Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ribeiro 1 Round 3

5 Weeks Left
Previously on LOST, man I did it again. Last time at the Ribeiro house, Sawyer and Ford grew to children. Baby daughter, Sun, was born. Aimee got a promotion at work before becoming pregnant again, once again putting her LTW of a Hall of Famer on hold. Xuan turned out to be a great father and has really taken to his daughter. Aimee gave birth to yet another set of twins, Libby and Kate. Finally Xuan got a promotion working towards his LTW of Chief of Staff.

Rachel: Hey Aimee! How's life going?
Aimee: Good, good. I'm off to work for the first time in a long time. Gotta get up to Hall of Famer. Just snuggling Sun before I go.
Rachel: So you're leaving Xuan alone with a toddler and 2 infants?
Aimee: Yeah, he'll be fine.
Rachel: Sure but will the girls?
Aimee: *laughing* Yes. Gotta run.
-A Couple Hours Pass-

Rachel: How's it going Xuan?
Xuan: Good. Lots of diapers and bottles but nothing I can't handle. I just love my girls so much.
Rachel: Well that's great. So do you think you'll have any more?
Xuan: I'd like to have a son of my own but Aimee really wants to get back to work so I think the twins will be our last.
Rachel: I don't really blame her. She's had 7 kids already and her main focus isn't even family. Hey do you hear something in the kitchen? ... I'll check it out.

Rachel: Ahh, I see you got a trash compacter and someone put Kate in front of it so the maid can't get to it. He's having a royal fit. This seems oddly familar, like I've read about this somewhere, hum. Oh well.
Xuan: I'll be right out to get her since your arms must be broken.
Rachel: No, they're OK.
Xuan: Nevermind.

Rachel: All right a promotion Aimee! Way to go!!!
Aimee: Thanks and I'm actually not pregnant!
Rachel: Awesome!
-A Few Hours Later-

Ford: I wish for world peace and for great TV shows!
Rachel: That's sort of an unusual wish, but OK.

Rachel: What's that face for?

Rachel: Oh no, the FLU is back!!!!
Me: Wait, I know I checked this house. No pop ups that and anyone was sick! Quick someone tell all the visitors to leave before someone gets sick.
*Everyone stands there dumb-founded*
Rachel: You heard her, get them out of here! Ford, go to bed, NOW!!! I'd better go too.
Me: You're immune, it's OK.

Rachel: Sorry Ford, everyone had to go. You can have a quiet birthday. Xuan sure is excited about it.
Ford: *sounding let down* OK.

Ford: Well, I'd really like to be Popular now.
Rachel: That's not so bad. What do you really want in life.

Ford: To have 20 Pet Best Friends.
*Very loud thud*
Rachel: Big giant voice in the sky, are you OK? Lady? Annoying Lady? Hum, not sure what happened there.

Rachel: Wow another birthday. *signing* Happy Birthday dear SUN!!!

Rachel: Sun, you sure are a cutie pie.
Sun: *giggling* Thanks.
-A Few Hours Pass-

Rachel: Cirous averted.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Xuan, who is this?
Xuan: This is Xena.
Xena: Hi! I'm new around here. You know my twin sister Xara.
Rachel: Oh yeah, I did meet her. You too sure are beautiful. Who are your parents?
Xena: My mom is Tiny and well, we don't know who my dad is.
Rachel: Oh, well you sure do fit in here.

Rachel: Sun, don't worry no one does well their first day of school. I know it's shocking to see those letters on your report card.

Ford: Oh my gawd Xena is SO unattractive!
Rachel: What are you talking about? SHe's beautiful!
Ford: Yuck, not for me.
-A Few Hours Later-

Rachel: Another birthday? Wow! Hey Elizabeth I see you made it for the girl twins' birthday. See any boys you like?
Elizabeth: I like all the boys. They don't seem interested in me though.
Rachel: Just as well. Oh, back to the birthdays.

Rachel: Wow, all the girls in this house are beautiful! So lucky.

Aimee: Look at my Xuan. He's always so wonderful. He's helping Kate learn to walk as we speak.

Aimee: Getting everything done that all these kids need is a real group effert. The boys even help out when they can.
Rachel: That's good.
-The Next Afternoon-

Rachel: Oh hey the boys are bringing home some new townsfolk. Hi, who are you?
Keenan: Keenan Bach ma'am. I'm new to Prosperity Point.
Rachel: Sure glad to have you here.

Rachel: And you're Xuane right?
Tornado: No, Tornado Skywalker. Xuane and I are half brothers, same Mom, different Dad. It's amazing how much we look alike. Same hair and clothes. He's younger and a bit of a copy cat.

Rachel: Sun, what's going on?
Sun: I got my very first A+ today!!! *shouting* Dad, Dad!!!

Sun: Dad, look at it, I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Maybe you should let him get some sleep. He's been taking care of your sisters all day. I'm sure he'll cheer when he gets up.
Sun: *sounding let down* OK.
Rachel: Hey I cheered.
Sun: It's not the same.
Rachel: I know.

Rachel: Umm, Ford, I know you want to help out with the girls, but maybe you shouldn't throw Kate THAT high.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Oh no Xuan! What happened to Super Dad?
Xuan: Got pucked on. I just love to play with the girls and I need to remember not too right after they eat.
Rachel: Yeah, wait an hour, like swimming.

Rachel: Looks like a rough day for Xuan.

Aimee: Come to Mommy!
Ford: Now use the potty like a girl Kate.
Rachel: Ahh family bliss.

Aimee: Oh no!
Rachel: I thought you two were done having babies.
Aimee: Me too. I saw some caution signs about something new, called Risky WooHoo. I wonder if it's related.
Rachel: Don't know.

Rachel: Hey congrats on the promotion Xuan and you're gonna be a daddy again!
Aimee: Hey I wanted to tell him!
Rachel: Oh sorry!

Rachel: Even more birthdays. Man you guys are gonna go broke just buying cakes.

Rachel: Why so shocked Kate? We knew you were going to be a real beauty.

Rachel: Now it's Libby's turn.

Rachel: No shocker there either. Xuan makes VERY attrctive kids, especially girls.

Rachel: Libby get off the bed. You and Puma and gonna break something!

Rachel: Ah the family's watching some TV huh?
Aimee: WE're trying to find our favorite show, but it isn't on, hasn't been for awhile.
*Loud ruckous*
Me: Ouch, my head.
Rachel: Where'd you go?
Me: I think I passed out when I saw Sawyer's lifetime dream. I think I fractured my skull.
Rachel: You're fine, shake it off.
Me: *Giving sim me an unpleasant look* What's the family doing?
Rachel: Trying to find their favorite TV. It hasn't been on in awhile though.
Me: Intersting. You know LOST is off right now.
Aimee: And your point is?
Me: That has to be what you're looking for. Don't worry it's back in 5 weeks. Then 17 straight through 'til May.
Aimee: I really don't know what you're talking about. *looks at sim Rachel* Do you?
Rachel: Nope.
Me: Great they're ganging up on me. Nevermind. Good luck finding what you're looking for. Try itunes.

Rachel: Wow another promotion! Excellent!
Xuan: Thanks, I'm getting there.

Libby: Welcome home Daddy! Mom's screaming in the kitchen.
*Everyone runs inside*

Rachel: Oh that's just labor.
Aimee: *gives Rachel a nasty glare*

Rachel: Everyone sure is super excited about the new baby. So?
Aimee: So what?
Rachel: Name? Gender?

Aimee: Well, we were hoping for a boy. We had Hurely all picked out for a name, but it's another girl, Juliette.
Rachel: Very pretty.
Me: So I see you've been watching Season 3?
*Blank stares from all*
Me: Nevermind *sigh*

Rachel: WHose this?
Ford: Aroha Te Waiata. She's the sister of Pania.
Rachel: SHe's pretty.
Ford: Yeah. I think she's pretty hot, but she rejected my flirts.
Rachel: THat's too bad. I guess you'll be finding love in college. Sawyer too.

Rachel: WOW! Another promotion! This is unbelievable!
Xuan: Yeah, I rock.

Rachel: Oh the boys are calling for scholarships.

Rachel: Nice job boys! Can't wait to see you guys in college!

Rachel: Well Ribeiro's, see ya all next week.
Aimee: Bye Rachel
Xuan: Bye Rachel
Ford: Bye Rachel
Sawyer: Bye Rachel
Rachel: OK, everyone doesn't have to say bye individually, this isn't the Waltons.

Me: Just one point this time for Juliette. Who was the first truelly accidental baby from Risky WooHoo.

Funny Picture:

Libby's Matix moves.


Anonymous said...

Wow busy household and gorgeous kids! Expect nothing less from Xuan

PRMami said...

Ahhh I loved this! So you like the Risky Woohoo as it keeps you guessing eh? That's why I like having it in my game :)

What a busy household sort of reminds me of My Holiday and Mariposa households :)

Kerry said...

Whew, my head is spinning just reading about these guys--what a lot to keep up with! But all those babies really are gorgeous.

Melissa said...

Wow! Great update. I've had Risky WhooHoo installed for a long time and have yet to have a surprise. Lucky! *jealous

ASimWen said...

Awww...Xuan makes the prettiest babies. Sun was the perfect name for that little girl, to be sure! Great job.

Mao said...

Oooh, you're enjoying Risky WooHoo! I've been using it since it came out awhile ago, and I can't imagine my game without it. That and the silent lullaby. I needed to spice up my game.

That's a LOT of females. I assume someone is going to make a husband take their name, or have a baby out of wedlock to preserve the family name?

Fairy D said...

I love the twins. They really need another boy to even things up a bit.

Shaunna said...

Yay! I am glad that I am reading this update now as I am all pumped up for LOST! It starts again tonight *does happy dance*!

The girls are quite lovely. And the boys aren't half bad themselves. Great genetics at work here. This risky woohoo is intruiging...

Charity said...

You know, the baby in front of the trash compacter sounds familiar to me too... teeheehee...
Such a cute family. I have risky Woohoo on the autobed, but it seems like they always get pregnant on the first Woohoo. I like the element of surprise though.

SGT Heather said...

Lots and lots of girls in this house. Why did I just have this feeling that another baby would be born :o)

ciyrose said...

Risky Woohoo certainly adds a bit of a surprise into the game. I don't use it it Breeze Point, but I'm enjoying having the Risky WooHoo idea in the Fellowship One...with ACR and Inteen.