: Hey it's Hannah! What are you doing here?
Jupiter: Elizabeth gave her to me, as a gift.
Rachel: I see. Well, I'm sure you'll take good care of her.
Jupiter: sure will.

Rachel: Venice, my goodness, put some clothes on! Your dad and brother live here too for crying out load!
Venice: I don't know what happened. I was in the bath tub and then next thing I know I'm standing here naked.
Me: Ahh, that's because I installed Pets in between the being sick and now.
Venice: What?
Rachel: Ignore her, she's crazy.

Venice; Well dad, I think it's time for you to be moving in with Coqui.
Andre: Thanks dear. We'll see you at the wedding.
Rachel: Did anybody else notice she's still naked when hugging her father?

Rachel: So Venice you're all alone now, they even took the dog.
Venice: That's all right I already called a friend to come over. He's really upset about his wife.
Rachel: Wait who is your friend?

Rachel: Not Leeland (Dante) Cooprider!
Venice: Yeah, wait outside please.
Rachel: *goes outside but peaks through the window*
Leeland: I just don't know what to do. Kricket and I used to be so happy. Dream Dates and WooHoo all the time. Now that the twins came along she doesn't seem to have any time for me anymore. We never talked about having kids and then bam there they are.
Venice: I think she tricked you.
Leeland: Tricked me?
Venice: You know forgot to take her pills or something. This was her plan all along. Come here dear.

Venice: I'll comfort you.
Leeland: Gee, I don...

Venice: Come on kiss me, you know you want to.

Leeland: I don't know if we should be doing this.
Venice: Come on be with me. We can just have this, no responsibility, no strings attached. No babies. I take my pills.
Me: Side note, Risky WooHoo has been installed.
Moments late Leeland leaves the house and runs home to Kricket. Venice gets up and makes a phone call.

Rachel: What now Quavi's here?
Venice: Oh Quavi how I love you. I miss you so much. It seems so long since we last lay together while I was in college.

Rachel: Yeah that that took much convincing.
Venice: Excuse us.

Quavi: Venice that was amazing! Where'd you learn those new moves?
Venice: Movies.

Rachel: Gee Venice you sure do seem hungry.
Venice: Just getting ready to do some shopping. Do you see this horrid ligerire?

Rachel: Venice why are you buying a wedding dress?
Venice: You know some guys are into that sort of thing, you know just for play, not for real.
Rachel: Oooo.K. I don't think I want to know anymore. Shall we head back to your house?
Venice: One more stop.

Rachel: Ahh Planetary Pets.
Venice: Yeah, it's a little lonely in the big empty house.

Venice: THis is Speckles. Isn't he a handsome dog?
Rachel: Yeah and I sure hope he has puppies.

Venice: Well, that's a good idea. I'll take this girl, Spree, too. Since I'm not having any babies, I can raise puppies instead.
-Back at house-

Rachel: Hey look it's Karoline Bach, all grown to a teen. Venice you need more friends if you ever want to be a Celebrity Chef.

Venice: Glad to meet you. Do you have a father or some older brothers?
Karoline: Yeah, lots, why?
Rachel: All right step away. That's just weird Venice.
-that evening-

Rachel: Venice why are you making candy in your undies? Which are much better by the way.
Venice: Leeland and Quavi were here earlier.
Rachel: At the same time!?!?!
Venice: No, no separately. I'm waiting for Cal Evans to come now. He's pretty hot.


Venice: Cal don't you just love these new undies I got? Don't they just really show off my figure?
Cal: *speechlessly drooling*
Venice: Come with me.

Venice: I'm going to make you forget all those Burton sisters' names.

Rachel: Hey looks like Spree and Speckles are going to be having pups! Well if they go in the doggie house. Yep, there they go.

Venice: Come on Speckles, don't do that. I need to get that doggie woohoo off you.

Venice: Oh crap!
Rachel: What happened to the no babies?
Venice: Something went wrong.
Rachel: Yeah well, I can hardly believe you even found time to work on your cooking skills with all the WooHooing. Between the three guys I can barely find a time to visit you.

Rachel: Wow a female friend, this is amazing.
Venice: I was trying to get some advice from her but all she wanted to do was talk to my belly. I don't know how to tell the father.
Rachel: Do you even know who the father is?
Venice: Well, no. I guess I had better keep this to myself.

Rachel: Oh Boy Puppy Time!!!!

Rachel: Holy crap 4 of them!
Venice: yep, Max, Ginger, Zoey and Spot.
Rachel: I can't wait to see what these guys look like when they grow up.

Venice: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Looks like a babies on the way too!

Venice: She's actually kind of cute. This is Monica.

Rachel: Any better idea who the father is?
Monica: Not really.

Rachel: Well I guess I had best be going now.
Venice: Wait you're leaving me all alone here with 4 new puppies and a new born baby!?!?
Rachel: Sorry those are the rules. *Points at me* this lady tells me when it's time to go and we go. Look at it this way, at least it wasn't twins.

Points: 1 for little Monica. I wonder what the new naming scheme is in this house? If you know me well it's really easy.


Felicia said...

Hah, no babies - like anyone believed that! ;)

Four puppies and a baby? That's a lot for one sim to handle...

I'm betting it's a Friends naming theme. :P Also guessing Leeland is the daddy, based on the baby's hair color. Unless Venice dyes hers, I'll have to go back and check earlier chapters.

Happy New Year!

ASimWen said...

Yeah, no babies my eye! Rachel you CANNOT do a house without babies. LOLOL

Psst! You are a braver Sim than I ....I have always wanted to install Risky Woo-Hoo but am too much a control freak to do that....hehehe

I love the four pups...looks like you have it down to get puppies!


Anonymous said...

OMG four puppies? wowzers!
Monica is adorable, I love this girl, she cracks me up!

PRMami said...

OmGawd she named one of the puppies Ginger? - that's her dead moms name lol

So how'd you like that risky woohoo- was it fun not knowing what to expect?

Oh Venice my girl you do have your hands full eh?

So is she going to put the puppies up for adoption or is she going to have someone move in with her to help out?

This was a good one looking forward to seeing Andre and Coqui getting hitched :)

Bubbs said...

Who played this round? It wasn't Rachel...where are the babies???? Look at all the puppies!!

Great update! Can't wait to see what she does with the dogs.

Fairy D said...

Puppies and a baby oh MY. This house is going to be fun for you.
Great Update.

Shaunna said...

This is my altime fav update. If you have not figured it our yet, Venice is my FAV sim in your hood and I love that she has te place to herself. TDF that she was walking around wearing nothing but the censor blur and a smile. LOL! Awesome update...and yes, the name scheme is a bit obvious! ;)

Charity said...

Oh lord! She's alone with 6 dogs and a baby. I can't wait to see who the daddy is.
Again with the super neat looking dogs! Love it!

SGT Heather said...

Well, well. Venice has turned into quite the interesting character. I wonder how she'll handle a baby and four puppies. What a handful. I'm excited to see how the puppies turn out once they grow up.

ciyrose said...

What a busy house this is going to suddenly become. 4 puppies and a baby...I wonder who the daddy is.

Chrissy Brown said...

The naming scheme is obviously Friends(I love that show) :D and Monica is cute :)