Monday, January 08, 2007

Dante 1- Round 3

Another One...Last time Liza and Howie fell in love and got engaged although they failed to wed (a fact which I had forgotten). Pine had his birthday to child and Kayla and ASton grew to teens and left for College. Liza became pregnant by Howie and gave birth to Oak and Lily who grew up up to favor Howie in the looks department.

Rachel: Hey guys! Oh sorry looks like some private time. I'll wait outside with the twins.
-Awhile later-

Rachel: So Howie, how do you like being a father again?
Howie: It's OK. Hard on the back though.
Rachel: I can imagine. Well it sounds like you're done having kids then?
Howie: Yes, definitely.
Rachel: well, I guess you didn't hear that WooHoo is no longer 100% safe?
Howie: WHAT?!?!
Rachel: Yeah, I guess it's only like 90% safe now. So you could be a father again. We'll hope not for your sake.
-That Night-

Rachel: Looks like it's Pine's birthday. *singing* Happy Birthday, dear Pinnneee!
Pine: I wish for....

... a lot of money.
Rachel: What about a dream?

Pine: I'd like to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers.
Rachel: That's what my daughter Erika wants too. Maybe I should introduce you two.
Me: Umm, you know Erika has a boyfriend whose going to college with her right?
Rachel: Yeah, well, she should keep her options open.
Me: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Me: Hey it's Moss!
Rachel: Who?
Me: Someone Wen made, I mean, introduced me to. And he's wearing the Digg Nation shirt I made.
Rachel: A Digg what shirt?
Me: It's a podcast, nevermind. Liza's home, go bug her for awhile.

Rachel: Liza way to go on the promotion!
Liza: Thanks! One step closer to chief of Staff.
Rachel: Yeah, you'd better hurry.
Liza: I know I'm not getting any younger.
-The Next Day-

Me: Hey look it's Hurricane!
Rachel: Who?
Me: Someone else I know. How are you Hurricane?
Hurricane: Much better than the last time you saw me. My mom is back .
Me: Great!
Rachel: *clears throat*
Me: Sorry, back to the family at hand. See ya Hurricane, I'll have to see if we can find you a woman here.

Rachel: Liza, why would you make such a choice? Tick tock.

Howie: I so love my babies.
Rachel: Aww, so nice. So any word on if Liza got pregnant.
Howie: Yes, and she's not. I love my kids, but I'm glad we're done.

Rachel: Fire, FIRE!!!!! Howie what happened? I thought you were a good cook.
Howie: So did I.
Rachel: I guess we were wrong.

Me: Wow, it's Lexi Jonas. Howie stay away from her, she's a hussy!

Rachel: Oh no Oak we missed your cake!
Oak: That's OK. I still grew up good.
Rachel: Well.
Oak: Well what?
Rachel: You grew up well.
Oak: Thanks much.

Rachel: Oh it's Lily's birthday. Man I don't think I can sing. My throat hurts.
Me: Really so does mine? Weird. Anyway....

Rachel: Oh Lily, you're actually pretty cute.
Lily: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Doing some bowling Pine?
Pine: Yeah, mom said I need to try to make friends with all the females that come to the gambling hall/bowling alley.
Rachel: Good plan. Anyone you like.
Pine: Plenty of friends.
Rachel: Wait 'til college.

Liza: Another step closer!!!

Rachel: Hey Wen. You actually haven't been around as much this round.
Wen: Yeah I was getting some flack, so I was laying low. Howie invited me over though. We are friends.
-That night-

Rachel: Shhh, Howie's helping the twins with their homework.

Rachel: Another visitor?
Pine: Yep, this is Winny. She's new here and I don't really know where she came from.

Pine: And this is Arwen Eleven, an actual teen!
Rachel: So?
Pine: Nothing there. What's the obsession with getting me hooked up?
Rachel: Hey I'm hoping you don't find anyone, not until you meet my Erika.

Rachel: Working on friendships Liza?
Liza: Yep, I need a couple more for my promotion.

Rachel: And the kids are bowling. How cute.

Rachel: What the heck just happened? Everyone seems really upset!

Rachel: Howie, why are you just standing there? Why's Lily crying? Whose that behind Wen????

Rachel: Fight him Howie, fight!!!!

Rachel: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not another death!!!

Rachel: Hum, this is interesting. Why did Liza only get $500.
Me: Sorta forgot to get them married.
Rachel: What sort of insurance company doesn't recognize an engagement?
Me: A bad one.

Rachel: Now everyone is really upset and the business took a big reputation hit.

Rachel: Liza, what are you doing? Your children are still crying about their father's death and here you are flirting with another man!
Liza: Shhh, don't tell Kennedy but I need to get back those friendships. Howie was the social butterfly and I'm short 4 friends now. I heard these townies have a bunch.
Rachel: *sarcastically* Nice.

Rachel: All right so he's moved in. How many friends does he have?
Liza: 2.
Rachel: 2?
Liza: 2. I'm only 2 days from elderhood. I need those promotions.
Rachel: Sorry he couldn't give you what you want.
Liza: Some men have such short comings.

Rachel: Well at least he has great ambissions.

Rachel: Oh boy, Pine's off to college soon too. Erika is there.
Pine: Thanks, I'll say hi.

That's the end of this round with the Dante's. I wonder what will happen with Liza and Kennedy?


PRMami said...

Hey there's Arwen - she's a YA now in my game and is engaged to Will Ryan :) It's always fun to see Sims I play in another hood :)

Awww man Liza chose Kennedy for his friends to get a promotion and he only comes with 2? Bummer! She still has to work to get more friends ick!

ASimWen said...

Aw poor Howie...a hurtin' back! LOL Seems like to me his back was probably gettin' a pretty good work out when the babies were conceived...errr..did I say that? lol
Yay for Moss! I think he is one good looking Sim. I can't wait to see what kind of babies he makes.
Awww ASimWen in a TS2 shirt. Did you make that? I would like to have it. lol
Winny? Who Winny? lol
Awww of course Wen would be upset with Howie dying. *sob*
You are a brave soul for playing Kennedy Cox. lol

Bubbs said...

Oh it's HOWIE!!!! We'll hope not for your sake. What?? Howie is original!!

Hmm, Moss is here, he is such an interesting character, lol.

Oak is a little Howie, lol.

Oh no! That womrat lady is back! Is she trying to sell womrats?? hehehe. NO!!!! HOWIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Kennedy? Interesting townie there for Liza. Good luck with him...hehehe.

Fairy D said...

Its always so sad when sims die. I feel so sorry for the family.
Good luck getting those friends in time.

Shaunna said...

Aww, bye Howie! Looks like you will be missed...but not much by Liza it seems...LOL!

Great update. Lilly is a cutie, I love her freckles.

Charity said...

Bye Howie.
You know, those kids really didn't turn out all the bad for being Busto spawn. Almost good looking.
What a letdown that Kennedy only had 2 friends.

SGT Heather said...

Lily is actually pretty cute. Oak didn't fare so well but Lily only got the nose. Liza sure didn't waste any time moving on after Howie's death did she?

ciyrose said...

I love Lilly's freckles. She turned out pretty cute, grew into that nose. Awww...bye bye Howie!