Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ribeiro 2 Round 3

Little Women
Previously at the Ribeiro-Tellerman House the two romance sims, Jan and Abigail enjoyed bedding many of the local men and even a few women. Jan gave birth to a daughter, Georgia, but who is her father (Brandon, Komeii, Don, Inara, or Abigail)? Abigail insists it could be her. Only one person really knows. Abigail ended up with some morning sickness at the end of the round after woohooing with Brandon and Bob Profitt.

Rachel: Hey there Abigail. How are you?
Abigail: Good, a little sick, but good.
Rachel: That will happen. I see Don Uglacy is here again, but who is this guy?
Abigail: His name is Lando Skywalker. He says he's new around here.
Rachel: I see. Is Jan at work?
Abigail: Yeppers.
-Awhile Later-

Rachel: Woot, great pick Jan!!!

Abigail: What the hey?!?!
Rachel: You're pregnant dear.
Abigail: How'd that happen?
Rachel: I think we need to get you to certain classes they teach in like 6th grade.
Abigail: What's that supposed to mean?
Rachel: Nothing dear, nothing.

Rachel: Hey way to go Jan!
Jan: Thanks!

Rachel: Hey look, my daughter Elizabeth is here! What are you doing here hun?
Elizabeth: Getting some tips.
Rachel: Tip!?!?!
Elizabeth: Ahh yeah. I heard these ladies know a lot about the art of WooHoo.
Rachel: Eep! Umm dear I think you're better off going to your WooHoo Ed class for that. At least they'll tell you where babies come from. Now get a move on young lady.

Rachel: Hey Jan is being maternal. I guess she's warming to being a mother.

Rachel: Humm...

Abigail: You sure are hot Lando.
Rachel: Engaged to woman, carrying some man's baby and yet she can't help herself but flirt with Lando. *sigh*

Rachel: Ahh look it's Komeii. I wonder what he wants here?
Me: The paternity test came back for Georgia and she's Komeii's.
Abigail: What? No way, she's mine!
Me: Sorry dear, umm, no.
Abigail: As if I didn't hate him enough already!

Rachel: Georgia, meet you're daddy.
Georgia: Dada.

Komeii: Good baby. *leans in to tickle her*

Georgia: No!!!
Rachel: Well that went badly.

Abigail: OK take some steps for mommy.
Rachel: Much better. Oh well, at least she knows. If Georgia decides she wants Komeii in her life later on, she can.

Rachel: Looks like the pregnancy has finally gotten to Abigail. Abigail!
Abigail: Hu, what?
Rachel: Get up and go to sleep. Oh and you might want to get the pancake syrup off your face.
-Awhile later-

Abigail: Nolan, you sure are a silvery fox.
Rachel: Wait, didn't you just meet him?
Abigail: Yeah, so?
Rachel: Nothing, never mind, none of my business.

Rachel: Abigail, ahh I see you found some time in your busy flirting schedule to help Georgia learn to talk.
Abigail: Yeah, well even though she isn't mine, she's still mine.
Rachel: Sounds good to me.

Rachel: Ahh, but cows don't change their spots!

Abigail: It hurts! What's happening?
Rachel: You're in labor.
Abigail: What I'm not working?
Rachel: Goodness! Let me call Elizabeth's WooHoo Ed teacher and see if we can get you in the class.
Abigail: Whooooooo. Why?
Rachel: Never mind, it's time to push.
Abigail: I hardly think this is time to move furniture, the baby is coming.
Rachel: *rolls eyes*

Abigail: Meet Florida.
Rachel: Awww, she's adorable!
Abigail: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: What's wrong?

Abigail: It hurts again!!!
Rachel: But you didn't eat any cheesecake?
Me: Ummm, yeah here. But she was visiting Aquamarine at her house and umm had some there.
Rachel: Ahhh.

Abigail: Here's California.
Rachel: She's adorable too! So do you know who the father is?
Abigail: Jan is.
Rachel: *big sigh* Not this again! I'm going for a walk. I'll be back later.

Rachel: Hey looks like I just made it back in time for Georgia's birthday!

Rachel: A cutie pie indeed.

Rachel: Wow and Jan is even helping out with the twins.

Rachel: Oh no, Georgia. Why are you crying?

Georgia: Mommy isn't WooHooing with daddy.
Rachel: But you didn't like your daddy.
*Georgia runs away*

Rachel: Georgia what happened to you hair?
Georgia: I'm so mad at Mommy Jan and Mommy Abigail. I don't have to do what they say. If I want bright pink hair, I can have bright pink hair.
Rachel: I'm sorry dear. Your mommies love each other and I know it's upsetting.

Rachel: Wonderful a promotion Jan!!!

Abigail: Time sure does fly. It's already the twins' birthday!

Abigail: California sure does look like me.

Abigail: Florida sure does look like Jan.
Rachel: That isn't even possible. She DOES look like Bob Profitt. *looks at me* His he her father?
Me: Yep.

Rachel: Ahh good at least Georgia stepped out of her pre-teen rebellion to learn to study.

Rachel: Aren't the twins cute with their makeovers? Hey what's that ruckus in the bedroom?

Rachel: Abigail haven't you learned from the whole having babies thing.

Rachel: Guess not.
-Moment Later-

Rachel: *deep sigh*

Rachel: Oh I see you took Nolan or Lando's tongues out of your mouth long enough to teach California to talk.
Me: Hey! Be nice Rachel. It's not your place to judge.
Rachel: But...
Me: But nothing!
Rachel: All right.

Rachel: And Jan is helping Florida learn too.

Rachel: Hey look Georgia is playing. Her mood must be up. Let's not disturb her. *looks at me* Whose that she's playing with?
Me: Umm, Brandon something I think. He's from one of the fellowships. He came by all the time and played with her when she was little. We'll have to see if they have any chemistry when she gets older.

Rachel: Jan I didn't know you put in an elevator. Hey Don's here.
-The Doors Close-

Rachel: I guess we know why now. Looks like Abigail isn't the only one that can't stay faithful.
Me: What did I say about the judging?
Rachel: *sigh* Sorry.

Rachel: All right! Nice job!
Abigail: One step closer to celebrity chef!

-The Following Day-

Rachel: Wowie another promotion! Wonderful!!!

Rachel: No way it's already time for the twins to have another birthday?
Jan: Sure is! Now sing!

Rachel: Boy, all these girls are going to be heart breakers!
Jan: Wanta see their newly redecorated room?
Rachel: Sure.

Jan: I know it's not much but they like it.

Rachel: *looks at watch* Well, looks like it's time to go. I'll see you all next week.

Jan: Buh-bye!

All 3 Girls: BYE!!!

Me: I wonder if anyone is pregnant?
Rachel: No fair, you actually know don't you?
Me: Well yeah, but I'm not telling.
Rachel: You suck!
Me: *Shrugs*

Points this round: 2 for the twins

Funny Picture

Nanny fight! Nanny fight!!!


PRMami said...

Nanny fight OMGawd how funny is that and wow all those females living in one house OY wait until those 3 become teens lol
Very entertaining chapter :)

ruby said...

That was hilarious, no fair you know dont you. *giggle* Well done and I still love how Abigail insists the twins are Jan's.

Bubbs said...

Great update...will you tell us who everyone's daddy is one day? :) That must be a fun lot to play.

ASimWen said...

Whew! I couldn't keep up with alla that woo-hooing! great job. I see Bob Profitt gets around!

Fairy D said...

WOW! those two really need some classes. LOL!
Great job with these two and the girls are adorable.

Shaunna said...

The girls are all so cute. This house needs a boy though...nah!!! Great update.

Charity said...

I love how these two are so clueless about the facts of life.
The conversation while Abigail was in labour was hilarious! (And you can't control what she did at Aquamarine's house!) Teehee.
What pretty girls!
Oh! Sims can Woohoo in elevators!!! Now I have to get an elevator! What else can they do in those things?!
This house will be interesting when the girls age to teen - especially if any of them roll romance too!

SGT Heather said...

Wow Abigail is clueless. Wow. Florida is the spitting image of Bob Profitt. No doubt on that one. Wow. I wonder how the girls will turn out with all the crazy woohooing going on.

ciyrose said...

The girls are all super cute! This is a pretty crazy house, and those twins sure are Bob's for sure! Very fun.